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Callista decided since it was such a nice day outside, she was going to teach Evelyn in the Courtyard. Both of them were currently sitting on the wall of a fountain. Callista wore a gown, very similar to the one she wore when she was queen, while Evelyn wore a light blue dress, edged with white lace.

Spencer and Tara were just off to their left, with the two cubs, Blake and Gale nursing from their mother, while Spencer watched and guarded over them all.

Callista had taught Evelyn how to levitate objects with just a thought, as well as with a little tweak of her Callista expected, Evelyn was able to pick up what she had been taught, very quickly.

Evelyn spotted Damon off in a dark corner, simply watching her practice. However, Evelyn wanted to show her friend, what she had learned. With a tweak of her nose, and a simple thought. Damon was lifted from his spot behind a large stone wall, and brought to the two sorceresses.

Damon was content with watching Evelyn practice using her magical powers, with a smile on her face. And when she spotted him, he tried his best to hide from her. However, his plan backfired. After he thought she didn't see him, he felt as if he was floating on a cushion of air. And when he looked down at his feet, he noticed they were no longer touching the ground and moving slowly towards the object of his affection.

Callista knew they both liked each other, more than a simple friendship. But they were both too young for something, more. She held her tongue, when Evelyn brought the boy over, using her new skill. But was amazed with how well, Evelyn picked up the spell. "Very good, Evelyn," she said, praising her pupil. "When I first tried this spell, I accidentally dropped Amelia into the moat. To say, she was not thrilled to be taking an impromptu bath in the middle of the day would be polite."

"Thank you, Callista," Evelyn replied, while not losing her focus on her task.

When Damon was a few feet from them, Evelyn gently set Damon down on his feet. Then Evelyn asked, "Why were you, watching me from the corner, Damon, instead of being here with me?"

"I'm sorry, Evelyn. I didn't want to disturb your lesson, with the queen," Damon replied.

"But I feel much more at ease, when you are with me, holding my paw in yours, while I practice," she said.

Spencer lifted his head up when he heard that, then asked, "Why are you holding my princess' paw, Damon?"

Damon shifted his gaze to Spencer, and saw the defensive posture he was exhibiting. Damon carefully answered, "Spencer, Evelyn is more than a friend to me. I love being with her, watching her practice her magic, and seeing her face light up, when she gets a spell right. Seeing her happy, warms my heart. Surely you feel the same way, when you are with, Tara?"

Spencer rose onto his feet, rotating his body to face Damon, then said, "Are you comparing what you feel for, my princess, as to what I feel for Tara? I love Tara, and my cubs, with every fiber of my being. Is that what you are saying, Damon?"

"Spencer, my love, Damon and Evelyn both know they are not ready for the type of relationship we have, please calm down. Gale wants to be near her father," Tara said, lightly nudging her daughter towards Spencer.

Gale walked on her small legs towards her father, letting out these little mews, calling him to her.

Spencer craned his neck to the left, to see his daughter slowly walking towards him. He turned around to face her, grabbed her by the scruff of the neck with his teeth, threw her lightly in the air, while rolling onto his back, letting his large wings flail out as he caught her in his front paws, bringing her to his chest.

"I swear, you love our daughter, more than you love me," Tara said, before she kissed Blake.

"I do love my daughter, Tara," Spencer said. "Isn't that right, Gale?"

Gale let out a mew as she snuggled into her father's chest.

"Tara, I think she's going she's going to be a Daddy's Girl, and you know what, I'm going to love spoiling her," Spencer said before he kissed his daughter.

That was when David decided to make an appearance. "What a sight this is. Reminds me of what I read in the History Books of how the queen taught her students."

Damon and Spencer tensed up at his presence. Damon's father heard from several others, how David lost Michael's trust. He told his father, he would watch over the queen, and Evelyn when his father wasn't around, and he was not about to go back on his word.

