May 18, 2014.

Can't be uploaded.

Can't be published.

Can't load.

Tyler Oakley tyleroakley 5 secs

youtube What's up hoe? Why you not let me upload!?

Troye Sivan troyesivan 8 secs

Um anyone know why youtube is being stupid!? Don't fail me know I love you as much as I love nutella! If that makes a difference?

Shane Dawson shanedawson 12 secs

youtube The fuck wrong witchu?

Connor Franta ConnorFranta 16 secs

What's up guys? youtube I was trying to dislike Ricky's new video and get a follow from him!:(

Ricky Dillon RickyPDillon 17 secs

Please youtube save your break down for a day I don't upload!

Joey Graceffa JoeyGraceffa 19 secs

Beeeeetch what are you doing with your life? youtube

Zoe ZozeeBo 22 secs

Come on Alfie was in the middle of posting the sims baby video. I've been waiting forever to have that kid!

Marcus Butler MarcusButler 25 secs

Youtube where you be babe? I need you to come back!

Alfie PointlessBlog 26 secs

Youtube you are starting to act like math, solve your own probs. PLEASE!

Caspar Lee Caspar_Lee 29 secs


Hannah Hart harto 31 secs

Uh...Anyone know what's going on with Youtube?

Grace Helbig gracehelbig 32 secs


Anthony Padilla smoshanthony 35 secs

Ian, did you break Youtube again?

Felix Kjellberg pewdiepie 38 secs

Bros, the immoral barrels have taken over and I can't upload. -_-

Ian Hecox SmoshIan 42 secs

ANTHONY? What have you done now?

Sawyer Hartman SawyerHartman 48 secs

Seriously. Youtube you are ruining my life.

KEY-YUHN! KianLawley 52 secs

WTF youtube?

jc caylen jccaylen 53 secs

Reality check youtube, YOU HAVE TO WORK!

Trevor Moran TrevorMoran 55 secs

Youtube... You failing me, seriously? May I cry now?

Sam Pottorff sampottorff 59 secs

Who gave you the right to take a break youtube, because it was not me!

Joe Sugg Joe_Sugg 1 min

This whole youtube issue just ruined my day.

Scott Hoying scotthoying 1 min

Sorry everybody the superfruit video will not be posted today. I forgot youtube had a scheduled break down today.

Mitch Grassi mitchgrassi 2 min

Anybody know how to fix youtube?