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14. The date

"What about this one, does it make me look fat?" Felicity came into Rachel's room for the third time that night; she was wearing a tight navy blue dress that hugged her curves and came down to her knees. She could feel her hands cold and sweaty as they tapped her hips nervously. Rachel was sitting on her bed, back resting on the headboard, she was wearing pajamas and her dark hair was up on a messy bun. She raised her tired eyes from the book that rested on her lap towards her friend, raising one brow.

"No" she said simply, one of her hands going towards the thick glasses that rested on her button shaped nose "but neither did the other two you tried on before"

Felicity made a soft growly sound and her shoulders slumped down in defeat "I don't know, I guess I wanted to wear something that he hasn't seen me wear on before… and since we work together I have very few nice dresses that will work for tonight's dinner" Rachel slid the book off her lap and turned towards Felicity, a grin forming on her face.

"I doubt he has seen you in those three numbers you have modeled for me tonight… or this date of yours will have happened a long time ago" Rachel said mischievously and Felicity flushed before a chuckle escaped her full lips.

"No I guess he hasn't" she said with a small voice feeling a wave of heat ran through her.

"Look Lis, you look absolutely stunning with this one, or the sexy black one with the chest cutout, or the red one before that…" Rachel got up and walked towards Felicity putting both of her hands on her friends shoulders, giving her a reassuring squeeze "you have been waiting for this date for a little while, but you already have seen him naked so… calm down"

"Right… and that might be why I'm so nervous right now, the expectation is eating me alive" she said with a nervous laugh and Rachel smiled. She remembered their night in the cabin; his lips on hers when she came into the bathroom after him, the way his hand touched her sensitive skin.

"Do you know where he is taking you?" Felicity shook her head and took a sharp breath.

"Oh god, it's almost time?" Felicity's blue eyes were fixed on the clock in Rachel's nightstand and gasped, it was 6:45 pm and Oliver was coming to pick her up at 8 pm. She felt a wave of panic ran through her and Rachel gave a little excited squeal.

"Wear this one, now go and shower and get your hair and makeup done… hurry!" Felicity nodded and with a quick 'thank you' and left the room towards her bathroom.

She showered quickly and wrapped herself in her soft terry cloth white robe, feeling more calm as she rolled her hair onto hot rollers and started putting her makeup on. She checked her cellphone and gasped when she saw it was 7:45 pm and she still had rollers on her hair and the dress still lay on her bed.

Her fingers rushed through her hair loosening the curls after the rollers where off, her feet quickly taking her by the edge of her bed, sliding the dress over her head feeling her heart pounding in her chest quickly. She heard Rachel's voice from the living room and she jumped on her spot when her phone vibrated and the screen lit up showing a picture of his face on the screen.

"Oliver?" she answered in a quick tone that she wished didn't sound so squeaky; she could hear him smiling through the phone.

"I'm downstairs" he said and she felt the chill of her nerves running through her, she stepped across her room quickly her hands picking the silver strappy sandals on her way out her bedroom.

"Wow, you are on time" she was genuinely surprised.

"What can I say, I'm hungry" he said sounding jovial "are you ready?"

"Yes, yep… on my way downstairs" she said sounding breathless and Rachel was in the living room looking excited, giving her two thumbs up as she walked to the front door. Her hand shot to the coat rack next to her and with a last glance to her friend she left her apartment, feeling her heart threatening to leap out of her chest.

"See you here then" he said and she hanged up pressing the button of the elevator five times.

Her breath caught up on her throat when the elevator doors opened and she could see him behind the double glass doors, waiting for her in the front door of her building. He was wearing a black suit and white button down shirt, no tie and the two top buttons where undone, showing his broad neck and clavicle. His smirk was apparent as she walked towards him, feeling her legs shake with each step, trying to keep herself straight and poise. Both of his hands where on his pants pockets but reached to held the door open for her as she the exited the warmness of her building.

"Felicity…" he said as a greeting, his voice was soft and his eyes traveled through her quickly, meeting her eyes shortly after, his cheeks flushed "you look beautiful"

"Thank you" she said her face warm as her blood pooled on her cheeks, she felt herself trying to swallow her nerves heavily and smiled at him when his hand reached her lower back, guiding her towards the car. Her eyes focused on the black Mercedez G class SUV. Oliver opened her door for her and smiled one of those heart-melting grins he had been giving her that night.

The interior of the car smelled like leather and Oliver and her eyes followed his shape as he walked with a brisk pace in front of the car as she buckle herself into the vehicle. Once he was inside her insides moved with nervousness, she rubbed her sweaty hands against the soft fabric of her dress, her eyes travelling around the vehicle.

