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The procedure went off without a hitch. Within an hour of starting, Nancy was now cradling her very large child in her arms.

Daniella struggled to hold onto the child, once she lifted it from Nancy's womb. It was simply that large, and apparently strong for a new born.

However, Cheryl took one look at the baby, and fell in love.

The baby took most of its genealogy from its father. On the examination table in front of Cheryl was a baby tiger, and quite active. But as soon as it was placed in its mother's arms, it calmed down.

"Nancy, its beautiful," Mario said, tears of happiness forming in his eyes at the little miracle right before him.

"It is," Nancy said.

"Since, you both still don't know the gender. Do you want to know, or wait to find out on your own?" Daniella asked, removing her gloves from her paws and depositing them in a Bio-Hazard bin.

"Please do, doctor," Mario said.

"You have a .." Daniella started to answer. But Cheryl finished her sentence, saying, "You have a very healthy, baby boy tiger! And he's taking after his father, what a hunk!"

Daniella turned to face her daughter, then said, "He's only minutes old, and you are already calling him a hunk?"

"Yes I am, mom. This little cub is going to be a heartbreaker, when he grows up. You both are going to be beating the girls away."

Nancy clutched the cub tighter in her arms, saying, "He's only less than an hour old! Can we wait, say, another twelve years before we need to have this discussion?!"

Mario lifted his son from Nancy and brought him up to his muzzle. The tiny cub opened his eyes for the first time, staring back at its father, with these blue eyes. Then let out a little chirp. Mario kissed his son, then held him tight to his chest, as he said, "This is my son. He's going to be big and strong, just like his father, and have the grace and compassion for others, like his mother."

"Can we name our son, after your father, Mario? Sergio would love to have his grandson, named after him," Nancy asked.

Mario's face lit up at the suggestion. "I love it!" He brought the cub away from his chest so he could look at his son, as he said, "Sergio, my son, do you like your name?"

Sergio smiled back at his father, then let out a tiny roar, which made him even more adorable than he already was.

"He's so cute!" Cheryl gushed. "You have to let me kitten sit him!"

Daniella figured the new family would want to spend time with their son, without her daughter. She grabbed Cheryl around her left arm, started pulling her out of the room, saying, "Let them be with their son, Cheryl. You have rounds to take care of anyhow."

"Aw, come on mom! I want to hear that roar again!" Cheryl said, as she was ceremoniously pulled from the room. But her head poked back in, and asked, "Mr. Khan. If you happen to have a single brother, please give him my number."

"Cheryl!" Daniella yelled from the hall

"Coming, mother!" She said, leaving the new parents alone. She caught up with her mother, then asked, "Don't you want me to be dating, a tom like him, and eventually give you and dad grand cubs?"

"Dear, you still have to finish your Residency. You don't have time to be thinking about toms and babies, yet," Daniella answered.

"But mom, you married dad and had me in your Third Year of Residency? And from what you told grandpa, I was an un-expected surprise."

The stream of injured cats slowed to a trickle in the hours that followed the blast. In total, the Field Triage center tended to over two hundred injured, some of which, didn't make it.

Mitch watched as one of the patients died right in front of him, which made him feel like he wasn't doing enough to help out. Once the flow of patients into the center ebbed, he found and un-occupied bed in one of the corners of the center and sat down, resting his elbows on his thighs and his head in his paws.

Felicia rounded up all of her students, but didn't find Mitch with the rest of the group. "Has anyone seen Mitch?" She asked, looking around at the rest of the center for her student.

"I thought I saw him, heading over there, sensei," another student responded, pointing towards the back of the center.

Felicia turned her head towards the rear of the center, then back to her students, and said, "Head back to the dojo, and go home. I'm proud of all of you. Everyone of you, handled your duties, with the same skill, you have with my class. Kayla, you wait here. You and I still have to have a discussion, about you not obeying my orders."

"Hai sensei!" They all responded in unison, and left to return to the dojo. With the exception of Kayla, who waited for Felicia's discussion.

Once the rest of the class left, Felicia said to Kayla, "What you did was foolish and reckless, Kayla. When I give an order, its for your own good! Not for you to take it as a suggestion, only to do what you want!" She closed the distance between her and Kayla, then said, "If you really are serious about being a SWAT Kat, you have to learn how to take orders and learn to be part of a team. I don't want have to bury, someone who could have been my little sister."

Kayla lightly smiled back at Felicia, then responded, "Hai sensei."

