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Chapter 2 : Equestira!? (As you can see, Im bad with names)

"Wha?..." I mumbled. What the heck happened? I remember reading the note and then what? I look at my hands...or should I say hooves.

"What in the name of.!?" I look around my body to see the body of a tiny horse!

I see wings at the side of my body "Am I...a pegasus!?" I shout at the top of my lungs hopng anypony would hear...did I say anypony?

"Hm?" Angel whimpers at the sound of the shout "Whats the matter Angel?" Fluttershy says, Not hearing the shout.

Angel sqeaks. "A shout? I didn't hear it. Why would somepony shout for no reason?" Fluttershy looks out the window hoping to see who made the shout.

Angel sqeaks more "The only words you heard right were pegasus? We should go look." she says with concern. Angel walks out closing the door behind him. "You would think he wouldn't close the door after him when im going too..." She flies out the door.

Fang tries flying but hits into a tree. "Why the heck am I a pegasus!?" He notices a unicorn and flies off unsteady. "A unicorn and pegasus!?" he mutters.

"Whats with that Stallion?" Say's the unicorn and he walks off.

He notices Fluttershy and Angel looking around. "At least bunnies and other animals are in this strange place." He hides behind a tree by instinct.

"I wonder if it was just a animal that ran off somewhere..." Mutters Fluttershy.

Fang see's a pink pony jumping to where he is. "Um...Hi?" "OhmygoshyoumustbeaponywhosnotfromponyvillebecauseIhaveneverseenyoubeforewhywereyouhidingfromFluttershynewponyIknowyouprobablyaveacrushonherorsomethingdoyoulikesweets?" The pink pony says as she jumps up and down.


"OhmygoshyoulikesweetssodoIwhatdoyouthinkofponyvillesinceyouarenewIwaswonderingfyouhaveheardofTwilightImeanEVERYPONYknowsTwilightsincesheistheprincessdidyouknowsheownsalibrary?" She says as quick as a flash.

"Umm...I gotta go miss. See ya I guess." I walk off instead of flying.

Fluttershy walks up behind me. "Excuse me but did you hear a shout over here?"she says with a cute face "U-umm...nope. I was in town just a minute ago hehe..." I look away as I say it.

"It's pretty obvious you're lying sir." she says with a formal look.

"*Sigh* I was the one who shouted..."

"You startled Angel but you never meant to. Its no problem. Also are you new in Ponyville? Ive never seen you before."

I glup as Im about to tell the truth...

CLIFF HANGER! yeah I made a cliff hanger so you can wait!..For one day ._. anyway I have noticed my first chapter was REALLY SHORT so I'll try my best to make them as long as possible! BUT in order to do that I have to make one chapter a day. Hope thats ok with you guys. Hope you're in for a storm of chaos! (Chocolate rain falls) I SAID CHAOS NOT CHOCOLATE! P.S if ths chapter ends up on a different thing, SORRY!