Spencer simply didn't like David. There was something about him that didn't sit right with him. But now that he was close to his family, he was not going to let his guard down for a second. He gently set Gale down and got back onto his feet. Then let out a low growl.

"Oh, you brought the cubs with you today!" David said. "I'm quite sure the youngsters would love to see them." He started to reach down in order to pick up Gale, when Spencer let out a roar, then said, "Keep your filthy paws away from my daughter!"

"You had better learn your place, puma! I run this place, and rule over everyone in it!" David said.

"David, haven't you noticed, that your followers are dwindling?" Callista asked.

"They are weak, my dear. They don't deserve to be by my side," David said.

Callista stood, then said, "You're wrong! They are stronger that you think! Those toms and she-cats who once served you, had enough of what you turned this once haven into!"

"And what have I turned this place into, my dear queen? True, the order it once had has temporarily dispersed. But it will return, once you are by my side," David said.

"I will never be by your side! I'm very happily married to Ulysses, and will be for the rest of my life!" Callista stated.

"He's a normal tom, he can't be with you, as you say, Callista," David said.

"Oh, yes he can! When he's ready, I can cast a spell, which will allow Ulysses to live as long as I will!"

David took one look at the fires blazing in her eyes and licked his lips. He reached out, latching his arms around Callista's waist, pulling her to him. Then, sealed his lips to hers.

Evelyn gasped, when David kissed Callista. However, Damon and Spencer's anger and rage filled their bodies. Spencer's wings flew out from his body, he let out a snarl, letting everyone in the area, know his extreme displeasure.

Damon was compelled to act. He grabbed David's left arm, pulling him away from Callista, then did exactly what his father would have done. He punched David in the face, and spat, "How dare you, kiss the queen! If my father was here, you would be in the hospital or worse!"

David rubbed the side of his face, where Damon's fist connected, then said, "You dare, to strike, me! After all I have done for your family, you have the audacity to strike me! Guards!"

A pair of well dressed guards, arrived at David's command, and stood at attention.

"Arrest Damon! Put him in the prison, where he belongs!" David ordered.

The two guards looked at each other for a brief second, then back to David. Then the one of the right said, "Darius will be furious, when he hears, you had his son arrested."

"You let me worry about, Darius. Now, get this punk out of my sight!" David commanded.

"Come on, Damon. Let's go," the other guard said.

Evelyn came over to Damon, then said, "Give me a minute, please." She turned to Damon, then said, "That was very brave of you, Damon." She kissed him, on the lips, then said. "I will see you soon."

Spencer's eyes went wide, when Evelyn kissed Damon.

Tara went over to her mate, whacked him with her tail, bringing his back to his senses, and said, "They do look good together, just like we do, Spencer, my love."

"Perhaps, my love. But, my princess kissed another, right in front of her knight. Do I need to start, sharing her?" Spencer asked.

Tara affectionately rubbed herself against him, as she answered, "I believe, you do, Spencer. Come, its time for our cubs' nap, they need their favorite pillow."

Tara went over and picked up Blake with her mouth, while Spencer did the same with Gale. They both went off under a shady tree, where Spencer lowered himself to the floor, then Tara gently placed their two cubs against his right flank. Spencer turned his head to look at his cubs, who almost instantly fell asleep. And as he covered them with his wing, he said, "Sleep tight, my little ones." Before falling asleep himself.

Callista draped her right arm around Evelyn's shoulders, and said, "That was some kiss, Evelyn."

"Damon deserved a reward for being, so brave. Isn't that how your knights were rewarded, with a kiss from their queen?" She asked.

"Yes, they did receive a kiss. But it was on the paw, not on their lips," Callista said.

"Oh, I know for next time. Can we get back to our lesson? I want to go and sit with Damon," Evelyn asked.

"You really like him, don't you?" Callista asked.

"Damon is almost as fun to be with, as my father. And yes, I like him," Evelyn said.

Callista lowered herself to Evelyn's level, then said, "He likes you too." She smiled at her, then said, "Lessons are almost done for the day. Then you, can go see Damon."