"Good girl. Let's find Mitch, then we are going to introduce you to the rest of the group, and maybe, get you your new uniform," Felicia said.

The two walked towards the rear of the center and found Mitch, just sitting there with his head in his paws.

Kayla entered the small area, crouched down in front of him, and asked, "Mitch, are you alright?"

Mitch lifted his head to look into Kayla's green eyes, then lowered it back to its previous position. "No, I'm not alright. I've failed. I watched as the patient I was working with, die. He was too young to die. He was no older than we are, why did he have to die? Why did this happen?"

Felicia sat down on Mitch's left, brought her right arm around his shoulders, then said, "I've seen way too many pass on, while they were in my care, Mitch. Sometimes, their injuries are simply too severe. You didn't fail. I've seen you care for the injured, almost as well as one of the nurses. In my line of work, you are taught, death is one of those things, you sometimes, can't prevent. We have all have treated two hundred patients today. Without all of our work, more would have died, instead of being sent to the hospitals, for further treatment and recovery. That's what you should be focusing on, Mitch. Think of the number of lives, you have helped, not the single life, you couldn't."

"Sensei, I feel I could have done more, he would have survived and made it to the hospital, where they could have done more for him, than we could have done here," Mitch said.

Felicia hasn't read the chart to know the extent of the injuries of this tom to know if what Mitch said was true or not. She could only comfort her student and let him know, he did all he could. "Mitch, with the right training, you might have. However, you are not a nurse or a doctor. You were paired up with an Experienced Field Nurse, who was in charge of the situation, not you. If anyone should be feeling rotten, that the tom died, it would be the nurse. You were simply following his or her instructions, doing what you could. As Doctor Feldman will tell you, some can't be saved, no matter how hard you try. His injuries were probably too severe and he would have died, either on the way to the hospital, or soon after arriving. You did nothing wrong, so stop beating yourself up, over something you couldn't control."

Mitch thought about what Felicia had told him, and figured, she was right. There was nothing he could have done to prevent the tom's death. "Sensei, even though I couldn't have done anything more, I still feel responsible. What can I do to atone for his death?" He asked.

"Mitch, if your feel that strongly, I can see if you could assist at the hospital. However, you must stop thinking you could have done anything further to prevent his death," Felicia said.

Mitch grasped her paws in his, then said, "Thank you, sensei! I will do as you say!" He stood, embraced Felicia, then left the center.

"Mitch may act like a jerk sometimes, but he has a big heart in his chest, Sensei. One day, he's going to do great things," Kayla said as she watched Mitch slip out of the center.

"He might, with the right training. Speaking of training, let's get you to the hangar. If you thought Tina was over the top? Wait until you meet the rest of the squad." Felicia said.

Since Felicia didn't have a car, she called Jake to come and pick her and Kayla up.

Jake pulled up in Felina's Charger, with Felina in the Passenger's seat and Alex, seated securely in the back.

"Hey Felicia, who's your friend?" Felina asked.

"Felina, meet Kayla. One of my students, and a potential recruit for our little group," Felicia answered.

Felina got out of the car and stood right in-front of Kayla. She crossed her arms, staring Kayla down, and asked, "What makes you think you are qualified to join? All I see is a young she-cat, who has a lot of growing up to do, before she should even think of being one of us!"

"Felina, if I can call you Felina? I'm more than qualified to join your group! I'm a fourth degree blackbelt plus a very proficient Gymnast! You want me to prove, I'm more than capable of being a SWAT Kat? Give me your worst!" She said, with her tail whipping back and forth.

"You want a shot?! Alright, get in! But, once you do, you will be bound, by the same oath we all took! Are you ready to take a bullet for one of your teammates, or worse?! That's what will be expected of you, if you pass the muster!"

Kayla didn't even think about it twice. She walked around Felina to the rear passenger's door, opened it, slipped inside, and closed the door.

"Felina, she excels in her class. I've challenged her to advance six belts within a year, and I believe she'll do it. Kayla is as flexible as Jasmine is. I'd be willing to be her partner, anytime. Hope you have a very difficult test for her, because if you don't, she's going to pass, with flying colors," Felicia said, before she walked past Felina, and got into the back of the car.

Felina huffed, then returned to the car. She opened the passenger's door, got in, and turned around in her seat, when she heard, her son, giggling from his car seat. That was when she saw, Kayla and Felicia, tickling little Alex under his chin. "Well, isn't this a sight. Two of the possible fiercest she-cats out there, playing with a baby." She had to smile, since her son was laughing and smiling, just as any happy kitten should.