"So this is the car you use for dates" she said conversationally and he turned to her with a puzzled look.

"Date car?" they were driving now, the streets of Starlight city were busy on that cold Friday night. She turned to him, looking at his profile being illuminated by the city, straight nose, big blue eyes, arched eyebrows, thick neck and she was starring at him so intensely he turned towards her raising an eyebrow, she forced her eyes to the front.

"Yes, I though it was the Lotus for sure…" she said and he smiled, both of them remembering their conversation a few weeks back, avoiding getting too much into the bad parts of those memories.

"Well, you did seem to enjoy that one… I figured we should drive something a bit more sturdy tonight, you know in case someone decides to kidnap us"

"Right, I appreciate that"

"You don't like this car then?" he sounded slightly alarmed and she couldn't help but chuckle when seeing his mortified expression.

"I like this car very much, I always ogle at them when they drive by me"

"My father and I used to love to buy vehicles, old, new… we enjoyed collecting our favorites, fixing them up. This one was one of his favorites…" Felicity felt a knot on her throat at the revelation.

"Oh" her lips muttered slowly, forming an O shape as her heart pounded in her chest, the red light of the streetlight illuminating them both for a moment, his eyes were on her.

"I don't drive it often- it feels different driving it without him"

"Well then… that makes it a hundred times more special than the Lotus you drove me around before" she said truthfully. Felicity remembered the morning that Oliver took her out in the Lotus, and how nervous she had been. If only then she had suspected that a few weeks later she would be on a way to dinner with him, on an actual date.

Her eyes focused in silence on the road and noticed that it was made out of cobblestones; they had driven outside of the city. She noticed that they were on a road she didn't recognized on the outskirts of town. There were older lampposts and large pine trees in the sidewalk and in the distance she could see the sparkling lights of a smaller older part of town appearing.

There were small boutiques, coffee shops, salons and restaurants she noticed as they drove by. Cars were parked in either side of the driveway, and Felicity noticed that most cars seemed to be nice cars. Her heart was drumming in her ears when Oliver pulled in front of a small restaurant. It had beige and brown stucco exterior, with dark sturdy wooden beams. The sidewalk was carefully laid polished stone.

"We are here" his voice took her out of her small trance and his eyes lingered on hers for a moment.

Oliver was not the type that got nervous in dates anymore, not since he was twenty and he had lost count of how many women he took out on small meanless dates. So the fact that his heart had been beating so quickly inside his chest ever since he went home to change was driving him insane. He could barely take his eyes off her as it was, and that night she looked especially stunning. He wanted to surprise her and for tonight to be different, from all his dates and from what she though to expect.

She nodded and the Valet opened her door greeting her politely, it was a short Latin guy with a nice smile and a dark suit. Oliver opened his own door, getting up greeting the older Valet gentleman that was there giving him his ticket and wishing both of them a nice evening.

They walked to the restaurant chatting about how beautiful it was there, and he held the door open for her and she gave him a nervous smile crossing the threshold, she was glad the place was warm as it was late fall outside. The restaurant was quaint and she felt as if she was standing in another country, thousands of miles from Starling City in Europe. She never imagined Oliver would take her to such special place, she though for sure she will end up in the Four Seasons, where she had seen him with Helena before.

She shook her head forcing her mind off that night and how bitter it made her feel to think of him with the brunette, she jumped on her place when she felt his hand on her lower back, guiding her towards the hostess who gave them both a warm smile.

"Buona sera! Do you have a reservation for tonight?" she said, her voice was deep and accented. She was very pretty with olive skin, dark hair and thick brows, and was wearing a beautiful red dress that hugged all the right curves of her body.

Oliver gave her his signature polite smile and nodded, his fingers tapped the table just like he had done in Vegas.

"We do, it's under Oliver Queen" he said and his blue eyes slid to Felicity and his smile became warmer instantly, she felt her legs shake momentarily under the intensity of his gaze.

"Right on time" the woman said friendly and her brown eyes flew towards Felicity, giving her an approving wink that made her flush instantly "may I take your your coat?"

"Whom, mine?" Felicity was a little confused at first, pointing a finger at herself.

"If you wish, the chairs are a little small back there and the place is warm inside, I promise" the hostess said flashing her a pearly smile. Felicity blinked and after a moment she nodded smiling, putting her small purse in the top of the desk.

"Let me help you" his voice was next to her a second later, Oliver hands where suddenly on her shoulders and she stopped moving all together. His hands were heavy and moved around the collar of her trench coat, she felt herself shudder as he removed her piece of clothing slowly, their eyes meeting with hidden intensity.

