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Chapter 24

The scene at the farm house was somber. A golden stag was standing over Voldemort as he gave his last breath and died. Snape was a little better off, the medics with the teams cauterized Snape's arm and fed him blood replenishing potions. Soon Snape was awake, and the questions started. Snape described the flood of patroni that left his arm, and then the corporeal stag that blew his and Voldemort's arms off. He didn't remember much after that. Rowle had been sleeping in another room and didn't see what had happened. The only explanation that Amelia and Moody could think of, was that Harry's corporeal golden stag had killed Voldemort and crippled Snape. It didn't take long for the teams of people at the site to start to cheer. The greatest dark lord in centuries was dead, and Harry Potter had unknowingly did it.


The healers at St. Mungos were working feverishly to try to save Harry's life. Parts of the skull were missing and he had brain damage. It was far too early to determine how bad it was going to be. The group of four that came with him were banned from his room while that healers did all that they could. They worked for more than an hour before Harry was breathing on his own. The long term prognosis was grim, the injury was so severe that the healers were doing all they could to stabilize him and hoping for a miracle. The type of injury was unique, none of the healers had ever seen something like this, let alone treated it. It looked like something exploded from the inside out, instead of outside in. They did their best to remove all traces of the black ooze that surrounded the wound. The ooze was analyzed and the results made no sense, it was human, yet it was not.


Moody and Amelia had Snape sent to the holding cells at the ministry. More medical attention would be given if he needed it, but nothing was going to be done about his arm. Rowle on the other hand was going to be useful. The decision was made to move Rowle and all the troops back to land just outside Rivenwood. It was time for the last of the Death Eaters to be rounded up.

Just outside of Rivenwood, they set themselves up to capture the other Death Eaters. They had names for almost all of them, so one by one they were called, stunned and sent to the ministry. As the last one was done, they made a mass call and brought in three more that they didn't know existed.

Finally it was over. Voldemort was dead and all of his followers were captured and behind bars. Moody and Amelia were nearly in a state of shock. They never anticipated that this day would come, it was too good to be true. Now their attention was focused on Harry, they needed to know how he was before calling the Wizengamot into session and start processing the Death Eaters on to Azkaban. Amelia sent her aurors back to the ministry to help guard the prisoners, while she went to St. Mungo's. Moody congratulated and thanked his people. He told them that he would figure out the bounties and bonuses that would be given to them and told them where he would meet them in a week. After he saw them off, he too went to St. Mungo's.


"Sirius! How is he doing?" Amelia had just arrived and was looking for an update.

"He is still alive… at least we think so. We haven't been told anything since we got here. There has been a steady stream of healers and nurses that have been in and out of Harry's room. Many of them look frantic and worried. We don't know any more than that." Sirius reported. "How did things go with Voldemort? Did you get him?"

"Voldemort is dead and every last Death Eater has been captured." There were stunned silences from the four of them who had been waiting with Harry.

"Voldemort is dead?" Remus repeated, "And all the Death Eaters are captured? Do you mean that it's all over?"

"We still have the big job of processing all the Death Eaters through their trials, but yes, it's over. It's hard to accept that it is really over." Amelia responded while there were dumbfounded looks on the faces around her.

"How did it happen?" Tonks asked.

"We are certain that Voldemort was using Snape's dark mark to make a call when the patroni and locator beacon were released. But what really did the job was Harry's corporeal patronus. It came ripping through the link, tearing Snape's arm, Voldemort's wand, and Voldemort's remaining arm apart in the process. We found Harry's stag, glowing gold, standing over Snape and Voldemort when we got there. Voldemort had lost his other arm and was taking his last breaths with the stag watching closely. The stag didn't dissipate until we were ready to leave, I have never seen anything like it. We all saw Harry pouring his patronus power into the dark mark network, but what came out was incredible. He 'had a good summer' indeed," Amelia said with a sad smile.

"I wish that we knew more about what is happening with Harry," Remus said.

"Let me see what throwing around the weight of the Minister for Magic can do," Amelia said as she headed for Harry's room. It wasn't three minutes later a healer returned with her to the waiting area.

"I'm sorry that we haven't given you an update. The situation hasn't changed much from when you brought him in. He is breathing on his own and his heart is beating steadily now. That is a big improvement, beyond that we are working with an injury that none of us have seen before. We are doing the best that we can. It looks like we are going to have to give it a lot of time. We would like to give him Skelegro, but he needs to be stronger for that. We are doing everything that we can to help him gain that strength."

"Do you have any idea when we might know more?" Allison asked.

"Sorry, we think that he is stable for now. We just have to wait until he is stronger."

"Thank you for your report. Would you see to it that these people are kept informed the best that you can?" Amelia chided.

"You have my word, Madam Minister." The healer left and went back to Harry's room.

"Sirius, I know that now is not a good time for you, it is not a good time for any of us. But the Ministry holding cells are filled to over capacity. We are keeping prisoners stunned outside of the cells in order to keep them there. We need an emergency session of the Wizengamot to deal with the problem and get the prisoners on their way to Azkaban." Amelia stated. "I need you there to make sure that the punishment fits the crime and that Dumbledore doesn't give them all 'the ability to repent and reform.'"

"But I need to be here for Harry."

Remus answered, "Harry would want to see these criminals see justice. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to have them captured. We simply can't afford to let the ball drop on his efforts."

