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Chance thought about it. Someone had to protect Callie, especially while she slept. Chance said to Callie, "Persival is right. You need to be protected when you are asleep. I am not going to let Persival have that honor. So, either you are going to have to move in here, or I am going to have to move in with you."

Callie felt trapped by Chance's ultimatum. The thought of having to leave her spacious two bedroom apartment did not sit well with her at all. On the other hand, there was SWAT. If there was an emergency that required the SWAT Kats, they would have to drive all the way across town before they could respond, wasting precious time, since everything they needed was at the salvage yard. Then again, a salvage yard was not exactly an ideal place for a she-cat to live.

Callie eventually said to Chance, "Chance, I have to think about this. It is not that I don't want to live with you. I love my apartment. It is close to my office, it has a great view, and my best friend lives down the hall. Can you move in with me?"

Chance was taken aback, as he had expected her to move in with him. Then he thought about it. "This IS a salvage yard, after all. What classy she-cat would want to live in such a place? Although, headquarters is right under our feet. If there was an emergency, we would have to drive all the way here from her apartment. Driving through the Upper East Side is tough enough, no matter what time of day it is. And what about Jake? He is my best bud, and partner in crime fighting. But Callie is the love of my life. Do I really want to raise our family in a salvage yard? Yeah, I can see our kittens running through piles of scrap and getting chased by rats. That is not going to happen. Wait a minute! Family? Kittens? Why am I thinking about stuff like that? I have not even asked Callie to marry me yet, and here I am thinking about kittens! Whoa, I must be further gone than I thought." Though Chance could not deny how appealing the thought of having kittens with Callie was.

Callie saw several different expressions cross Chance's face as he pondered her question. She asked, "Are you alright?"

Chance broke out of his reverie when Callie asked her question, and said, "Wha..? I am fine. Sure, I will move in with you. But how do we handle SWAT? We can't exactly drive all the way from your apartment every time SWAT is needed."

Persival answered, "You will not need to. Callie is a powerful sorceress, just as Callista is. She can teleport you both from her apartment to the salvage yard without a problem. However, she will need to practice before she can actually teleport anything with accuracy, of course."

"I can do that?" Callie asked Persival.

"Yes, mistress, with practice you can do almost anything. Heal the sick. Change the weather. Even make this tom into a perfect gentleman. Although that last one might be a stretch," Persival said to Callie.

"Persival, be nice. Chance is not the perfect gentleman, but I love him for who he is," Callie said, placing her paws on her hips.

"I apologize, mistress. You and your grandmother are too much alike," Persival said.

Chance could not help but laugh at Persival being scolded by Callie. Who knew that she could turn a large, supernatural cat into a quivering kitten? Then he said, "I am going to contact Katerina and let her know of our plans so she can act accordingly. Hopefully this whole mess with Dark Kat will be done and over within a week. Then we can get on with our lives." Chance left the room and thought about giving Callie the ring. Until he picked up the communicator and called Katerina.

Katerina was in her prison, pacing back and forth, waiting for T-Bone to contact her, when her communicator signaled an incoming call. She walked over to it, picked it up, and answered, "Da."

"Katerina, it's T-Bone," Chance said.

"Yes, T-Bone, you have a plan?" Katerina asked.

"I do. You are going to capture me at the military base after you attempt to steal a weapon that they are developing. This must happen tomorrow, so the treasury can be moved off shore during the robbery. When you and I attack the treasury the next day, the only thing left will be a shell and a virus that will lead to Dark Kat's capture. I will explain more once I see you. T-Bone out," Chance said as he severed the connection. Then he walked back to Persival and Callie, and said to her, "You had better call Felina and go get that paperwork started. Felina's plan is going into action tomorrow. Persival, I know that we do not exactly see eye to eye, but I am asking you please protect Callie for me while I am away on this mission. I love her with all my heart, and I will not be able to pull this off if I am not absolutely sure that she is safe. Would you?"

"It would be an honor to stay by my mistress' side and protect her. Just make sure that you come back. If you don't, your afterlife will not be peaceful," Persival said to Chance.

Callie didn't like hearing that Chance might not come back. She knew that this mission was going to be very dangerous, but he had to do it in order to put Dark Kat behind bars for good. She ran to him, threw her arms around his neck, and cried into his shoulder.

Chance placed his arms around her and stroked her back, as Callie soaked his torn shirt with tears.

