This idea didn't leave me alone and my muse decided we can't keep it only a one-shot. So this will be another multi-chapter fic. I hope you enjoy! :-)

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Chapter 1

He was dashing. And she was tipsy. And she just had enough.

She reached for the laces of her bodice and tugged them open, drawing it down a few inches to show off more of her cleavage before she sauntered over to him, leaning over the table and catching his gaze.

"What are you boys playing?"

She jubilated silently as she saw his slack-jawed expression, her smile broadening as his tongue pressed against his teeth, the look in his eyes getting calculating.

Got you.


"I have a confession to make." She drawled, feeling the alcohol slowly getting to her head but his smell was enveloping her and he was so close and she just didn't care.

"Most women do."

"I want to know how you got the hook." She let her fingers play over the hook, a shock of excitement rushing through her as she remembered all the stories she had heard about him. "I hear so many stories."

"So ..." He scooted closer and her eyes fell on the necklace swinging against his chest, feeling her fingers itch with the urge to grab it. "You know who I am and you haven't even told me your name."

"What fun would that be?" She replied, reaching for the rum and pouring each of them another tankard of it.

"So we're just two ships passing in the night then."

She looked up, meeting his gaze, liking the idea very much. No names, no strings. If he didn't know who she was she might finally get the sex she always read in books about. Full of passion and not like those mechanical endeavors she had had with some stable boys and knights. They had always treated her as if she was made out of glass, too afraid of her to let go completely because of her status as their princess.

"Passing closely, I hope." She smirked, clinking her tankard against his.

"Speaking of ships ... what do you say we leave this place and I'll show you mine?"

"Wait." Her hand came to rest on his thigh and she felt his muscle play under her fingers, felt the smooth leather under her skin and realized that she might need some more liquid courage to go through with her plan. "How about we have a few drinks first?"


"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to get me drunk which is usually my tactic."

"What's wrong, captain?" She teased. "Can't hold your rum?"

"No. Not only can I hold it but I can carry it right out the door. What do you say we set sail."

He grabbed the bottle of rum and stood up, a hungry glint crossing his eyes as he stared down at her.

"Come back with me for a nightcap or shall I find someone else?"


They were down in his cabin, his mouth devouring hers and her fingers clutched the lapels of his leather coat, surprised by the onslaught of lust coursing through her veins.

"A woman as beautiful as you deserves my full and prompt attention." He leaned back, staggering slightly.

"I sure hope so, Captain."

His mouth was back on hers, his kisses sloppy but so arousing at the same time, making her dizzy. His teeth nibbled down her throat, a cry spilling over her lips as he sucked her flesh in hard, probably leaving a mark behind. His fingers were already unlacing her dress and a few moments later her dress fell to the ground, leaving her only standing in her chemise in front of him and he grinned at her, slipping his hook between the fabric and her skin.

"We are not gonna need that." He growled and with a tug of his hook he ripped the fabric apart, immediately pushing her back until her ass hit the desk, kneeling down in front of her and pulling her legs apart, burying his face between her thighs, his tongue darting out and tasting her.

"Bloody amazing, darling." He looked up at her, his lips already glistening with her arousal. "I knew you want this as much as I want this."

He lapped through her folds, eating her hungrily. Lazy strokes over her clit, hard thrusts into her cunt and she writhed against his mouth, needing to release the pressure building up in her but he pulled back and stumbled to his feet, staring down at her as he ripped at his clothes and threw them on the ground, pointing his finger to the floor.

"On your knees, wench."

She didn't even hesitate. She had wanted to close her mouth around him the moment his cock had sprang free from its confinements and she dropped down, wrapping one hand around his shaft and sucking him into her mouth.

"Just like that, darling."

He rocked his hips back and forth, his fingers digging into her scalp as he kept her in place to push deeper into her and she screwed her eyes shut, gulping hard to suppress the gagging reflex as he hit the back of her throat over and over again.

But God, she wanted this. Reaching between her legs, she began to pleasure herself, almost falling face first on the ground as he suddenly stepped back.

"No, love." His hook pulled her chin up and his eyes burned into hers as he growled. "I want to fuck your wet, greedy pussy now."

He hauled her off the ground and pushed her around, pressing her down on the desk.

"Splay your arms over the desk, darling. I'm gonna ravish you from behind now."

Her walls clenched in anticipation, a shudder running down her spine as the cold metal of his hook pressed between her shoulder blades, his chest hair scraping over her skin as he leaned forward, his fingers tightening around her waist and she could feel him hot and hard between her legs, his voice rasping harshly into her ear.

"I waited the whole night to do exactly that."

And with the last word he slammed into her, the breath whooshing out of her as his thickness filled her and she gasped as he immediately started to move, not even giving her time to adjust to his size.

"You are so bloody tight, wench. So bloody tight."

He leaned back, pulling her backwards until her feet hit the ground, still buried deep inside of her, hardly waiting until she stood solidly before he started pounding into her.

"Hold on, love. I'm not finished yet."

Dark spots appeared in front of her eyes as he changed the angle of his thrusts, hitting her even deeper, his fingers reaching between her legs, finding the bundle of nerves, a sudden crack beside her head startling her and she tilted her head, seeing his hook buried in the wood only inches away from her hand.

"That's a good girl." He cried hoarsely, his hips pistoning back and forth, his fingers rubbing frantically over her clit. "Come for me, wench."

He pulled out of her, seconds before she came violently, his release spurting onto her back as her walls fluttered and with a groan he leaned forward, slipping his fingers lower, hovering at her entrance.

