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1. Office days

Felicity Smoak was a pretty blonde with long straight hair and pale skin full of light brown colored freckles, she had bright blue eyes that normally were hidden behind thick rim glasses and expressive eyebrows. She was not short or tall, she was thin but not too skinny, she was just an average girl with normal problems.

She had been working for Queen Consolidate as a IT girl for the past three years. She had always been great at fixing things, coding, finding things in the Internet, hacking computers; it was all second nature for her, unlike social skills where she was an awkward mess when it came to having a normal social life.

She was from a small town in the Midwest, and four years ago she had moved to Star City to pursue her dream job after graduating with merits from MIT University.

She had been working hard to get promoted, to have her own team that it will come with a nice corner office in the 15th floor, a nice raise. Sure it was a lot of work, but she had already been doing the job for months, she just needed the title and the money.

That afternoon Felicity was waiting in the same diner she always went for lunch when she wanted to think and it was to hot out to take a walk around the block, she was sipping on her sweet iced tea while waiting on her food. Thinking about work and life in general, thinking about the possibility of getting a cat, and the fact that it was her turn to do the dishes when she returned home.

She felt a hand on her bare shoulder and jumped a bit on her place, slightly startled by the stranger's touch. Turning around on her place she smiled when her eyes recognized whom it was.

"Hey there" she said in a tired voice while a warm feeling rushed through her body and she could feel her stomach move in place as he sat next to her. It was Oliver, her good friend and boss, who happened to be the man she had had a crush for the past year and a half.

It had been a Tuesday afternoon when Oliver Queen, the son of the CEO of the company had dropped by her humble cubicle two years ago with a problem with his personal computer. Someone had hacked to his system and was draining some of his accounts from outside of the country. The laptop had a really horrible virus back then, but nothing three good cups of coffee and hours of cleaning up couldn't fix.

After that incident she had practically become Oliver's personal to go person when there was an issue with any of his electronic devices. Back then he had only been managing his nightclub, now he was the CEO of the company and her friend.

He was very tall, fit and had very short blonde hair and blue eyes, he was white but slightly tan from going hiking often, and that afternoon he was wearing his typical gray suit, white shirt and black tie.

He had a peaceful look to him, but a haunted one as well. He was not the same guy that was always in the tabloids 7 years ago, when he had been kidnapped on a trip to South America for ransom, along with his dad, his 'girlfriend' and the chauffer. He had been the only survivor, only having returned home two years ago.

Oliver hadn't wanted to take the place of his dad as the President of the company when he returned, but instead opening his own business. He had reluctantly taken over the company over half of a year ago.

"Having a late lunch?" he asked with a small turn on one of the corners of his lips to form a smile, his eyes scanning the place. He was always alert.

"Yes, lost track of time again, you know with the whole system going down yesterday and the company loosing a lot of the hard drives… the usual IT 'fun' problems" she answered while playing with the empty paper of her straw with a slight wrinkle on her nose.

"Well, if you had taken my assistant job as I offered it to you months ago, you wouldn't have to eat late…" he said with a now broad smile, Felicity was going to answer back a snarky comment about how she was a prepared woman, etc, but the waitress was there to take his order.

"Hi Mr. Queen, haven't seen you here for a while, where have you been?" asked the waitress in a friendly tone that was slightly flirtatious, Felicity noted.

"I have been out of town for a couple weeks, visiting the office in New York..." he explained lightly, the waitress nodded and got out her little notepad ready for his order.

"Well I am glad you are back, we miss you very much" she said warmly with a smile "so do you want the same... an Americano, and a club sandwich with sweet potato fries?"

"You know it" he said as an affirmation, putting that happy façade he always had on with people that were strangers to him, she knew him better now.

"I will bring your food right away Felicity, I am sorry for the delay but today Jonas is out and we have a new cook"

"It is fine Cherry, you can bring my stuff when Oliver's is ready" the waitress smiled while nodding turning around and leaving them alone once again.

"Don't you ever get tired of ordering the same thing over and over again?" Felicity asked shaking her head "they have a lot of other tasty things in here"

"Yes I know... but I like the routine of it" he said simply.

"You just don't want to tell her you want something different" she said her mouth turning up on a mocking smile; he turned his eyes towards the waitress and sustained his slight smile.


"When did you get here?" she asked changing the subject before sipping some more of her tea.

"A couple hours ago, it was a long trip... the office in New York was a mess so I am glad I got to go and talked to Isobel about some strategies" he said before thanking Cherry for his fresh coffee

"I am sure she is quite capable of managing the office by herself now that my dad is gone... but, I don't know she seems a bit off to me, Walter seems to trust her"

"Walter trusts her with what?" Felicity asked slightly confused.

"Well my dad's friend George was the one that put Isobel on charge of New york in the first place, assuring me that she was shadowing my father before our… before he was gone... and Walter trusts what my father did before leaving so... New York is stuck with Isobel for a while"

"Oliver… you are the CEO, if you don't like her you can always find someone who you trust to do her job" Felicity said but he didn't smile at her, his lips parting slightly and his brow furrowing.