"I couldn't say it better myself," Amelia added, "we need to have Lord Black lead the effort to make sure that these animals stay locked up or Kissed. I'm going back to the Ministry to call an emergency session for two hours from now. I'm sure that Tonks or Allison will bring you any word from the healers about Harry's condition."

"Alright, I need to do it for Harry's sake. I don't like it, but I'll do it. I'll be there in two hours." Sirius finally capitulated. Amelia left and the group went back to waiting impatiently.

"Mister S'rus Black, sir?" Dobby arrived with a pop.

"Dobby, I suppose that you are worried." Sirius replied.

"Oh, yes, us elveses are much worried. Us elveses can feels Master Harry is very sick."

"The healers are doing everything that they can to help Harry."

"Yes sir, Master Harry's S'rus, but Goldy wantses to tells yous something, but she afraids to comes here, it is not elveses place to tells masters what to doos."

"What does Goldy wish to tells… er tell us?" Sirius asked

"May Goldy comes and talks to yous?"


With a pop, Goldy was standing in front of the group, wringing her hands.

"What do you want to tell us, Goldy?"

"It is about the pretty birdsees. Goldy thinks that the pretty birdsees can help Master Harry."

"Can you explain more about the birds?"

"Us elveses works in greenhouses growing fruits for birdsees. Only us elveses knows hows to grows fruit that birdsees like."


"Theres be lots and lots of birdsees that makes us elveses feels better. Goldy knows theys can makes Master Harry feels better toos."

"Do these birds have a name?"

"Theys have lots and lots of names. Goldy not knows alls the names."

"What is the name for all of them?" Sirius asked patiently.

"Goldy sorry. Theys is called phoenixes."

"You have a greenhouse full of phoenixes?" Sirius asked with some shock.

"Theres is three greenhouses full of pretty birdsees."

The four of them looked at Goldy like she had three heads. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. One phoenix was very rare, but three greenhouses full of them were beyond any dreams of reality.

"Goldy can you show me where they are? Can I meet you outside the greenhouses in a few minutes?" Sirius asked.

"Goldy bees there." With a pop she was gone.

"I have to check this out. You stay here and I'll be right back."

Sirius ran to the apparition point and apparated to Rivenwood's greenhouses. Goldy was waiting for him, she guided him to one of the distant greenhouses and motioned him inside. There was a jungle of blooming trees and plants with fruit hanging from the branches, but what got his immediate attention was the sound of phoenix song and the sight of phoenixes in every color imaginable. It was like walking into a different world, Sirius was in awe. He was sure that Goldy was right, if this place couldn't fix Harry, then nothing would.

Sirius went outside the greenhouse and apparated back to St. Mungo's, and hurried back to the waiting area to report what he found. The others couldn't believe what they were hearing. There couldn't be that many Phoenixes, there were only a few known to exist. Sirius hurried to Harry's door and tried to go in, but he was stopped by two nurses.

"I need to see the healer in charge. It is critical that I see him now."

"The healer is very busy with Mr. Potter and can't be disturbed."

"Tell him that he has ten minutes or I'll get the Minister back. First, tell me his name."

"His name is Oscar Wilbanks, but he can't be disturbed."

"Oh, he can be disturbed alright. You just tell him that I'll see him in ten minutes." Sirius left the nurse and walked back to the waiting area.

"Moony, I need you to get to Rivenwood's study and add 'Oscar Wilbanks' to the access list. I need this done in under ten minutes. I'm going to bring him there, even if I have to stun him first."

"I'll get it done and meet you there. I have to see this for myself." Remus told them and left.

"Tonks, Allison, I'm going to need your help to get the healer to Rivenwood. I don't care if you have to pull your badges and help me kidnap him, but we have to get him there as fast as possible. Harry's life may depend on it."

Ten minutes later an upset healer entered the area.

"I don't appreciate you issuing orders in my hospital. I will not stand for such behavior."

"You don't have a choice." Sirius replied. He grabbed one arm as Tonks grabbed the other and forced him to the apparition point. Allison was behind them with her wand drawn and flashing her badge.

"What are you doing? HELP!"

"Stop that. We are going to show you something that you won't believe. It is going to save Harry's life."

By the time that Sirius explained, they had reached the apparition point and Sirius side-along apparated the healer and himself in front of the greenhouse that Goldy showed him. Remus was waiting while Tonks and Allison appeared not too far away.

"Why did you bring me here?" The healer said angrily.

"Step in here and you will see why." Sirius urged him forward.

"What is so important…"

The healer was struck speechless. Remus, Tonks and Allison were right behind and they, too, couldn't believe what they were seeing. Most people would live their entire lives and never see a single Phoenix. Here was a greenhouse jungle where there was a bird everywhere you looked. And it was a big greenhouse, no one could see the other end.

"Harry's elf told me that there are three greenhouses just like this. She was most insistent that Harry could be helped here, and I agree."

"I… I don't know what to say. This place is beyond anything that I could ever imagine."

"I want Harry brought here immediately. You will have to work with Remus to get some of your people keyed into the wards around this place. I have to be leaving, I need to be at the Wizengamot," Sirius said. "I don't want to get Minister Bones involved again. You WILL bring Harry here."

"But the trip might kill him." Healer Wilbanks said

"Let me try this…" Sirius turned to the greenhouse at large and spoke loudly. "Excuse me, the owner of this estate is critically wounded and we would like to bring him here for you to care for. Could one or more of you help move him?"

