John Ross and Pamela, Season 1, Episode 3 – Flowers

Three months later John Ross walks into the clinic with his usual offering for his wife, a small bouquet of cut flowers. Sometimes they were blue delphiniums, sometimes delicate white orchids. But it was always something. She didn't know they came from him, he just wanted something from him to be near her.

He checked both ways to make sure he wasn't going to be bumping into her. The Doc had impressed that upon him enough times. But then, the exact thing he was trying to avoid happened. The Doc's door opened and Pamela was coming out of it.

John Ross froze on the spot. He didn't know what he should do. But his eyes devoured her. She was ever so beautiful in that still, regal fashion.

She spoke first, "John Ross. You came to see me." She said it softly, like she was surprised.

"How are you, darling?" He didn't try to touch her.

She looked to the Doc to see what she should answer. He could tell the Doc was a little bit irritated with him. He'd warned him so many times to stay away.

"I'm getting better. Right, Doc?"

"Yes, Pamela. We still have some work to do, but you're getting better every day."

"When can she come home, Doc?" John Ross blurted out, before he could stop himself.

"Nurse, will you take Mrs. Ewing back to her room now?" the Doctor smiled at Pamela. "You've done very good work today Pamela. You can get some rest now. It's okay, go with Kelly now."

John Ross watched as she went away, docile. His hungry eyes took in every detail, smiling at her as she looked back at him.

"Oh, wait." He lunged forward, proffering his flowers. "These are for you."

She took them and examined them from every angle. "They're beautiful. So…the flowers were from you." The nurse ushered her away gently as she cradled them to herself.

John Ross let out one big sigh of relief as he turned to face the Doc. "Now, that didn't go so badly." He tried to make amends to the doctor as he went into his office.

"Maybe." The doctor answered in one word.

"I know I probably should have talked to you first, but how about it? When can she come home with me?"

Now the Doc didn't spare any words."Mr. Ewing if you think that you can have your wife back to play house with, to…to have sex with her, as if nothing had happened-"

"Now hold on a minute Doc, who do you take me for?" He felt himself color up in shame. But at the same time he wasn't gonna let some Ivy League nerd head he was paying a fortune to, make him feel like a pervert. "I have never in my life forced myself on a woman and I'm not about to start now." he spat back, with the force people had come to associate with John Ross Ewing.

The Doctor now chose his words more carefully. "Mr. Ewing I didn't mean to suggest any such thing. But you have to understand the fragility of your wife. She is highly suggestible. Her desire to please others might cause her to do things that ultimately might not be the best thing for...Pamela herself."

There was a reason he had never said to the doc, "Call me John Ross." He wanted to preserve the proper relationship between them, because the doc had the tiniest tendency to speak condescendingly to him.

"How can I explain it to you," Dr. McNamara said. "Your wife is like a de-clawed kitten. She has no defenses. Anybody can take advantage of her."

John Ross ignored the obvious innuendo, that he himself would try to take advantage of her fragile state, and said, "Well, I would be taking her home to Southfork. No one would harm her within our property."

"Then there's the issue of the familiar surroundings," the Doc Countered. "Anything might trigger a memory. The smallest trinket in her room. Here, we have a controlled environment."

"Doc, you might have heard that we had a fire at Southfork. We've had to rebuild. I made a completely new master suite for Pamela. Everything in it would be new. No reminders."

"I'm afraid we'll have to continue this conversation another day, Mr. Ewing. I'm scheduled for rounds about now," he said, standing up.

"Sure, Doc." He knew when he was being stonewalled.

The next day he was especially careful in the flowers he selected. They were a short bouquet of roses. The shade was a very gentle blush pink. Nothing overwhelming. Just a subtle reminder he was around.

He took a different car, one with tinted windows, to the clinic and waited in the parking lot until he saw the doctor leave the premises.

"Hi." He said to the nurse at the station. "How's my wife today?"

"She's been fine Mr. Ewing. But if you want more information about her condition you'll have to talk to Dr. McNamara.

"Well, I brought her some flowers. Is there any chance that I could give them to her myself? Just for a minute?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Ewing but Dr. McNamara left strict instructions that she's not to receive any visitors."

He handed over the flowers. "Perhaps you can give these to her and tell her they're from me."

"Oh these are beautiful Mr. Ewing. She's going to love these."

"Does she ever ask about me?"

"As a matter of fact she just asked about you today, sir."

"What exactly did she say," he pumped.

"Oh well, she just wondered how come you'd never come to visit before."

As he drove home he felt all kinds of furious. That stupid punk ass doctor had been telling him to stay away for months and Pamela had been asking for him? He hated that doctor.

Yeah, he'd been living like a monk for three months. But that didn't mean he would jump Pamela as soon as he got her home. He would never do anything to make her sad again.

But who was he kidding? He knew he didn't deserve another chance after what he'd done. The only reason she smiled at him yesterday was because she didn't remember.

Bruno Mars came on the car radio singing one of his ballads.

"I should've brought you flowers
and held your hand
given you all my hours
when I was your man."

By the time the song was halfway through, tears were streaming down John Ross' face because he was so afraid he might've blown it for good and would never have another chance with Pamela.

The following morning Dr. McNamara had his usual hypnosis session with Pamela. She was lying on the patient couch with her eyes closed, already under the influence. He started to speak softly to her.

"Now Pamela, the time has come to give you back a few of your claws. We don't want you to be out in the world completely unprotected. So, any time someone touches you in a private way, and you feel uncomfortable, you won't feel well, you will shut down and move away from them."

Now he got up from behind his desk and approached her. "Is that clear to you Pamela?" he asked.

"Yes Dr. McNamara," she replied, sweetly.

"That's a good girl, Pamela," he said, "You're a very good girl."

End of Episode 3