"She seems too young to have the experience in managing a facility that size, but so am I… seems hypocrite of me to question her based on age alone, since she has all the qualifications and strength to do it, and my own father who knew how to do this a lot better than I put her there" there was a silence in between both of them and Felicity put her hand on top of his forearm and squeezed it slightly.

"Well I am glad you are back, we missed you tons" she said truthfully.

"You and who else?" he asked.

"And Digg of course" Diggle was Oliver's chauffer and bodyguard.

"I bet you guys where being lazy for two straight weeks" he joked.

"I won't deny that" she said back grinning "it's much less stressful without all the meetings in the mornings, and I had to see less of Louise and Joyce which it's always a bonus" Joyce was Oliver's assistant and Louise was Felicity's supervisor.

"They aren't as bad as you say they are, and you know you have Joyce's job if you want it" Felicity shot him a murderous look and he grinned even wider.

"I don't want her job…" she murmured, she had not talked to Oliver about her reaching to become a IT supervisor, because she didn't want the fact that they were friends clouding on her job, she didn't want people talking on the hallways saying she got it because of him.

"Either way they might seem nice to you because Louise it's always kissing wherever you step on, and Joyce doesn't have a choice but to be nice to you..." Oliver coughed very slightly and his cheeks were slightly flushed.

"Yeah, well that might be truth, but they both work hard" he defended. The food came in shortly after, and with a much lighter conversation they both ate and returned to work.

She didn't see Oliver again that day, but she was glad she got to talk to him even for a little while during lunch, that had definitely put a bright spot on her very tedious day.

She got home that day past 7 pm, Rachel who was her roommate and best friend was already home and cooking dinner for both of them. Rachel and Felicity had met in the University 6 years ago; they were going to two different careers, Felicity for her Bachelor's in Computer Science and Rachel for hers in Art History.

They had a couple classes together at the beginning of the careers but they eventually went their separate ways, even though with classes, projects, long hours, and very little sleep they both stayed in touch through the whole course, and moved to Star City together.

"Look what the cat dragged in" Rachel said as a form of greeting, while carrying a large pot full of a steaming soup over to the table, where there were two plates and two cups of wine.

"That smells good" Felicity said walking towards the table after tossing her purse and keys on the couch. Rachel was a good head shorter than Felicity, with long brown wavy hair, skin as pale as marble and an hourglass figure to her petite frame.

Rachel was the better cook out of the two, and Felicity was always glad when it was her turn to cook dinner. She let herself fall down on the chair and breathed out exhausted, she had been working overtime for over a month now, to try to impress Louise, and get the recommendation she needed to be consider by the board for the supervisor position.

"So what is bothering you tonight?" Rachel asked coming back to the dinning room once again, holding a basket full of homemade buns that made Felicity's stomach turn in hunger.

She sat next to her and served them soup as Felicity reached for the bread letting out a loud sight.

"Louise… somehow I feel like she is not going to put my name down for the next supervisor position that is opening up next week" she said in a tired voice, Rachel frowned shaking her head.

"That bitch… you deserve that job Lissy, don't let her discourage you" she spat out and gave Felicity a small smile that the blonde returned "you can always talk to Oliver about it, I am sure he will do something to help you out"

"Or try to convince me to become his assistant again" Felicity said shaking her head and Rachel's smile broaden.

"And why don't you become his assistant? I am sure you wouldn't mind seeing more of him than you do now… with all your love for him and all that, maybe he will finally wake up and take you on his office desk" Felicity's eyes widen as her face turned bright red while chocking on her wine.

"Rachel!" she complained in a loud voice and her friend's laughter only grew stronger.

"Oh c'mom, you know you have fantasized that many times over" Felicity opened her mouth to retour but closed her lips immediately knowing very well she couldn't lie to Rachel even if she tried.

"Let's not go over my stupid fantasies, that you and I know are pointless" she said in a soft bitter tone.

"Don't beat yourself for liking Oliver Queen my friend, it's hard not to like the dude, with him been extremely hot, rich, smart and charming" Felicity took a deep breath nodding before taking a large drink of wine.

"Yeah, thanks that surely makes it easier" felicity's tone was full of irony.

"Lissy, I might not know Oliver as much as you do, he seems like a nice enough guy, but he does have that womanizer reputation… not sure he is the committing to one girl type of guy" she said, and it was not the first time she has said the same thing to Felicity.

"That was before…" Felicity started.

"Yeah, yeah… before the whole horrible kidnapping ordeal, I know" Rachel said quickly "but it is possible you just don't know about who he is with, if he is seeing that old girlfriend of his"

Felicity's heart shrunk on its place and Rachel's hand squeezed her hand lightly. She was right and Felicity knew it.

"How pathetic is it that I don't know what annoys me more, to be friend-zoned by a popular player who has not made move on me for 2 years, or that I am not relieved by the fact that he hasn't tried to be with me that way?" there was a small silence in between both of them before Rachel's spoke.

"Well you said it yourself, he is changed… maybe he doesn't want to jeopardize his friendship with you in case things don't work out"

"I guess… I need to free my mind of work and him"

"Then go out on a date, get laid… you need it" Felicity smiled.

"Yeah… I do" they both laughed and ate while talking bad about Louise, Rachel always made Felicity feel better about her situation, and by the time she was inside her covers she felt a lot lighter.