There was a flash of flame from a branch on a tree and a brilliant green and yellow phoenix appeared in another flash in front of him. The bird wiggled its tail feathers to Sirius and the healer, with each of them firmly gripping a feather they were gone. They reappeared in Harry's room with a flash of flame, scaring the nurses and healer that was in his room. Healer Wilbanks informed those in the room that he was taking Harry to another location where he would get care by a phoenix. He didn't mention that there was more than one phoenix as no one would believe him.

Within minutes of arriving the phoenix took flight again and hovered over Harry's bed. Sirius stood on one side and Healer Wilbanks was on the other. They each grasped a tail feather and one side of Harry's bed and once again they left in a flash of flames. They reappeared where they left only minutes before. The songs changed to music that was indescribable, it was beautiful and soothing. Two other phoenixes flew down and started crying their tears into the wound. Immediately there were signs of healing. It was going to take more, but the wound looked better.

Sirius had to leave, he was going to have to hurry to make it on time.


Running into Courtroom ten just as the gavel was about to fall, Sirius ran to take his seat. Amelia was relieved to see him, she was very worried that something had happened to Harry.

"Order, order! Let this emergency session of the Wizengamot come to order." Dumbledore called out. "Minister Bones, you called this special session, you have the floor."

"Thank you, Chief Warlock Dumbledore. This session brings great news. The wizard known as Voldemort is dead. I saw him die with my own eyes."

Pandemonium broke out. There were screams from hearing the name plus shouts of incredulity at the news. After many minutes Dumbledore set off a cannon blast and got the courtroom back in order. He told Amelia to continue.

"As I said, Voldemort was killed earlier today. It was as a result of a spell cast by Harry Potter." chaos broke out once again. There was more shouting and screaming. Many didn't want to believe that Voldemort was back and many didn't want to believe that he was dead at the hands of Harry Potter. It took a long time for order to be restored again. Finally the Minister was allowed to continue.

"Voldemort is dead. I was there when he took his last breath. His death was a result of a spell that Harry Potter cast. All of the marked Death Eaters are now in our holding cells or are being kept stunned due to lack of space behind bars. We need to have trials for these people immediately, for we simply do not have the space to keep them all. Before we start, I need to let everyone know that as a result of Harry's spell, Harry is severely injured. I would like to yield the floor briefly to Lord Black for the latest update about his condition."

"Thank you, Minister Bones, I saw my godson, Harry, just a few minutes ago. He has been struggling for his life with a grave prognosis. Just before I left he was beginning a new treatment that looks hopeful. I think that we should all give a moment of silence to think of this young man that has done so much for us." After two minutes, Amelia resumed.

"At this time, the details of what transpired can be told. Harry Potter's reward for information about the dark mark was very successful. Information came forth that allowed me and others to access the dark marks and set a trap for Voldemort. After some experimentation, it was decided that the most evil man in centuries would be hurt the most by using the lightest of all magic. A series of patroni were sent through the dark mark in an effort to assault Voldemort, to hopefully disable him long enough for forces to arrive to capture him. What we didn't anticipate was Harry Potter's corporeal patronus springing forth from the mark to destroy the evil that it found. This patronus was so strong that it was solid for nearly an hour before it dissipated, long after Harry collapsed. It was standing guard over the site of Voldemort's death when I arrived with aurors and others to secure the location. This was the most powerful patronus that I have ever witnessed, it was a thing of beauty to behold. It was able to overcome the evil which it found with ease. This same access to the dark mark allowed for the capture of all of those marked, and brings us to the task at hand. We need to bring those wearing the dark mark forward to determine their fate. Are there any questions?"

"Surely, Madam Minister, that with the death of Voldemort, these men will no longer have a leader to direct them into a life of misdeeds. Bringing them before the Wizengamot is doing them an injustice, perhaps a fine would be sufficient." Dumbledore was trying to plead a case for extreme leniency.

Sirius jumped to his feet. "Chief Warlock, perhaps it would be better to try each case on its merits, with the judicious use of Veritaserum we can get to the bottom of the crimes committed and make an informed decision, based on facts, not on your supposition."

There were cries of support to what Sirius had just said. Dumbledore knew that if he brought the matter to a vote that Sirius, and all the votes that he controlled, would easily pass a motion for individual trials.

"Very well, let us continue. Minister Bones, would you care to direct today's proceedings?" Dumbledore asked.

"Thank you, I would."

The first trial was for a Death Eater that no one had heard of. He was given Veritaserum and a long list of murders, rapes and tortures were established. He was sentenced to death. The next Death Eater had a similar list of offenses and was also sentenced to death. As the process continued, one Death Eater had fewer crimes, and only received a life sentence in Azkaban.

Near the end of one trial Allison Jeffries entered the courtroom and took a seat in the gallery. Sirius caught her eye and she gave a small smile. After the current defendant was sentenced to death, Sirius asked for a recess while he got the latest update to Harry's condition. The request was granted and Sirius ran across the room to learn as much as he could, Amelia joined him moments later.

"Harry is out of danger of dying. The wound looks a lot better. The healers want to caution that there has been brain damage and don't know what to expect. So far the Phoenixes are doing amazing things."

Sirius and Allison had to try to convince Amelia that there really were three greenhouses full of phoenixes to help Harry get better. As expected Dumbledore had to make his appearance, "I wish for you to convey to Harry my utmost hope for his recovery, once he is fit to leave the hospital it would be best to bring him to Hogwarts and the care of Madam Pomfrey. I will tell her to be expecting him."