The spell was broken when another couple entered the restaurant, commenting on how cold the weather was and Oliver blinked his daze aside and turned towards the hostess handing her Felicity's coat.

"Great, we will keep it here for you" she said and disappeared inside a small closet next to her podium to reemerge with her smile on, Felicity wondered if her cheeks were bigger because she exercised those muscles so often "Please follow me to your table"

Felicity gave a quick look to Oliver who had inclined his head to encourage her to follow the woman, they went through an archway, and the room they walked into made her heart stop. It was not a large room she noted, but it was dreamlike. The ceiling was high and white, with dark stained rustic wooden beams that had grape ivy wrapped around them. The walls were red brick and stone and there were a few large iron chandeliers hanging down the room, giving a candle lit appearance.

Her eyes traveled around the beautiful restaurant, the tables had red and white-checkered tablecloths with another white one on top, there were fresh wild flowers as centerpieces on each table. As she followed the hostess, she noticed that there weren't many tables in the room, and well-dressed couples occupied almost all of them.

They were walking away from the busiest part of the restaurant, towards a darker corner where a few tables sat. The large wall of wine bottles at the end of the room awed her.

She took a short breath and turned towards Oliver who was closer than she expected, his hand reached towards her arm and held her gently, he leaned forward and his lips where close to her ear, she could feel the air of his breathing crashing against the skin of her neck, sending shivers through her body and she prayed she will survive this dinner before her hormones drove her crazy.

"I remember I owe you a particularly nice bottle of wine… maybe tonight I will get to finally repay that to you" he said and he sounded soft and sensual, she swallowed down heavily and her eyes were on his, tension flowing in between both of them.

"I didn't think you remembered that… I did that favor for you like 2 years ago or something" she muted low and nervous.

"I don't forget easily anything that has to do with you Felicity" he said honestly, his gaze going down to her lips and time stop for another moment, his eyes then moved towards the hostess who waited for them by their table with a devilish grin on her face. They walked in silence and he pulled one of the chairs for her and she murmured and soft 'thank you' and sat down, watching him as he held his suit and eased himself into his seat, Felicity couldn't help but smile and remember all the times she had fantasized about this night.

"Your server will be with you shortly" she said beaming and walking away shortly after, her hips moving with confidence at the sound of her clicking heels. Felicity though she might have been the first hostess that hadn't flirt with Oliver, and she knew she had liked the woman as her silhouette disappeared from sight.

They were both in silence for a moment and he took a deep breath and she noticed he seemed nervous; she pressed her lips together and urged her crazy heart to calm down.

"So—what do you think?" he asked after a moment moving on his seat restless, his eyes piercing hers.

"About?" she was slightly confused.

"The restaurant"

"Oh… it's different, but a good kind of different" she said honestly "I though for sure we were going to end up in a fancy place like the Four Seasons, not that this place isn't fancy… it is, I mean they have valet in the front and there is several thousand dollar wine bottles in that wall over there, I just… didn't even know this place existed" she finished with an exhale, blushing. He seemed to relax in his spot, his smile growing in delight feeling at home with her ramble.

"I thought you might like this better" he said and his voice was smooth and sweet, she felt herself smile and nodded.

"I do" she looked down to the table to hide the permanent blush she had been sporting the entire night, biting down her bottom lip. She looked up when she saw out of the corner of her eye the waiter approach them. He was tall and had the same dark skin the girl in the front had; he was wearing an elegant black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He had a radiant smile that was bright and he handed them their leather bind menus with a swift move.

"Good evening, my name is Alfonso and I will be your server today. May I get you something to drink?" he asked and his voice was accented.

"We will like a bottle of your best red" Oliver said and the waiter leaned into something that looked like a bow and left without saying much else. Felicity turned to Oliver with both brows up.

"Doesn't it make you nervous to not know what they will bring you? What if it ends up being a $15,000 bottle of wine?" she asked and thought it was a stupid question once the words left her lips, he smiled a devilish grin and interlaced his fingers in front of himself, his eyes fixed on her thinking.

"Then I will be glad to be able to share it with you" he said simply and she held her breath. Alfonso was back with the dark bottle of liquid gold a moment later, he opened it in front of them and her heart leaped when she heard the cork popping sound and her mouth watered at the sigh of the red liquid pouring into her glass. She knew they needed to let it air out, but she could barely contain herself into reaching to the glass and tasting it.

"I will give you a moment to check the menu" he said cordially before leaving. They both opened their menus and she was not shocked to see that prices weren't listed, and there were only a few options to order from. The names of the food where in Italian, but her mouth watered when she read the descriptions and didn't take her long to know she wanted the house lasagna.