"It helps that your son, is completely adorable, Felina," Kayla said. She tickled the kitten again, asking, "Isn't that right?"

Alex giggled, this time much harder, and eventually, he wore himself out and fell asleep.

"One day, if Bast allows. I hope to have a kitten, just like Alex," Felicia said. She lifted her head to look at Jake and Felina, then said, "You and Jake were blessed, when Alex was born. Master Yoso and Natsume would welcome him to the family with open arms, just as they have done with me."

"That's a wonderful sentiment, Felicia. Yoso and Natsume are wonderful cats. You were fortunate to have them in your life. If it wasn't for them, I don't think you would be who you are now," Jake said.

"You are as wise, as Intelligent, Jake. Domo Arigato, Jake-sama. Felina-Kun couldn't have dreamed up a better tom to be her husband," Felicia said.

Felina wiped a tear away from her left eye, then said, "Jake proved to me, I didn't have to be alone." She grasped his right paw in hers, then said, "If I wasn't so pig headed years ago, I would have acted on my feelings, and we would have gotten married, probably have a few more kittens, not that I don't love my son."

Jake turned his head to her, then asked, "You had feelings for me too, Felina?"

"I did," she stated. "I pushed them, far back, so I could focus on being the best Enforcer I could be." She squeezed Jake's paw, then said, "Enough of this mushy stuff. Kayla, I'm going to run you through the ringer."

A half-an hour later, Jake pulled up to the gate, leading into the yard. He reached out with his left paw, entered his code into the Security Panel, and waited for the gate to open.

The gate opened and he drove through, heading towards the back of the garage, where he parked to the right of Chance and Callie's minivan. Jake turned around to face Kayla in his seat, and said, "Kayla, two of our best friends are already here and they might have brought their triplet girls with them. I love my son, like no tomorrow, but once my eyes fell on their children, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest."

The five of them entered the garage through the side door.

Jake was cradling Alex in his right arm, as he entered his code into the hidden panel behind the toolbox. The hatch in the floor, popped open. Then he asked, "Will one of you, beautiful ladies, care to open the hatch the rest of the way?"

Felicia and Kayla crouched down, lifted the hatch the rest of the way open, with very minimal effort. While Felina said, "This isn't the first time, you have complimented Felicia. What does she have, that I don't?"

"I was complimenting, all of you, Felina. You are the one I've had my sights on since the Academy. You are the I want to have a family with. And you are the only one I want to spend my life with."

"I love you too, Jake," Felina said, just before she kissed him.

Felicia and Kayla watched as they kissed. And when Felina slipped her tongue into Jake's mouth, Kayla said, "Felicia and I can take Alex for you, if you two want to go off, and make another kitten?"

A few minutes later, the five of them were in the hangar.

Kayla wasn't as impressed with the two jets as the multiple Cyclotrons parked in the corner. She went over to the one Empress claimed as hers. She straddled the impressive machine, leaned over the tank, grabbing the handlebars, and asking, "Do I get to ride one of these?"

"You most certainly will, Kayla. You will also be trained to be a gunner in the jets, eventually," Felicia said as she came up on her left side.

"Kayla, you will need a uniform, first," Felina said. She lifted Alex to her face, then cooed, "Isn't that right, Alex?"

The very young kitten, giggled back at his mother. Who in turn, kissed him.

"Who needs a uniform, Felina?" Chance asked, as he entered the hangar, holding Kate and Mary in his arms.

Callie entered right behind him, holding little Callista..

Just as soon as Kayla laid eyes on the triplets, she dismounted the Cyclotron and went over to where Chance was standing. She took Mary from Chance, saying, "She's so beautiful! What's her name?"

"That is my daughter, Mary. Who are you, and what are doing here?" Chance defensively asked.

"Chance, this is Kayla, one of my students and the newest member of SWAT," Felicia said.

"I guess you are as proficient as a Martial Artist, as Felicia is, Kayla?" Callie asked.

"I'm no where as good as my Sensei is. Someday, maybe. But definitely not now," Kayla replied, stroking Mary's hair with her fingers.

"May I have my daughter back?" Chance asked.

Kayla handed Mary back to her father, but didn't stop smiling at the very little girl.

"Are you even an adult? What makes you even think you are qualified to be here? What we do is very dangerous, and can very easily kill you," Chance stated, very bluntly.

"One! I am an adult! I'm twenty, if you really needed to know. And two! I'm more than qualified to be a SWAT Kat! I wouldn't be here, if Felicia didn't think so!"