"Listen here, you delusional old coot, Harry Potter is not going anywhere near Madam Pomfrey or Hogwarts. Don't forget that I intend to have her license reviewed for the last time that Harry was under her 'care.'" Amelia was incensed at the nerve of Dumbledore.

"Surely, Amelia, that slight misunderstanding can be forgotten in light of Harry's serious new injuries. With all the publicity that his role in Voldemort's death is sure to bring, having him in a quiet refuge from the daily pressures of his stardom will be to his benefit." Dumbledore kept trying.

"Not on your life. Harry Potter is not going anywhere near you, Pomfrey or Hogwarts." Amelia was beyond angry. She was going to rip him a new one if he continued.

"Listen, Albus," Sirius started, "Harry is not going to return to Hogwarts. He is receiving the best care that is possible for him to receive, and he will recuperate at his home. There is no more room for discussion."

"But he has to be kept safe and Hogwarts is the safest place in Britain." Dumbledore wasn't taking no for an answer.

"The only things that Harry needs to be kept safe from are any Death Eaters that you manage to release, the students in your school, your faculty and you. None of those things will threaten him where he is. Now, recess is over it is time to get back to work." Sirius and Amelia left Dumbledore standing there as they went back to their positions. Allison left as well to return to watch over Harry.

The trials continued into the night, until the holding cells could hold the remaining prisoners. The Wizengamot would meet again the next afternoon to continue to process them through. Sirius left the courtroom to return to Rivenwood, he had to see how Harry was doing. It was 10 pm when he got to the manor and Goldy told him that everyone was still in the greenhouse. Sirius arrived to find that Tonks and Allison were with him, along with a healer that he hadn't seen before. Remus was gone, presumably to the Daily Prophet to get the next morning's issue ready. Moody was there, sitting quietly in the background just watching what was going on.

"Alastor, I didn't see you in the courtroom. Have you been here all the time?"

"Aye, I didn't think that I could stop myself from killing Albus if he managed to turn one of those scum loose. How many did he manage to free?"

"Not a one, most have been Kissed, only two have lifetime sentences, none of them have gone free."

"That is better than I hoped… you are doing a good job, thank you."

"So what are you going to do now?" Sirius asked.

"Don't rightly know. I have been chasing Voldemort and the Death Eaters so long that I never thought about what I would do if they weren't around anymore. I never thought it would be possible, so I never considered the idea. I don't know what I'm going to do. I was just sitting here watching a very remarkable young man fight for his life. Other than a patronus that is unbelievably powerful, he doesn't have magical powers much above normal. He could perform his patronus at an age that no one else could do, and he can now perform that spell better than anyone else. But he hasn't shown an aptitude for extraordinary magic other than that. It was because he was willing to spend whatever money he needed to end the war that brought us here. His bounties for Death Eaters and Voldemort were what it took to destroy Voldemort's power. I think that he knows more than he's telling about his escapade in Africa that bankrupted Voldemort's inner circle. Without money, Voldemort lost much of his power with his followers. He couldn't reward anyone for their performance, and he couldn't recruit more followers. It was a master stroke of genius, and Potter put his own money on the line. His money and courage is what made the difference in bringing Voldemort and his followers to an end."

"I can't argue with a word that you said," Sirius added, "but you should also take some credit as well. You assembled a fighting force that captured Death Eaters and brought security to Harry when he needed it. You and they were on the front lines fighting the good fight. Things would not have turned out so well without your help."

"We all had our parts to play, but it wouldn't have been possible if not for that young man over there."

"I can agree with that."


Morning came and the color had returned to Harry's face. His wound had healed and hadn't left a scar. The lightning bolt was gone forever. Light was flooding in through the glass roof and the phoenix song was one of a cheerful greeting. They were radiating happiness and joy, Harry lay there and listened while his eyes were closed. He didn't know where he was, but it was so beautiful to lie there soaking up the sounds around him. Someone was wiping his forehead with a damp cloth as he heard their voice saying they were looking for something. Once the cloth was away from his face he opened his eyes. There was a face looking at him.

"How do you feel, Mr. Potter?"


"Do you have a headache?"


"Do you know who I am?"


The conversation brought attention from others around the area. Sirius had been dozing and was awake in an instant hearing Harry's one word answers. Sirius rushed to Harry's bedside and looked into Harry's eyes.

"Pup, can you hear me?"

"Hi," Harry said weakly.

"It is great to see that you are awake. Do you feel bad anywhere?"

"'m fine."

"Do you remember what happened?"

"No… yes… how's…"

"Easy Harry, Voldemort's dead. It was your patronus that killed him."

"Good… my…?"

"Yes, everything went according to plan except Voldemort couldn't live with your patronus attacking him. All the Death Eaters have been caught too."


"Do you know where you are?"


"Do you want me to tell you?"


"Do you remember wanting to ask Goldy about the extra greenhouses?"


"You are in one of the greenhouses. It is full of phoenixes, and they have been helping you get better."


"Yes, really. Goldy explained that your elves grow special fruit that the phoenixes like. There are three greenhouses full of phoenixes. They have been helping you all night."

"Nice… songs..."

"They are beautiful. Do you think that you can go back to sleep?"


"I will leave you to rest. There will be someone nearby if you need anything."


"Sure thing, Pup." Sirius was given a glass of water with a straw and said, "here you go. Have as much as you want." Harry had his drink and went off to sleep. Sirius walked over to the side to discuss his conversation with Harry.

"It is very encouraging, I believe that he should be able to function nearly normal. It will take a few days, and he will need some help, but it looks very promising," said the healer on duty.

