Twelve year old Rose Tyler came home from school one day absolutely miserable. "Life is so unfair!" She announced.

"Bad day sweetheart?" her mum Jackie asked concerned.

Rose grunted.

"Here this might make you feel better." Jackie replied handing her a letter.

"What is it?" Rose asked. Jackie shrugged. "It's a letter addressed to you but I don't know who it's from."

Rose sighed. "I'll read it in my room, thanks mum." She kissed her mother on the cheek before heading upstairs.

Rose threw her back pack on the floor and plopped herself on the bed.

She examined the blank envelope, only her name was written on it.

She opened it and began reading.

The letter read:

Dear Rose, you don't know me yet but one day you'll go on a once in a lifetime journey.

You'll meet a man, a face changer that will sweep you off your feet with one word.

You'll travel with him in a blue box saving planets, having interesting conversations with aliens and do lots of running.

You 'll be amazed at what you're going to do.

You'll meet historical figures like Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria; you'll get lost a lot but love every minute of it.

You will have to say goodbye sometimes and some of the things you'll experience won't be pleasant but you'll become tougher and stronger everyday you're with this man.

He'll show you love and make you happy. He'll teach you how to be a fighter.

You will experience a broken heart but it'll be worth it one day when you're given the greatest proof of his love.

Rose Tyler, I promise your life is going to be fantastic.

Signed, someone close by.

Rose rolled her eyes and she scoffed. "Whatever, nothing ever happens to me except weird letters from pervs." she thought.

Rose sighed and tossed the letter into the trash can then headed downstairs for dinner, never hearing the strange, disappearing whirring sound outside her window.