Evelyn smiled at that and her tail moved, back and forth in anticipation of seeing Damon again.

Kayla walked towards Sally's shop, with her uniform in a dark green duffle bag. Her head was held high. Her long legs, poking out of her denim skirt, strode with pride, her ankle height boots clicked on the concrete. She opened the door to Sally's shop, entered, and waited for Sally.

Jessica was the only one manning the shop, since Sally, Sarah, and Inferno, went out for a day of play, where Inferno could really stretch out his wings. She was working on a very complicated stitch, for a elegant ball gown, Sally designed. Her fingers guided the fabric through the machine, with the same precision, Felicia had with her swords. She heard the front door open, then close. She stopped working on the gown to find out who entered the shop, and what they wanted.

Kayla was looking at a few dresses, aimed at the Younger Demographic. She removed a slinky short dress, which was colored the same fiery red as her hair. She held it up to her body and imagined what it would look like on her.

Jessica's eyes fell on Kayla, mostly her legs, poking out from under her skirt. "That dress is not going to work for you, miss," Jessica said as she eyed Kayla, and every tiny flaw the dress had.

"What's wrong with it?" Kayla asked, as she looked at the Dirty blonde, she-cat, wearing a pair of blue leggings and a red t-shirt.

Jessica came forth and stopped right in front of Kayla. Even though the dress was not on Kayla, she knew how it was going to sit on her body. "That particular dress was made for a she-cat, who doesn't have your bust, or legs. If you want something similar, in the same color, I think I have one, or two towards the back that I know you will like."

Kayla put the dress back on the rack, then said, "I wish I had the money to go Dress Shopping. My wardrobe could use a decent makeover, I'm Kayla." She extended her right paw in welcome to Jessica.

Jessica took Kayla's paw in hers, and answered, "Jessica, why don't we see how well the dress looks on you, before we start worrying about the cost. The little number I'm thinking of, was designed by Sally for a client who stood her up at the last second. Its in the Clearance section, at cost. Come, I'm quite sure it will look lovely on you."

Jessica led her towards the rear of the shop, and started digging through the racks, to find the dress she wanted.

While Jessica searched, Kayla asked, "Is Sally going to be back, anytime soon?"

Jessica had her head buried between a few dresses, and answered, "She'll be here tomorrow. She's out with her daughter, for a day of fun."

"Dang, I was told to see her about making some changes to my uniform, and she was the only one to do it," Kayla said.

"Found it!" Jessica stated. She lifted the dress from the rack, holding it by the hangar, then said, as she faced Kayla, "This is going to make every cat in the room, drool, when they see you in it, Kayla. Now, Sally trusts me to handle any modifications, there is nothing I can't handle."

"You know about her affiliation, with a certain four-letter agency?" Kayla cautiously asked.

"If you mean, SWAT? Then yes, I know all about them. I even made Sure-Shot's Battle Skirt, which I have yet to see her actually wear," Jessica stated.

"Good. I hate the way the uniform fits. Its way too restrictive, for me to move the way I want," Kayla said, unzipping the duffle bag.

Jessica reached out and grabbed the paw which was pulling the zipper open, stopping Kayla, and saying, "Not out here, further in the back, where there are not so many windows."

Kayla let go of the tang, then said, "Lead on, Jessica."

Jessica liked the way her name rolled off of Kayla's mouth. She focused on Kayla's lips, wondering if they tasted as good as they looked, then said, "Please, come with me."

The two walked towards the rear of the shop, where two tables with sewing machines sat. Jessica set the dress she wanted Kayla to try on, on the table to her right, then, leaned her butt against it, and said, "Go and try the dress on first, then we can discuss the modifications to the uniform."

Kayla picked up the dress, throwing it over her right shoulder, then turning and heading towards the Fitting Room.

Jessica couldn't help herself but to watch Kayla's hips and tail. She let out a low growl, and said, "She's almost as cute as Tina. Wonder if she's dating someone?"