"Chance, I brought her here to test out her abilities, and see what she can really do. Let me test her, my way!" Felina said.

"What's all the commotion?" Tina asked as she leaped from the ladder, landing perfectly on her feet. She spun around on her right foot, until she spotted Kayla, then said, "Glad you could make it, Kunoichi."

Chance whipped his head around to face Tina, then asked, "You knew about her?"

"Of course, Katerina and I knew about her. She and Felicia were the ones who took down the bomber. Well, before Kat laid him out for grabbing her tail," Tina said.

"Why is it I'm the last to know about anything?" Chance asked.

As Katerina stepped off of the ladder, she answered, "If we told you everything, not only would you say no. You might say something incredibly, stupid."

"I've never said something incredibly stupid," Chance muttered.

"No!? How about when you said, "There is no way I'm going to beaten by a she-cat!" To Katerina? And do you remember the hell she put us through, right before Felina gave birth to Alex? That was one of the most, stupid things you have ever said!"

"But, watching my mommies in action was one of the most awesome things I have ever seen!" Gwendlyn said, as she stepped off of the ladder, and went over to her mothers. Her eyes fell on Kayla, then asked, "Are you going to be one of us too?"

Kayla turned to face the all black girl. The lighting reflected off of her fur, making little streaks of white in the black fur. She left her spot and went over to Gwendlyn, crouching down to her level, then said, "I hope so. I have to pass Felina's test first. What's your name?"

"I'm Gwendlyn, Katerina and Tina are my adoptive mothers. I also go by the name, Maven. I'm a Junior member," she answered.

"Well, Gwendlyn, I'm Kayla. I hope you and I can be friends?"

Gwendlyn smiled at her, then answered, "I hope so too. Are you related to Felicia?"

"Felicia is my, Sensei. She's my teacher, and so much more. I look up to her, and to her, when I need advice. I hope to be partnered with her, once I pass Felina's little test," Kayla said.

Mark was coming down the ladder, cradling Raphael in his left arm. He stepped off of the ladder, turned his body to face the group. "Hey, I hope you don't mind if I brought Raphael with me?"

Kayla heard Mark's deep baritone voice, and it attracted her to him. She lifted her head to see this mountain of muscle, dressed in a tight t-shirt and jeans which did nothing to hide the muscles in his legs. She licked her lips as she rose to her feet. Then walked her way over to him, letting her eyes drink in the delight before her. She stopped in front of him, razed her right paw, level to his shoulders, extended her index finger, and as she grazed her claw over his chest, she asked, "Want to pair up, with me, tall, dark, and handsome? I'm quite sure, you and I will make a great team, in SWAT, and later, somewhere, more intimate."

"My husband already has a partner, and its ME!" Lisa said, almost through a predatory growl.

Kayla stepped back, then asked, "You're married!?" She turned her head to face the rest, who were all on the verge of laughing, then asked, "When were you going to tell me?"

"Kayla, you moved too quickly for any of us to save you, from embarrassing yourself. Meet Mark Samuelson, his wife, Lisa, and their son, Raphael," Felicia said.

"Quite happily married, to the she-cat I fell deeply in love with at first site, Kayla," Mark said, latching his right arm around Lisa's waist. He easily lifted Lisa up to his face, kissed her, then said, "I love you, Lisa. Kayla is cute, but she pales in comparison to you."

Lisa patted his cheek, as she said, "I love you too, Mark. But, if you keep calling our Teammates cute, you might be sleeping on the couch, for the foreseeable future."

"And that is something, I definitely don't want," he said, before he kissed her again, and put her down.

Lisa smiled at her husband, then turned to Kayla, and said, "So, you are the famous, Kunoichi, Tina was telling me about. I'd love to see what you can do."

"I'm more than ready to give you all a demonstration, once I change out of these tight jeans. I love the way they show off my legs, but I can't move in them," Kayla said.

"You, Jasmine, and Tina are close to the same size. Grab a spare uniform from one if their lockers, and see how well you move in it, while I test you," Felina said.

Kayla started walking towards the lockers, but stopped, faced Lisa, then said, "I'm sorry or hitting on your husband, Lisa. I still hope we can be friends?"

"Kayla, you are now part of a family, in which, we all care for each other. We are all brothers and sisters here. Don't worry about making a pass at my husband, all of us ladies, salivate when he wears his uniform, and want to see what he wears underneath it," Lisa said.

"All of you want to see what I wear under my uniform?" Mark asked.