"That is wonderful to hear, it is so good to be talking to him. After seeing his wound, I didn't think he was going to survive let alone be talking to me so soon."

"It is these wonderful phoenixes. They are the ones that should get all the credit. I'm still in awe that so many of them exist," said the healer. "Is it true what you told him about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?"

"Every word of it, Harry led the effort and Harry cast the spell that killed him. Unfortunately something happened and Harry collapsed from some sort of backlash in his scar." Sirius explained. "Voldemort is dead and the Death Eaters are going to follow him if I have my way about it. Several have been Kissed and two have lifetime sentences so far. I need to get some sleep and get to the Wizengamot session this afternoon to send even more to their fate. You should be able to read all about it in this morning's Daily Prophet."



By Archibald Withers

Yesterday, the war ended with the death of Voldemort and the capture of all Death Eaters. Harry Potter's reward for information proved fruitful and he was able to use the dark mark to accomplish what we could only dream about. Unfortunately, Harry Potter was severely wounded in the effort and has been clinging to life. At the time of publication, it is unknown if Mr. Potter will survive or what the prognosis will be. Mr. Potter suffered a head injury that may have caused brain damage. We here at the Daily Prophet wish him well and hope for a complete recovery…


Hermione could hardly believe what she was reading. When the owls delivered the Daily Prophet at breakfast she had never expected what she saw. Her best friend had succeeded in killing Voldemort using the information that they had found as a result of the reward that she had helped with. It was finally over, but Harry may never be the same. Harry's friends looked at her and each other trying to come to grips with what it all meant. She didn't have a way to get word to Harry, she went on to read that Sirius was busy at the Wizengamot and Remus was sure to be swamped at the Daily Prophet. Another thought suddenly came to mind and she hurried from the Great Hall followed by Harry's friends. They followed Hermione to an empty classroom.

"Hermione, why are we here and what are you doing? Is this about Harry?" Ginny expressed.

"Just wait… Dobby!"

"Master Harry's Hermy calls Dobby?

"Yes, Dobby, can you tell us how Harry is doing? We are so worried."

"Pretty birdies making Master Harry feels better. Master Harry is sleeping again."

"What kind of pretty birds are you talking about?"

"Phoenixes, lots and lots of phoenixes"

"Lots and lots?"

"Lots and lots."

"You mean that there are a lot of phoenixes helping to heal Harry?

"Yes, Master Harry's Hermy."

"You said that he was sleeping again. Was he awake and talking?"

"Master Harry was awakes and talking."

"Is there anything else that you can tell us?"

"Dobby canst thinks of anythings."


"Ted, have you made any progress with Playwitch for Harry?"

"No, Andi, they refuse to sell and won't take any amount of money to stop printing Harry's pictures."

"Something has to be done. Did Harry say that you could spend any amount?"

"You know he did." Ted replied

"How do you think they are going to be able to print if they don't have paper or ink?"

"Are you suggesting that I buy all the paper and ink on the market?"

"Harry said that you could spend any amount. Right? Buy the paper companies if you have to."

"Andi, you're a genius, and I love you."


"Order! Order! Let this session of the Wizengamot come to order." Dumbledore said. "This afternoon's session is to continue to try these unfortunate individuals that have been arrested for wearing the dark mark. Minister Bones? Do you wish to continue?"

"Yes, Chief Warlock, I do."

The process continued for much of the afternoon the same way that it did the night before. Most of the Death Eaters were sentenced to death with only an occasional exception that received a life sentence.

"Bring in the next defendant, Severus Snape." Amelia called.

"I object," stated Dumbledore emphatically, "this man has been tried before on this charge and has been found innocent. We can't try him twice on the same charge!"

"I assure you Chief Warlock that he is not being tried on prior charges. He has committed new offenses."

"Even so, I vouch for this man, he has my complete confidence and having another trial for him is a miscarriage of justice."

"So noted. Please bring in the prisoner." Snape was brought in and strapped to the chair except for his missing arm.

"What has happened to this prisoner's arm? Why was I not informed about this?" Dumbledore was getting angry.

"Severus Snape's arm was lost while assisting Voldemort, it was not an action of the Ministry or the aurors." Amelia tried to say calmly, although she was ready to strangle Dumbledore. "Auror, please give the prisoner the Veritaserum."

Dumbledore sat back and watched the events unfold.

"What is your name?"

"Severus Tobias Snape"

"Have you committed crimes since the last time you were here?"


"Have you used an unforgiveable curse?"


"Which curse did you use?"

"I have used all three." Pandemonium broke out once again. It took Dumbledore several minutes to restore order.

"Who did you use the killing curse on?"

"Owen Gibbons."

"Why did you kill him?"

"Because he tried to kill my master." The courtroom erupted again.

"Tell us what happened."

"That scum, Gibbons, fired a diffindo at my master. He nearly stuck him in the neck, he did manage to cut off my Lord's wand arm. So I killed him to stop him from trying again."

"So you stopped an attempt at killing Voldemort. Are you saying that you saved Voldemort's life?"

"I saved my master's life. I cleared the room of everyone, locked the doors, cauterized his arm and healed the slice to his chest. I was able to stop the bleeding in time before he bled to death."

"How did you use the torture curse?"

"I was given the task to protect my Lord and stand guard to stop anyone from trying to collect Potter's ridiculous bounty. I used it against anyone that looked like they may have been tempted."

"How did you use the Imperius curse?"