Kayla entered the small dressing room and closed the door behind her. She hung the dress up on a small hook to her right, before she unzipped her skirt, sliding the material down her legs, and lifting the shirt she was wearing over er head, leaving her in a black bra and matching very high-cut panties. She removed the dress from the hook, lifted her right leg, bending at the knee, slipping the appendage into the top of the dress, followed by the other leg. She pulled the dress up past her hips, setting the material properly on her waist, then pulled it up over her chest. After she set the straps on her shoulders, she looked at herself in the mirror on the left wall of the dressing room.

Staring back at her, was a she-cat wearing a very tight dress, with one and a half inch straps, a very low neck line, showing off the shape of her breasts, quite well, her very feminine waist and hips, stopping four inches from her hips. She turned around, looking over her left shoulder at her back. The dress showed off every detail of her back, tail, and the tops of her thighs. She quickly realized, she would need a set of heeled shoes to accentuate the curves of her calves. She left the dressing room to the waiting Jessica.

While Kayla changed, Jessica continued to work on the gown. She finished the stitch she had started earlier and was about to cut off the remaining thread, when she heard, "What do you think?"

Jessica lifted her eyes from the gown to Kayla. She let out a gasp, from seeing how attractive Kayla was in the dress, which showed off every curve of her body, as the scissors she was holding in her right paw, sliced through the material of the gown. As soon as she realized what she had done, she said, "Oh no!" And went to inspect the damage she caused.

Kayla came over to her, gently laid her right paw on Jessica's left shoulder, bringing her face within an inch of Jessica's cheek, looking at the gown, then said, "It doesn't look too bad. Can you fix it?"

Jessica felt Kayla's breath against her cheek and started to get flushed. She looked to her left and down, to see the decent amount of cleavage the dress Kayla was wearing left exposed. She gulped as her body became more aroused. She put the scissors down on the table, then said, "I can fix it, right after I do this." She reached up with her left paw, brought Kayla's face to hers, and drew her into a very passionate kiss.

Kayla wasn't expecting for Jessica to kiss her. However, Jessica's kiss was intense enough, she felt compelled to kiss her back.

The two kissed, letting the intensity grow for a few minutes, before Kayla pushed her back, then asked, "Why did you kiss me?"

"I.. By the way, you were kissing me back, I thought this was something we both wanted?" Jessica asked, folding her paws in her lap.

"I'm not sure why I kissed you back, Jessica," Kayla said. She came around to the opposite side of the table, focused on the gown, then said, "I do have to admit, your kiss felt.. wow. I've never felt such passion from a simple kiss before."

Jessica started to rise from her seat to come around to Kayla. But Kayla said, "Please don't. You have me at a severe disadvantage, and I hate it."

Jessica sat back down, thinking she blew her shot at possibly getting to date Kayla, thinking, 'How could I kiss her? I barely even know her, and I go and kiss her! Granted, she's one beautiful she-cat, and I have been wanting to kiss her, since she entered the shop. But to actually act on an impulse, I'm so stupid!'

Kayla stopped her rant, after looking over at Jessica's forlorn face. She reached over the table, stroked her right cheek, as she said, "Hey, I'm not mad at you. I'm more confused than anything. Do you think, we can take it, slow, while I figure out, how I feel about dating a she-cat?"

"You mean, you want to date me?" Jessica asked on a nervous breath.

Kayla kissed Jessica's cheek, and after she pulled pack, she said, "Eventually, yes. You are one beautiful she-cat, Jessica, and one heck of a kisser."

"In that case, I'll wait as long as I need to, for you to think it through. You are very beautiful as well, Kayla," Jessica said, moving her face closer to Kayla's.

Kayla knew what was going to occur. She held up her right index finger to Jessica's lips, and said, "Not yet. But when the time is right, I'll gladly kiss you."

Jessica couldn't help herself, and kissed Kayla's finger.

Kayla pulled her paw back, then said, "What did I say about kissing me?"

