AN: This is just a short tag for the episode The StatusQuo Combustion. Plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone.
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Penny sat there eating as Amy continued to hit Leonard with the pillow. "Ouch! Amy, STOP." he cried "I tried to stop him, but Penny said we couldn't". With that Amy turned all her ire onto the blonde. "How could you bestie!" she yelled and threw herself onto the couch. "Just because you want to live with your man doesn't mean you have to drive mine off!"

Penny leaned forward and put her food onto the coffee table. "Listen Ames, Sheldon's mom once told me you have to treat him like a baby deer. If we tried to force him to stay, he might have done something rash. If everyone continues to treat him like a child instead of a man, then he will never be able to deal with all the changes going on. Might I add it is NOT my fault that Sheldon left. I would never have suggested changes to him in living arrangements this soon." At this she shot Leonard a dirty look.

With both women now glaring at him, Leonard threw up his hands. "We are engaged Penny! Sheldon had to realize that means we will be living together!"

Penny continued to glare at him. "You should have talked to me first", she said. "We could have prepared him for the conversation better, and had a better idea of what we both want to do for living arrangements. Not just spring on him the idea of him loosing his apartment!".

Amy began hitting Leonard again with the pillow "you big jerk!" she yelled again and again.

Penny just sat back and resumed eating, thinking she needed more wine.