Callie stopped crying after a few minutes, looked up into his eyes, and said, "I'm sorry, Chance. The thought of you not coming back to me is too much to bear. You had better come back."

"You have nothing to worry about, my love. I plan on coming back to you. Then we will have a wedding to plan."

"Chance, what are you talking about? No one is getting married, at least, not that I know of," Callie said.

Chance took Callie's paw in his, then said, "Callie, I love you with all my heart and soul. I cannot live without you in my life. I have been an idiot for not doing this sooner." Then he got down on one knee, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a box. He presented it to Callie, then asked, "Callie Briggs, will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Callie Briggs Furlong? Will you marry me?"

Callie was taken back. Chance was proposing to her! She reached out with a trembling paw to open the box, revealing the ring inside. She brought both paws to her mouth in delighted surprise before realizing that she should probably answer him. She lowered her paws, only to clasp them around Chance's before replying, "Yes, I will marry you Chance! You have just made me the happiest she-cat in Megakat city!"

Chance slipped the ring onto her finger. It looked as if it belonged there.

Callie brought her paw up so she could see the ring on her finger. She looked at it closely, seeing how the emeralds sparkled, and that they were the same color as her eyes. Then she brought her paw down and wrapped her arms around Chance's neck, drawing him into a deep kiss.

Chance wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss, then lifted her up off of the ground and swung her around. He was so happy, he was crying.

Persival saw how happy Callie and Chance were, and his tail began to sway from side to side.

Jake came downstairs after hearing all the commotion and asked, "What is going on down here?"

Callie answered, "Chance asked me to marry him, and I accepted!"

"Congratulations, you two! I can't wait to see Felina's face when she sees that ring. Chance, I thought that you were going to wait until Dark Kat was in jail before asking her?"

"I was, then I took one look at her face after I was done explaining Felina's plan to Katerina, and I could not wait any longer," Chance said, not letting go of Callie.

"Not that I want you to let go of me, but I need to call Felina and have her bring me to the office to get that paperwork done. Then I am going to call Callista and tell her about the engagement," Callie said gleefully.

A portal appeared above the group, and Callista's face appeared. She said, "I see that congratulations are in order. I am so happy that you two are finally engaged to be wed. This has been nine years in the making. Ever since you two met in college, I knew that you two were destined to marry. Now part of the prophecy has come true."

"Part of the prophecy? What is the other part, Callista?" Callie asked.

"That, I cannot tell you, little one. You will have to find out for yourselves," Callista said. Then the portal vanished.

"Who was that?" Jake asked.

"That was Callie's grandmother. She is a sorceress. I sort of expect her to do that from time to time," Chance answered.

Callie did not know what to think about what her grandmother had said. "Prophecy? Has my whole life been planned out by destiny? I will have to ask her the next time I see her in person," Callie thought. Then she called Felina to come pick her up and take her to the office. She would tell her the news in person.

Chance called his parents and told them the news of his engagement, asking them to spread it to the rest of the family. As he hung up the phone, he turned to his bride-to-be and walked over to her, placing his arms around her waist, and pulling her in close. He kissed her. Then he said, "My folks want to have dinner with us so I can introduce my beautiful bride-to-be to the family. I still can't believe that you and I are going to get married. I must be the luckiest tom in the world." He kissed her again.

Callie broke the kiss, but kept their noses touching, and said, "Felina will be here in a few minutes. You will need to let go of me soon."

"I will hold you in my arms as long as I can, love, and you can't stop me," Chance said.

Katerina put her communicator away after T-Bone disconnected the call. She walked out of her room, thought the tunnels, and over to where Dark Kat was. She said, "Dark Kat, I need a Neural Disruptor from the military base. I am going to get it tomorrow with a few creeplings."

"What do you need that for, Turmoil?" Dark Kat asked.

"I need to disrupt the neural pathways in T-Bone's brain in order for him to fall into my clutches. T-Bone's love for this Empress she-cat is strong. I need to be able to make him forget this love in order for my seduction to be complete." Turmoil said.

"Very well, Turmoil. Go get this disruptor," Dark Kat said.

"It will be done, Dark Kat," Turmoil said, then left.

Once she had returned to her room, she looked up at the sky and said, "T-Bone, I certainly hope you know what you are doing. I will do my best to go easy on you, but Dark Kat is another matter. See you tomorrow."

End of Chapter.