"I know what we discussed. However, you are quite irresistible, Kayla," Jessica said.

Kayla's let out a low growl and her tail's fur bristled out.

"Fair warning. My last girlfriend growled like that at me once, and we ended up in my bed. Very sweaty and slightly sticky, I might add. Although, those fiery red locks of yours would look heavenly on my chest as you slept," Jessica said.

Kayla's face turned bright red, completely realizing what Jessica was insinuating.

"We'll cross that line, when the time is right, Kayla. I promise, when we do, it will be magical," Jessica said. She reached out to take her paw I hers, then asked, "Is holding your paw, allowed?"

Kayla took Jessica's paw in hers, stroked the fur with her fingers, saying, "More than allowed, Jessica."

Jessica purred at Kayla's touch, and when Kayla tried to pull back, Jessica covered her paw with her own, saying, "Don't, please."

Kayla grasped Jessica's paw, tighter in hers, then asked, "Can I get changed, into my street clothes, then go over the changes I want to my uniform?"

"If you must, but I'm going to miss the dress on you. I love the way the red brings out your eyes," Jessica said.

Kayla kissed Jessica's paw, then proceeded back to the Dressing Room.

Jessica watched as Kayla walked back to the Dressing Room. But what did hold her interest was the way Kayla's butt looked in that dress. "I hope you figure out, quickly if you and I can date, Kayla. Cause, I think I'm going to fall for you. Fast and hard."

That evening, Damon sat on a gray steel framed bunk in a dark cell, completely alone. Not even the guards who served with his father were allowed to see him. Boredom eventually won and he leaned back on the bunk, looking at the ceiling, with his head in his paws.

Spencer was hidden behind a set of bushes to the left of the prison. As much as he didn't like Damon hanging around his princess, he had to respect him, for standing up to David. He chuckled as he remembered David's face, right after Damon punched David in the face. "The kid's got one good left hook," Spencer said. He looked around, to make sure he wasn't going to be spotted, then left his spot, running towards the prison. When he reached the wall, he sniffed the air, and caught Damon's scent. He walked approximately a hundred feet to a small barred window at ground level. He looked in, and saw Damon, laying on a bunk. "Hey kid." He said.

Damon heard Spencer. He sat back up, looked up to the only window, seeing Spencer, then said, "You are the last one I expected to come and visit me."

"I didn't expect to be here either, but here I am," Spencer said. "I know, you and I didn't exactly get off on the right foot. But, after you laid David out, I'm beginning to see you in a new light."

"My father would have sent him to the hospital, for kissing the queen the way he did," Damon said.

"Like father, like son. You and I could be friends, if the circumstances were different," Spencer said.

"You mean, me liking Evelyn?" Damon asked.

Spencer tensed up, then asked, "How do you really feel, about, my princess?"

Damon leaned back into the bunk, as he thought how he really felt about Evelyn. He loved being with her, the way she laughed, her smile, her simple caresses, and then, there was her kiss. He smiled, widely, then answered, "I think I love her. You know, my father met my mother, when he was my age. He told me, once he found my mother, there was not another who could compare with her. They married, right after college."

"Your parents must really love each other," Spencer said.

"My father still loves my mother, she died when I was young,"

"I'm sorry for your loss, Damon," Spencer said, lowering himself to the ground.

"I hope to have the same type of relationship, my father had with my mother," Damon said.

"Tara, thinks you and Evelyn will be good together, and so do I," Spencer said, then he stood up, peered into the window, then said, "Evelyn is my princess, my everything. If you are not good to her, and I find out, I will skin you alive. Do you understand?"

"I completely understand, Spencer. But, you don't have to worry too much. In time, and Evelyn allows me to court her, I promise, she will be first in my heart. I appreciate you thinking, Evelyn and I will be good together."

"You're a good kid, Damon. I have to go, its time to put my cubs to bed, This conversation didn't happen." Spencer said, before taking off into the evening sky.

End of Chapter