"I couldn't stay awake all the time. I would place one of the others under the curse to ensure that they wouldn't try to take my master's life and to serve as a guard."

"Auror, give the prisoner the antidote." Amelia instructed. "Ladies and gentlemen, Severus Snape has admitted that he has provided aid and comfort to the enemy. He also admits to saving the life of his master, when he could have easily done nothing and let him die. He has admitted to using all three unforgivables since he was last here. Does anyone have any doubts about his guilt?"

"I still object. We can't try an individual twice. He has been exonerated before, and he must be again."

"Chief Warlock we understand your views on this matter, we also understand that you have complete faith in this man's honor, and you believe that he is completely innocent of all charges. Have I missed anything?" Amelia stated

"No, you haven't. I'm glad to know that you see things like I do." Dumbledore said complacently.

"I don't see things your way. I think that you are delusional and should be examined by a mind healer." Amelia said somberly. "Can I see a show of hands of those who think that the Chief Warlock should step down from his position and be admitted to St. Mungo's for a full psychiatric exam?"

"Surely you don't mean that Amelia, we may have our little disagreements, but there is no reason to get personal."

"Chief Warlock, look in the gallery… you can see nearly every hand raised in support of you being admitted to St. Mungo's immediately. Do you want to go peacefully, or do you want to go through the process of being removed and committed involuntarily?"

Dumbledore looked at the raised hands and stepped down from the podium and walked out the doors. It took a few minutes for Augusta Longbottom to be temporarily appointed to the position and the trial to continue. Snape was found guilty of all charges and was given the Kiss. Sirius looked on sadly; he hated Snape most of his life, but it was sad somehow to see what the man had become. It was the right verdict, but it made him reflect on what might have been.


Harry was getting better every day. He still had a little problem with his balance, but his mind was as good as it ever was. He had talked to Moody at length and decided the five million galleon bounty for Voldemort, the remainder of the three million that he had given plus the bounties for the last of the Death Eaters should be split equally among his people. That meant that they would each get over a hundred thousand galleons apiece over the top of anything they had gotten before. Harry also had ideas about rewarding the auror force as well, but he needed to discuss it with Amelia first.

Harry thought of Allison, he had given Tonks a million galleons plus fifty thousand for guard duty, but Allison didn't get the million. It just wasn't fair. So for her birthday, Harry deposited a million into her account. Allison didn't like it at first, but after watching Harry spend money she knew that he could afford it. The money would set her up for life, she wouldn't have to work as an auror unless she enjoyed it and that was worth a lot to her. She gave Harry a hug and thanked him, there was little more that she could do.


Christmas holidays were coming and Harry was anxious to show Rivenwood to his friends. He had written to them and set up a schedule to have them visit for most of the holiday break. He had invited his male year mates plus Hermione and Ginny. They all said they would come for at least part of the holiday. Harry could hardly wait.

With the wards around the estate working so well and no threats from Voldemort and the Death Eaters, Tonks and Allison went back to the DMLE during the day but stayed at Rivenwood the rest of the time to keep him company. Remus spent as much time with Harry as his job allowed, which wasn't much, but Harry appreciated it as well. The person that Harry spent the most time with was Sirius, which suited both of them just fine.

Sirius taught Harry how to apparate to coordinates and places that he had never been. The two of them had fun apparating all over Britain. They would have breakfast in one city, do something in another, have lunch in a third city, go to the beach, have supper somewhere else. After a few days, Harry was comfortable with apparating and went to the ministry for his test. He had problems with the receptionist gawking at him and checking him out, and the young woman doing the test wasn't much better, but he easily passed the test and was able to go wherever he wanted.

Harry and Sirius also learned how to make portkeys, Sirius knew how and taught Harry, but the matter a getting a Ministry license was difficult. Sirius and Harry spent a lot of time working their way through the paperwork. It was typical bureaucracy, there were so many forms to fill out and time spent waiting for bureaucrats to meet with. Finally, Sirius and Harry couldn't deal with it anymore and started to push their fame and lordships around. They hated to do it, but it was the only way to cut through the red-tape. Finally they both had put up a huge financial bond and got their licenses. They couldn't buy a portkey from anyone else to take people through the wards at Rivenwood or Grimmauld Place, and both of them wanted to have that ability. The paperwork would be enormous, but it would still be easier than other means of getting someone there.

When Sirius was busy and he was alone, Harry visited his other estates. Dobby was right. There were lots and lots of other elves that he bonded with. Harry didn't know how many and decided not to count. He found many of the other estates and properties beautiful and he was going to enjoy spending some time staying at them. He moved most of the portraits back to the estates they came from. He thought that he would visit them more often if he did.

He still had a desire to learn about his family, especially the Potters. Harry had moved all of the Potter portraits to Rivenwood where he could read more of his ancestor's journals and then discuss with them what they had done. He didn't know when he was going to pull off his next scam. He had already taken care of the worst crooks, now he needed to find some more worthy targets.


The holidays had arrived and Harry met Hermione and her parents at Platform 9 ¾. They had agreed that they would spend the next two nights with Harry before spending Christmas at their home. Harry had worn a hooded robe that obscured his face to avoid the girls. Hermione knew what to look for and ran to him when she got off the train.


"Shhhh! Don't tell anyone I'm here."

"Sorry, I just got excited."

