Grace's POV:

"HANNAH! MAMRIE! HURRY UP!" I swear the two of them took years to get ready. We had all agreed to go out for dinner but Mamrie had to leave after for a meeting she had so Hannah and I planned to go to see a movie at that point because there's always movies to see right?

"SORRY!" Hannah says rolling her eyes as she gets closer to me. Mamrie shortly following.

"You act like we're late. We're all good." She assures me with a laugh. They were both probably the most helpful and funny people ever to me and everyday we hang out is amazing. I loved that our viewers called us the, "Trinity," I just find it so creative.

It's cool to be able to hang with them so often, too. Both were always so supportive of when I told them that I thought I was bisexual too and that meant the world to me.

"Hey! Earth to Hell-Butt!" Mamrie says and I shake my head to stop my thoughts.

"Sorry. Let's go!" As usual dinner is highly funny and I would rather it not end because of that.

"So, you guys hear about youtube being down?" Hannah asks.

"Yeah I hope they can fix it soon or all of us are unemployed and the viewers wouldn't have an escape from any issues." I sigh. It's quiet between us for a minute as we all think of how true it is and how possible that was. I mentally hope for it to be fixed soon.

"You know, youtube has their issues but they usually come through for the creators and viewers. We'll just hope for that to be a factor here." Mamrie says confidently.

"I think we should figure out a way of helping them fix it too though. Not just us but like all of the youtube creators. It is a community right?" I say hopefully.

"Maybe we should get together with other youtubers and suggest that. Youtube is all of our lives after all." Hannah says excited at the idea of being able to help fix it. One good thing about creators and youtube, all of them are so passionate to try and fix issues that youtube may go through over time. Because it was our opportunity for many of us to be totally ourselves or get away.

The rest of dinner has varying conversations from talking about any of our other memories or youtube or anything really. When Mamrie leaves and Hannah and I head towards the movie theatre there is a silence that sort of takes over. I glance towards her taking my eyes off the highway ahead for a slight second. She was smiling out at the trees passing and looked so peaceful. I face the road again as I feel my heart do a little skip.

Somehow simple shit Hannah does can send my heart doing that. I really have liked her for so long for now and I'm unsure of how to word that to her really.

"Grace?" She asks.


"Are you okay? You seem... Distant."

"I'm just thinking a lot."

"Some intense ass thinking," she laughs but she doesn't even know.

"About as intense as you starring at those trees," I joke and she blushes and is quiet for a second.

"I just like it. Kind of calming you know?"

"Yeah. Weirdly enough there is something pretty soothing about the view of woods. And as cheesy as both that and the whole stars thing are I like it."

"The stars are just so fascinating though. There are tons and it is said that each one is the moon to a planet. That's a lot or planets."

"It really is." I smile at her and she returns it and something about the experience is special. Really special. See I was never thought of as sensitive for a lot of people but I was extremely sensitive and genuine at certain points. A lot of those times involved Hannah in one way or another.

As I pull up to the theatre I turn towards Hannah and feel my heart race. She turns to me as well and we both sit quietly for a second.

"I need to tell you something," we say simultaneously. Hannah looked just as nervous as I felt.

"You go first," I insist hoping it works.

"Okay. Umm... I honestly don't know how to word it." She sighs.

"It's okay. Word it however you can." I say with a hopefully convincing smile.

"Grace, I've gotten even closer to you recently and I'm confused. Grace? I like you. Like... Like like you." I can't help but be shocked. First off, "like like" Hannah really. "I know that that probably is really weird and I get if this makes anything weird-" I cut her off by kissing her. Now it was her turn to be shocked. But she eventually kisses me back with so much passion I can't even fathom it. I cup her cheek as our lips move in perfect time with each other which throws me off as I hadn't ever kissed her before. When we pull away I stare at her as she does the same to me.

"So... D- do you like me too then?" Hannah asks confused.

"I'm pretty sure I just made that very obvious Hannah," I roll my eyes with a laugh. She laughs too before smiling at me.

"What does this mean then?" She asks.

"I think this makes this a date," I laugh. "And my girlfriend if that's actually something you'd put yourself through." I joke and she just laughs.

"Yeah, not gonna lie, that sounds great actually." With that we leave the car to enter the theatre. Once we are in our seats and away from any possibility of fans seeing us, we hold hands and I can help but think it feels right for us somehow...

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