Kat sat in chemistry honors class and listened to the dull, slurring, almost drunk, sound of her teacher. No matter how hard she tried she could not stay focused. He had a way of making you find interest in something as simple as an outlet in the wall. Also the way he closed his eyes when he talked could get on your nerves. But when she thought about it, the girl on the morning announcements was so annoying you wanted to jump in the T.V. and strangle her. Anyways, she once again trailed off from her notes and started writing a fan fic on Mahou Tsukai Tai which does not belong to her, but the story does and the title is obviously the title of a famous song which does not belong to her either..

99 Red Balloons

Aburatsubo stared at his Takeo-kun, snot bubble rising and falling from his nose, head resting on his desk.

"Kawaii," Aya-chan whispered to himself.

He continued to watch him with attentive eyes. Unfortunately the teacher saw this and noticed Takeo was sleeping too.

"Mr. Takakura! Would you please tell me a synopses of what I just explained!" the teacher exclaimed.

Takeo's snot bubble popped and his head rose.

"Wha?" he said sleepily rubbing his eyes.

"Outside Mr. Takakura. The buckets are already filled." He pointed outside.

Takeo shuffled out the classroom door and closed it behind him.

Aburatsubo's happy bubble burst. He could have stared at Takeo all class long and he would still have understood the lesson while Takeo wouldn't have learned anything. Now the same thing will happen except his Takeo is outside instead of inside.

Takeo's arms hung at his side, too weak to hold up the buckets perpendicular to his body. He yawned and looked up and down the hallway. Last night he was trying to decode a new spell and didn't get a once of sleep. He started nodding and knowing that he was going to fall on his face if he didn't do something, and that the teacher was going to make him stand out there all class, he quietly put down the buckets and shuffled off to the club room to sleep.

Aburatsubo had gotten a nervous tic in his leg waiting for the bell to ring so he could walk home with Takeo-kun and then teach him what they learned in class.

The bell rang and he shot out the door coming to a sliding halt. Takeo wasn't there, just two buckets of cold, steel colored, water. His eyes got chibi and watery.

"Takeo-kun didn't *sniff * didn't *sniff * wait for me?" he wailed. "Wait, the clubroom!" And with that he shot off in the direction of the clubroom.

He came to a skidded halt in front of the larger growing manga clubroom and the reducing magic clubroom. He slid open the door and Takeo was sleeping on the floor, head propped on his book bag. Aburatsubo quietly tiptoed over like a cat and laid down next to him. He curled up to him and started purring.

Sae opened the door and Aburatsubo's purring stopped.

"Great just my luck. I finally get him all to myself and she walks in." He thought to himself.

Takeo woke up to a cat-like faced Aburatsubo lying next to him. Startled, he quickly rose. Then he saw Sawanaguchi in the doorway.

"Sa-Sa-Sawanaguchi!" he stuttered. "Is it time for club already?" He scratched the back of his head.

Aburatsubo started rubbing against Takeo's leg like a cat.

"Stop that!" Takeo yelled.

Aya-chan pounced on him, knocking him over, and trying to get Sae to leave. He then laid across Takeo's stomach. Takeo pushed him off and stood up.

"As I was saying, come on in Sawanaguchi." Takeo managed to get out before being attacked by Aburatsubo again.

Sae left to go look for Nanaka and leave them to their business.

"Why should I intrude if they're having fun?" she thought to herself. "I'll just find Nanaka and then go back, they should be done by then."

As she rounded a corner she bumped right into Nanaka, sending them both down.

"Ow! Sae! Watch where you're going!"

"Sorry!" she said as she helped Nanaka up.

"Fine, just learn not to be so clumsy." Nanaka replied as she patted herself. "Hey isn't that Aburatsubo?" She asked pointing to a maroon hair colored boy walking in the opposite direction of the clubroom.

Sae turned around just in time to catch a glimpse of his back disappear down another hallway.

"Wonder what happened to him? He was just in the clubroom." Sae said.

They went to the clubroom and slid open the door. Takeo was pulling his shirt back down when they walked in.

"Takakura, what happened to Aburatsubo?" Sae questioned.

"He tried to take my shirt off."

"Yeah and. wouldn't that make him happy?" Nanaka retorted.

"So I slapped him."

So what'd you think? Any good? Next chapter will be angsty. Much angst. Yeah.