"So, how did you hear about this restaurant? Have you been here before?" she asked casually after they had both ordered their food.

"Tommy, he told me about it" Oliver said and his face was soft at the mentioning of his best friend's name, his eyes sparkling as if remembering something. She nodded at his words; she had met Tommy a couple times in the past.

"Do you miss him?" she asked after a moment and he was sipping on his wine, his eyes lowered to the table and nodded.

"I do" he said softly "but he is having fun in France with Laurel, the change of scenery helped their relationship" he said and his eyes moved towards her looking vulnerable for a moment.

They didn't talk much about Laurel, Felicity had known from very early on that she had been someone very special in Oliver's life, someone he perhaps thought will be his wife one day. Of course then he had freaked out about commitment and cheated on her with her sister Sara, who incidentally had gotten killed in Colombia. Oliver didn't talk much about the whole ordeal, and she didn't blame him. She knew that when he had return from the dead Tommy and Laurel had become more than friends, and they moved to France a year later, wanting a fresh start far away from memories.

"Does it bother you?" he looked at her confused intently as if deciding what to tell, she swallowed hoping that she won't ruin the evening with questions, but too curious to let it pass "that they are together? That they ran away across the world?"

Oliver was quiet for a moment, he didn't talk about his most serious past with anyone, Felicity who was his closest friend didn't know much of Laurel or Sara, and had barely gotten to know Tommy. He realized then that he wanted her to know, because he was a changed man, and she was a big part of that.

"No" he said finally and took a short breath his blue gaze unblinking "for a moment at the beginning it did bother me" he admitted.

"But I soon realized that five years had passed and I had no business getting in the way of a relationship that seemed much healthier than what mine with Laurel's had been in the eight years we dated" He paused, Felicity's eyes where looking at him intently, listening to every word he said, her chest moving up and down quickly as she breathed anxiously.

"I realized I didn't love Laurel the way I should have… we were young and I was stupid, and she deserve better, she wanted more than what I was ready to give her then" he said finally and a smile appeared on his face "she deserved Tommy— I will admit I was upset when I learned they were moving to Europe because Laurel couldn't stand being in Starlight City because of me, she has forgiven me now and they are both happy, that's all it matters in the end" Felicity nodded, biting down her lower lip.

"I never expected you to tell me this unless you had too much to drink or something… and you never drink, like ever" she blurted out and he laughed shaking his head.

"There is always a first for everything, and I am drinking now" he said raising his glass.

"Hopefully for us there will be a second time too, and I don't mean about what happened in the cabin, you know the s.e.x, not that I wasn't thinking about that because I do, all the time… oh god" her hand went to her temple and Oliver was looking at her, flushed and entertained.

"Let's just forget I said anything just now" she turned around to peek if anyone had heard her, and was pleased that there was no one around.

Oliver pressed his lips together trying to not chuckle at her, thinking she was adorable and sexy at the same time. His eyes went to the table momentarily.

"There is a lot of willpower at play in me right now Felicity… I have always had to have boundaries when it comes to you, because I respect you as a person, as a friend and as a woman" his eyes raised towards her and the look was dark and hungry, and she forgot to breathe once again "that night in the mountain you broke my willpower and all the boundaries"

Felicity blushed and her throat was dry, she felt her legs trembled and heat started traveling bellow her waist. She swallowed heavily and then Alfonso was back to refill their wine glasses and water, breaking the sexual tension building in between them. He left shortly after and they were in silence for a moment until Oliver spoke, his tone was lighter than before and his pupils weren't so dilated.

"What about you… any crazy ex-boyfriends I should be worried about?" he asked after a moment, his tone was casual and she chuckled shaking her head.

"I don't think you need to be afraid of any of my lanky exes" she said flushing, he seemed entertained at her words "except…"


"Well, Connor was sort of a hacker jerk… I guess he could do some damage" she said playfully and he raised his brow curious.

"Is that so?"


"I don't know if I really need to worry, I have a good friend that is a great hacker, she will have my back I'm sure" his eyes sparkled under his dark thick lashes and she took a small sip of wine, smiling.

"A girl hacker, maybe I should be jealous"

"Maybe you should, she is smart and pretty hot" he played along and his hand reached across the table towards hers. His touch was warm and reassuring and she felt butterflies awaken in her stomach.

The left the restaurant full and happy, walking down the streets of the town slowly, laughing at silly things that happened before. The night was cold but clear and since they were far from the city lights they could see the stars and moon shinning in the sky.