"Let's just grab your parents and get out of here, it's not safe." They quickly moved to meet Dan and Emma Granger. "Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I don't mean to be rude, but I would like to leave as quickly as possible." Harry held out a short piece of rope, they all grabbed on and they were gone. They reappeared in the foyer of Rivenwood. The house was a decorated for Christmas beyond anything that Hermione and her parents could imagine. Harry had brought in a lot of elves and spared no time or expense, he wanted his first Christmas in his own house to be very special. With the help of some very talented elves it turned out better than he could have ever hoped.

"Harry… I don't know what to say… it is beautiful. Beyond beautiful, it is stunning, there aren't words to describe it." Hermione had her mouth hanging open. There was a tree nearly to the ceiling of the foyer, and the foyer served all three floors of the manor. There were fairies lighting every little branch with garland and decorations covering nearly everything. There were wreathes and garland everywhere with whimsical figurines throughout it all. It was beyond anything that any of the Grangers had ever seen, even in magazines.

"Mr. Potter, I had no idea that it would be like this," said Mrs. Granger.

"Oh please, there is no Mr. Potter here… it is 'Harry', only 'Harry,'" he replied.

"Then we are Dan and Emma. You have a gorgeous home. I have never seen anything like this." Emma said.

"Thank you, Emma, it is my first Christmas in my new home, and I wanted it to be very special. Wait until you see the rest of it."

"You mean there's more?" Dan exclaimed.

"There is a lot more." Harry grinned. Harry took them on a tour. He had over a hundred elves working for three days getting the house ready and he was having the time of his life showing it off. He showed them all the formal rooms of the house and then took them outside to see the exterior and the gardens.

"When you said that your house was grand, I didn't expect Buckingham Palace. This is even grander than that." Emma gushed.

"I probably went a little overboard on the decorations, but the elves were having such a great time and I was enjoying it too."

"To create such a masterpiece as this, it was worth whatever you did." Dan added.

"Let's go back inside. Kippy has been dying to provide you with some of her cooking. I'm sure that she is waiting eagerly."


Hermione and her parents were still staying with Harry when he welcomed the Weasley family for supper.

"Mrs. Weasley, I'm so happy that you came."

"Harry!" He was crushed by the over enthusiastic woman.

"Breathe… I need to breathe…" He gasped.

"Just look at you, you're practically skin and bones. You need proper meals."

"Mrs. Weasley, I have a wonderful elf that is a terrific cook and takes great care of me. She would be hurt to hear you say that."

"Yes, well, you still need someone to take care of you."

"I'm doing very well taking care of myself. I don't need anyone to fuss over me. I'm just fine as I am."

"But Harry, dear, you can get into so much trouble by yourself. You need an adult to guide you."

"I have Sirius, Remus, Tonks and Allison to depend on. I don't need more than them."

"They are hardly the type of people that can take proper care of you."

"They are all that I need or want. I would appreciate if you wouldn't speak ill of those people that I care about." Harry had taken just about enough from her. "I invited you and your family to share dinner with me, let's please enjoy the evening."

"But Harry…"

"No 'buts', we are here to enjoy the evening, this is hardly getting ourselves off to a good start. Now let me show you to the dining room, supper is about to be served." It was going to be a long evening, but Harry had to make the effort if there was going to be any chance that Ron and Ginny would be allowed to join him for tutoring. Harry had invited the Weasleys to dine with the Grangers and himself in the hopes of limiting who would be offended. He began to regret it soon enough.

"Harry, dear, this place is much too big for you, whatever will you do with all this space? You should come to the Burrow where you can be in a real home and taken care of."

"This is my home, at least one of them, I have no intentions of leaving here, much less going to the Burrow. I'm perfectly happy here, and I told you earlier I don't need to be taken care of."

"Look how much trouble you got into last summer. Going to Africa, really, that isn't an example of a good decision. You need a proper adult to guide you."

"I don't regret what I did for a minute. Now, can we drop the subject, I'm sure that Mr. and Mrs. Granger aren't here to listen to us argue. This is not a polite conversation to be having in front of guests."

"Don't think that I'm done with you yet. I haven't even mentioned those photos of yours."

"Mrs. Weasley, I'm trying to be as polite as I can. Please drop this conversation, or I will ask you to leave."

"Don't take that tone of voice with me."

"Molly, you have said more than enough, this is Harry's home, and we are only guests. It is about time that you act like one." Arthur chastised.

"But Arthur…"

"I'm sorry for spoiling your evening Harry, Molly and I will be leaving, please try to enjoy the rest of your evening."


"No, we are going back to the Burrow." Arthur and Molly walked to the fireplace and flooed home.

Ron, Ginny and the twins were still with Harry, Hermione and the Grangers.

"Mate, I'm sorry about Mum. She didn't have any right to say what she did. She was just being Mum, it can be annoying, and I'm sorry." Ron apologized.


"…that woman…"

"…can drive us…"

"…around the twist." Fred and George added.

"Sorry, Harry, she was wrong about everything. She just doesn't want us to grow up." Ginny said.

"It's alright, I sorta expected that. It doesn't come as a complete surprise. I was hoping that I could convince her to let you come here for tutoring. I would really like to have all of you here to learn with."

"Let me see what I can do Harry." Ginny said.

"If anyone can get Mum to do something, it's Ginny," Ron replied with the twins nodding their support.

Harry, I have been thinking about leaving Hogwarts sooner rather than later. In fact that is one of the reasons that I wanted my parents here for this conversation." Hermione started. "Mum and Dad pay my tuition by the term, they haven't paid for next term yet. If payment isn't made, I will likely be told to leave, which is exactly what I want to happen."