"I'm still not finished with you."

She felt the sticky cum trickling down over her waist as he pushed back, his hand slipping over her ass and between her legs, one finger gliding into her.

"Aye you like that, don't you?"

She couldn't answer him, her fingers curling around the edge of the desk as he pushed three fingers into her, deeper and deeper until his rings were buried inside her too and she couldn't keep herself from moaning loudly as he fucked her with his fingers, her walls starting to tremble around him again.

"Gods, you wanton woman. I'm already hard again."

He pulled his fingers out of her, swirling her around and walking backwards until he reached the chair and slumped down on it.

God, she was raw and her whole body was aching but he didn't let her rest, pulling her on his lap and impaling her again, his mouth closing around her nipple and she started to move atop of him, couldn't help it.

His thumb pressed against her clit as he leaned back, watching her ride him and his eyes darkened with lust as his gaze dropped to where they were joined, watching his cock slipping in and out of her.

"Your pussy is made for me, darling. Such a neat fit. Don't you think?"

She arched her back, a groan rumbling out of her throat as one flick of his fingers pushed her over the edge but then he pulled out of her again, grabbing her hand and wrapping it around his length, his fingers closing over hers as he pumped her hand up and down, his head falling back as he stiffened under her fingers, his cum spurting out, covering her stomach and his, running over her fingers.

He released her hand and pulled her hips forward again, his sticky hand splaying over her ass, his fingers rubbing his cum into her cleft, his lips closing around one nipple and suckling at it while he rubbed his softening cock against her stomach, spreading his release all over her.

"You are one hell of a woman, love."

He pushed her up from his lap and staggered towards the bed, slumping down on it and he was already half asleep, his arm swaying through the air as he reached for her, his fingers closing around her arm and pulling her down beside him, drawing her into his body.

"You are not going anywhere, love."

He threw one leg over her and she only hesitated a second before she relaxed against him. She was sore and tired and laying in his arms felt good. She would stay. Just until the morning.


He had taken her one more time, in the middle of the night, waking her up as he had pushed her legs apart, trailing soothing kisses along her neck as she whimpered when he slipped into her.

"Shush, love." His fingers tangled into her hair, his thumb brushing over her cheek. "I'll be gentle."

And he had been. Taking her excruciatingly slow, his thrusts feeling more like a caress, his mouth and fingers playing over her skin as he slid in and out of her and then he had pulled out, rolling her around, pressing her into the mattress with his weight as he slipped into her again, his fingers locking with hers.

"Gods, you are beautiful." He murmured against her ear, his teeth tugging at her earlobe, his hips rocking against her ass. "So beautiful."

She couldn't move, could hardly breathe but she could feel herself getting close again and she tilted her head, pulling his hand close and sucking a finger into her mouth, biting down hard as she came around him, realizing through the haze of her climax that he hadn't pulled out of her this time, still thrusting into her and her mouth opened around his finger in a moan as he slammed into her one last time, emptying himself in her.

She could hear his panting breath against her ear and she closed her mouth around his finger again, letting her tongue play around it while she clenched her walls, making him groan.

"I just ..." Rolling down from her, he took her with him, still staying inside of her and his hand splayed over her stomach, keeping her pressed against him. "I want to fall asleep like this, still buried inside of you."

She was too exhausted to argue and she pushed her ass deeper into his stomach, feeling his leg tangle with hers and a few moments later she was already fast asleep.


As the first rays of sun were bathing the cabin in a golden light she moved, waking up slowly, feeling him hard against her back and for a second she contemplated if she should just push him on his back and let him slip into her again but then she realized that this last night had all been a lie.

She slipped out of his arms carefully, searching for her clothes and putting them on silently. This wasn't supposed to be like this. He wasn't supposed to be like this. She had wanted to feel used. She had wanted him to be a ruthless pirate and fuck her into oblivion.

A small smile curved up her mouth as the soreness between her legs reminded her that he had actually done that but then pictures of the last time popped up in her mind and the smile dropped off her face.

It had been too much. There had been feelings involved that last time. Feelings she couldn't allow herself to feel and her expression hardened as she looked down at him, her features softening immediately as she stared at his relaxed form splayed out on the bed.

She wanted to lean down and brush the lock of hair away from his forehead but she feared she would wake him up and she couldn't risk it. She had to leave.

One foot on the ladder she turned around again, watching him just for a few seconds longer, her eyes trailing over his body one last time before she sighed softly and turned around, climbing up the steps.


His mind was still hazy as he woke up a few hours later but a smile spread out over his face as he remembered the events of the last night. He might have been drunk but he had definitely spent an extremely pleasant night with the wench who got him drunk and he rolled around, wanted to pull her into his arms again and take her once more only to realize that she wasn't there anymore.

He stared at the empty space beside him, furrowing his brows. No one had allowed her to leave. His head was pounding and his hard cock reminded him that he had wanted to push into her tight wet sheath again.

With a growl he jumped out of the bed, not bothering with putting on any clothes as he rushed up the stairs.

"Smee?" He bellowed over the deck, not caring that he was standing stark naked on the deck, thrumming his fingers impatiently on the railing while he waited for Smee to appear and ignoring the surprised look on his first mate's face as his eyes fell on his naked form, he barked. "Find the wench."

"Aye, captain."

"You are not gonna get away that easily." He mumbled, his eyes getting hard and hungry as he stared over the pier. "I will find you."