"Oh yes, we do. We all want to know how you manage to hide your wearing anything, under that skin-tight fabric, and not see the outlines. Unless you wear nothing at all, under it?" Felina teased.

Mark gulped, not knowing if she was kidding, or not. Then said, "I'm going to lay Raphael down for his nap." He walked towards the rear of the hangar, carrying his son, not knowing, his tail's movements was showing off his firm backside.

The girls watched Mark's tail in awe as the firm globes of his backside, flexed with each stride he took.

"Now I want to know what he looks like in his uniform? What an ass he has," Kayla said on a whisper.

Lisa giggled, then said, "Kayla, you can look all you want. But the second you touch, what's mine, you will feel my claws, understand?"

"I completely understand, Lisa. However, that won't stop me from having, wild dreams at night," Kayla said, then walked off towards the lockers.

Callie heard Callista yawn. She looked down at her daughter, then said, "Chance, I think our girls need a nap as well. Bring Kate and Mary, and we'll lay them down in their cribs."

"Right behind you, love," Chance said, following behind his fiancée, carrying his daughters.

Marissa stepped off of the ladder, took a few steps back, so Jasmine didn't climb down on top of her, and waited for her girlfriend.

Jasmine had other ideas though. She wanted to be in Marissa's arms, more than anything at the moment. She let go of the ladder, about half way down, saying, "Catch me, love"

Marissa wan't expecting to see Jasmine letting go of the ladder, and falling directly towards her. She did catch her in her arms. "Are you happy now, Jas?" Marissa asked

"More than happy," Jasmine said, bringing her face closer to Marissa's, and sealing their lips together.

Marissa returned the kiss, slipping her right paw under Jasmine's butt. They made-out for a minute, before Marissa pulled back, and said, "If no one else was here, you and I would find out, if we could make love in one of the jets." She then set Jasmine back on her feet.

"How about we take our uniforms with us, and when we get home, slip into them, just so I can peel it off of you, and show you how much I love seeing you in it?" Jasmine asked, her tail's movements signaling to Marissa, how aroused she was.

Marissa kissed Jasmine again, then said, "I like that idea. I love the way, you look in spandex, Jasmine. Its like you're wearing nothing at all."

Jasmine stroked the side of Marissa's face, as she said, "Then, maybe, when its just the two of us, I'll wander around, completely bare." She walked away, with her hips and tail swaying in her mini skirt.

"When we get home tonight, I'm going to make love to you so hard, you might not be able to walk right, tomorrow," Marissa said.

Jasmine joined the rest of the group, followed shortly by Marissa. They both sat onto of a large toolbox, and held each other's paws tightly.

"Now that we are all here, Felicia recommended one of her students join us. Kayla is fourth degree black belt, and a proficient Gymnast. I plan on having her run the Obstacle Course, in full uniform. If she's as good as Felicia says, she should be able to complete it in say, seven minutes, or less," Felina said.

"Seven minutes!" Jake said. "Dear, none of us have been able to run the course that fast. You're expecting, someone who has never seen the course, to shave three quarters of a minute off the fastest time the course was ever run! You are setting the bar, way too high!"

"No I'm not! Kayla is younger than all of us! She should be able to use her youth as an advantage!" Felina stated.

"Seven minutes or less? Its going to be tough, but I'll do it!" Kunoichi stated.

Everyone looked towards the lockers, and saw, Kayla, now dressed in her uniform. She let her red hair, fall freely from under her mask, her left paw was in a clenched fist, resting against her hip, and her legs were spread a little father apart than her shoulders, with her left foot turned out to the side.

"How does it feel, Kunoichi?" Felicia asked.

"Not bad, but it feels, tight in the crotch. I don't think I'm going to be able to move, the way I need," she answered.

"There's only one way to find out. Kunoichi, get out there, and get ready to run your tail off!" Felina said.

A few minutes later, Kunoichi was at the start of the course. She left her skull cap on, but discarded her helmet. Her eyes were narrowed as she intensely focused on the course's first obstacle.

"The rules are simple. Run the course as fast as you can. You pass, if you complete it in less then seven minutes. Good luck, your time starts, now!" Felina said.

Kunoichi took off like a bullet from a gun. Her legs and arms appeared to be a blue and black blur as she ran the 60 yard dash, leading her to a thirty foot wall of wooden palettes. When she was about twenty feet away from the wall, she leaped into the air, landed in a deep crouch, and used her legs to propel herself onto the wall. Her left paw grabbed one of the gaps in the wall, and held on tightly, while the rest of her body caught up. She then scaled the wall, reaching the top and pulling herself up.