Ginny thought out loud, "Mum and Dad also pay by the term. Maybe we can stop them from sending the money to Hogwarts too."

"We can…"

"… always get…"

"… ourselves…"

"… expelled."

"Listen, all of you. I really want you to join me. I have some recommendations for tutors and I'm going to start after the first of the year. Having all of you here would be fantastic."

"What would happen if we don't show up and don't pay the tuition? How are they going to stop us? Track us down and take us back at wandpoint?" Ron asked.

"This is sounding better all the time, guys. I want to mention that they can't track you down at Rivenwood. The wards won't allow anyone to know about this place unless I want them to know."

"So if we stayed here until it is time to take our test, then we couldn't be found by the authorities?" Hermione asked.

"Amelia Bones has access to Rivenwood. I'll have to talk to her about turning a blind eye to what she might see, but I think that I can do that."

"After ridding…"

"… the world…"

"… of the most evil…"

"… dark lord…"

"… in centuries…"

"… and his followers,"

"… She might have…"

"… a soft spot in her…"

"… heart for you."

"I don't know about that, but we get along really well together. I wouldn't be asking her to do anything officially, only to unofficially turn a blind eye. If that doesn't work there are other options." Harry said with enthusiasm. "If you all want to do this, I'll do everything I can to make it happen."

"Let's do it!" said the twins in unison, and the plan was set. The Grangers thought that having individual instruction for their daughter and having her somewhere they could visit on weekends, or even weeknights was better than okay with them.

There was a lot of talk about tutors and subjects to discuss and Harry asked that they all help interview the applicants. That was met with enthusiasm. They also agreed to contact Neville the next day to see if he would be interested too. They were going to make the offer to Dean and Seamus as well

The Weasley siblings went home later in the evening to work on the plan with their dad and mum. Ginny was pretty confident that she could get her mother to come around eventually.


As it turned out, permission was given for the Weasleys and Neville to join Harry and Hermione. Seamus and Dean declined the offer but said that if things weren't better by the end of the school year, they would join in then. Harry enjoyed the holidays with his friends coming to Rivenwood frequently, and after the first of the year they all helped select their tutors and get a schedule established. They were able to arrange to only have classes four days per week. That left Harry a lot of time to visit his other estates and do whatever else he felt like doing.


In early spring, Harry was surprised to hear from Grunnings. It seemed that Vernon Dursley had managed to reach his sales goal. Harry had thought that the sales amount was impossible to reach, but apparently Vernon did it. Harry decided to leave the Dursley's alone. He would see to it that they never came close to him again and that was enough. Harry's life was going very well, he didn't want to dwell in the past on things that he couldn't change. It was time to move on.


The pace of learning at Rivenwood, throughout the winter and spring, was remarkable. With one-on-one instruction, everyone was flying through their lessons. Long before the end of Hogwarts school year, the group had passed their OWLs with mostly 'O's'. Fred and George had passed their NEWTs in very good shape, much better than they would have at Hogwarts.

Harry's life couldn't be better, he had his friends with him, and he didn't have to put up with Dumbledore or the girls of Hogwarts. He was very unhappy that it was going to be nearly impossible to find a girlfriend that would like him for being him. But he believed Sirius that something would happen when the time came.

Overall Harry was happy with his life. He enjoyed Rivenwood and would always think of it as his home. That is where he kept his tent most of the time. He still slept by the pool every night and always had a restful night of sleep.

Harry had searched through the master ledger and found that he owned a small tropical island that belonged to one of his other titles. He didn't want to let the others into the Potter family secrets so he only visited during three day weekends when the weather was particularly nasty at Rivenwood. Harry enjoyed working on his tan on the island's private beach and he made sure there were no cameras around. He was never going to do THAT again... although… for the right scam and another billion galleons he might consider it.



Final Author's Note:

I want to thank everyone that has read this story. The reviews have shown that many people have enjoyed it and that makes me happy.

As I said in the opening author's note, there have been many things that I have not run across in all the fan fiction that I have read. We have all read stories that Harry has found his vault full of many things besides money. I could never understand why he didn't take the time to use this valuable source of information and that is why I had him spend time in his vault. The original idea of the tent was to facilitate the idea of giving Harry a lot of time to explore his vault. Of course, it provided more possibilities than that.

We have all heard "money is power". I have never understood why no one used money as the "power he knows not". There have been countless stories where Harry has been super rich and nothing is ever done with the wealth. I finally wanted to see this idea in print. Nowhere have I seen a bounty placed on Voldemort and the Death Eaters, I believe that to be unique.

Having the entire student body rebel against Umbridge and Snape was another thing that I haven't seen. The Declaration of Independence states in its preamble, "Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed". A school is no different. A school administration can't assert authority over an oppressed student body without running the risk of rebellion.

Using the dark mark more extensively in a story is another thing that I have never seen. Taking advantage of the mentions of magic mirrors is another thing that I haven't seen. Having Harry fight for control of the Daily Prophet by doing whatever he can and putting Remus in control of the paper is also something that I have never seen.

Having Harry suffer the consequences of his actions from ill-conceived plans, which a typical teenager wouldn't consider, is another thing that is rarely used. Having the consequences of his actions result in forcing him to lose the life that he has known in Hogwarts with his friends is another thing that I haven't seen.

Using a Patronus charm against Voldemort is new to me.

For all these reasons, I decided to write my own story. I hope that these ideas are taken by other authors to create better stories than what I have managed to do.

Once again, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read this.