Give me a word, give me some sound,
give me a whisper or speak something loud.
Say something, say nothing,
let me read your mind.
Your thoughts are jumbled,
your head's a puzzle,
what could be more wrong?

Give me a laugh, give me a sigh,
give me a giggle, and try not to die.
Shout something, make some noise,
anything that's not a bore.
Tell me your secrets, tell me your lies,
tell me a joke that makes you smile.

Give me a bang, give me a boom,
give me anything that isn't gloom.
Smash something, crack some glass,
give a grin with a maniac laugh.

Why so serious, why so down,
why so frowny, I'm a clown!
Pick a card, do a trick,
make some magic, leave some sparks.
Give them an act, give them drama,
give them my card, and hear them holler!

Give me a smile, give me a grin,
give me some laughter, you're far too grim!
Make an explosion, have some fun,
you're too uptight, too far gone.

You're stuck in the shadows,
you're lost in the dark,
you're still that scared boy
that's never grown up.

Forget your family,
leave them behind,
forget your memories,
let them die.

Be a Joker! Be a freak,
leave the shadows, roam the streets.
Leave those riches, you don't belong,
you're not the billionaire everyone thinks.

So give me your secrets,
feel free to laugh,
leave that darkness,
you're more than a bat.

Take my hand, boy, don't be afraid!
Leave behind those empty graves.
Now that you've come, there's no going back,
but I'm glad you've stayed and forgotten your past.