Felina quickly, glanced at her stopwatch, and quickly realizing only 50 seconds has elapsed. 'She's fast! But the harder sections are still before her, wonder if she's going to make it? Come on, Kayla, move, don't over think it!' Felina thought. She really wanted Kayla to pass the test and join SWAT.

Kunoichi peered at the next obstacle, which was a series of ropes, suspended over a pond. She knew using the ropes would slow her down. However, if she ran across the thin beam the ropes were suspended from, she could easily shave two minutes from her time. Decision made, she ran off of the wall, and jumped towards the beam.

"Is she out of her mind?" Callie asked. "There is no way, she will be able to run along that beam. Its only two inches wide."

"You have never seen Kayla practice before, Callie. She's used to running across things, even thinner than the beam. Watch and see," Felicia said.

Callie still didn't think Kayla could not only land on the beam, but be able to run across it. However, Kayla proved her wrong. Her paws grabbed ahold of the beam, she flipped herself over, so her feet landed squarely on the beam, and started running across it.

"Jasmine couldn't do that, and her she could be an Olympic Athlete! How is she doing that?" Callie asked.

"Kayla can almost balance herself on a Bo staff, Callie" Felicia answered. "Her sense of balance is nothing like I've ever witnessed before. I want to see her cut loose on one of the Cyclotrons. I have a very good feeling, Jake will be trying to figure out how to make one, even more nimble, than they are now."

Kunoichi made it to the end of the beam and jumped off towards the ground. She tucked herself into a tight ball, tumbling forward, increasing her rate of decent, and at the last minute, she released her form, flipped over once, and landing in a deep crouch. She heard the sounds of material tearing beneath her, but ignored it as she ran towards the next obstacle. She made a left turn, her feet slipping ever so slightly, kicking up some loose dust. However, she quickly regained her footing, running as fast as she could. She made it to a series of car tires, spaced out just enough for the runner's feet to step through. She lifted her feet up, and started stepping through the tires. As she proceeded, she thought, 'There must be a better, faster way to do this. Think girl!' She quickly discovered the tires were spaced out on a repeating pattern. She figured out, she could quite easily flip through the tires with a series of hand springs. And that is exactly what she did. She vaulted forward, landing with her front paws in a set of tires, then performed a series of handsprings and leaps, flipping herself through the obstacle.

"I didn't even think of that, when I ran the course. She's good!" Jasmine said.

Kunoichi leaped through the last set of tires and sprinted towards the finish. As she crossed the imaginary line, Felina pressed the Stop button on her watch. "Six minutes and thirty nine seconds!"

Kunoichi had a triumphant smile on her face, as she walked back towards the group. She knew she passed, with flying colors. But what was more important to her, was she was now part of something, that was as close to a family, than she has had in years.

"Congratulations, Kunoichi. Welcome to the SWAT Kats," Chance said.

"That was epically done! Tina couldn't even beat your time, and she's half Lynx!" Mark said.

"Hey! Watch the dig, brother!" Tina yelled, obviously not happy with Mark's comment.

Mark kissed Lisa, then went over to Tina, picked her up in his arms, then said, "You know I love teasing you, Tina."

"You seen to love teasing me, more than the rest, Mark," Tina said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because, you take it, so well," Mark said, with a smile on his face.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to get out of this, and back into my street clothes. It seems to be fitting me better, than when I put it on earlier, but it still doesn't feel right, "Kunoichi said, inspecting the uniform.

"You know where the lockers are, Kunoichi. Go on, and change. I'll make an appointment with Sally, to get you your uniform," Jake said.

Kunoichi turned on her right foot, and started heading towards the hangar.

Callie, Felina, and Tina, instantly slapped their paws over the guys eyes. Then Felicia said, "Kayla, I know why your uniform, is fitting you better. But before I tell you, you may want to think about covering your lower half. By the way, the bright red thong goes well with the uniform." She started laughing, soon after.

Kunoichi stopped dead in her tracks, looked at her reflection in the junked cars, stacked up to her left, waiting to be processed, and quickly realized, her backside was completely on display for all to see. She ran towards the hangar as fast as her tired feet could take her.

Gwendlyn tugged on Katerina's right pants leg, gaining her attention.

"Da Gwendyln?" She asked.

"Mommy, can I get a uniform like that, when I get older?" Gwendlyn innocently asked.

Both Tina and Katerina answered simultaneously, "No!"

End of Chapter.