"Your stomach is very loud when you are hungry" he said, looking at her, both hands on his pockets and his expression were teasing.

"It's does not!" Felicity exclaimed mortified, feeling the heat pooling on her cheeks, glad that it was too dark there for him to see her blush.

"It does, do you remember a few weeks back in the Foundry right before I took you for pancakes?" they both exchange quiet glance and he was grinning at her.

"That was one time Oliver"

"It was not either" he said with a laugh, and she couldn't help but grin as well liking the sound of his laughter too much to help herself "remember in the Queen Consolidates meeting with marketing…"

"Oh, shush… you were half asleep in that meeting"

"I was… then your stomach woke me up" they both laughed and then her heart jumped when his fingers trapped hers, his hand was warm and large and they both stopped in their steps, eyes meeting, hearts pumping.

They were in silence for a moment, then his face was coming close to hers, stopping just an inch away, his other hand cupping her cheek.

"You look adorable when you blush…" his voice was deep and low, almost a whisper. She closed her eyes when his lips slanted on top of hers in a kiss, first soft that intensified by the minute, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and his hand abandoned her cheek and held her hips, bringing her closer to him.

She opened her mouth to let him in, his tongue played with hers and she moaned against his lips. His hand gripped her a little harder and she could feel desire in each kiss, each stroke of his tongue. Her body was warm enough that the cold night didn't face her, and she had forgotten where they were until a driving car brought them back to reality and they broke their kiss slowly.

"We are far away from home" she said sounding breathless, drunken by the wine and the feeling of his hard body against hers. Wanting to be closer to him faster. His lips where on hers once again, needing more of her taste.

"There is a nice bed in breakfast not too far away…" he said against her lips and she felt herself shake, taking a deep breath meeting his dark eyes "I… we can go there if, if you want to…" he was studying her expression, not wanting to push things too quickly but wanting her too much to hold back. She looked at his Adam's apple move up and down as he swallowed and she nodded before rising up on her tippy toes and hissing him briefly.

"I want to" she said, they stared at each other for a moment in silence and then he was holding her hand once again, walking towards the restaurant with a determination that it wasn't there before. She rejoiced at the thought of him wanting her that badly. They got in the car and were talking about wine as they drove further from the city, in streets surrounded by woods and Felicity realized just how truly far away from the City they were.

"You knew about this bed in breakfast before, from Tommy as well?" she asked conversationally, loving the sights and the feeling of him holding her hands as he drove. He turned to look at her briefly, as he drove towards a driveway; they were iron gates and an illuminated sign that pointed that they were entering the Relais Vedatta Bed & Breakfast entrance.

It was a long paved driveway that led them onto a stone and stucco home that seemed to be from somewhere in the country-side of Tuscany not America. She held her breath impressed by the hotel as he parked in one of the open spots in the front. He turned to look at her and smiled slightly embarrassed.

"No, it wasn't Tommy the one that told me about this place… I was looking what we could do around here after dinner, since it's an hour an a half drive back—this came up in my search" he blushed slightly and she couldn't help but to smile smugly.

"Wanting to get in my pants Mr. Queen?" she asked playfully and his blush intensified but he smiled back at her, coming closer leaving a soft peck on her lips.

"More accurately… your dress" she laughed against his lips and the kiss became hotter, they broke apart a moment later and excited the car.

Felicity waited by the living area of the breathtaking place while Oliver talked to the front desk lady, she was studying the old doors, and terracotta tiled floors and tall white roofs. Oliver came to get her a moment later and they followed the lady towards the master suite, on the top floor facing east to the forest. The room was large and had a beautiful king size bed with white linen sheets and red accent pillows; there was a white canopy that was drawn back on top of it, and the room was decorated lightly with large Turkish carpets on the floor, iron lanterns, and a basket full of dry lavender.

In the corner right next to the double French doors that led them to a large balcony there was a small cast iron fireplace, standing in four legs. The lady of the bed in breakfast walked towards it with a quick pace to turn it on for them, since the room was frigid. She told them there was homemade granola on the table and brand new toothbrushes in the bathroom.

"Call the front desk if you need anything else" she said and with one last look at them she exited the room, closing the door behind her. Oliver took of his suit jacket as soon as the lady exited and Felicity walked around the room, her eyes travelling around inspecting it, feeling her heart beat in anticipation.

"Do you want some wine?" he heard him ask and she turned around to see him pulled to glasses out of a tall credenza, and a bottle of wine. She was amused about the place, and how fully stocked they seemed to be for everything.

"Please" she said with a smile, and walked towards the French doors, walking out to the balcony. She didn't mind the cold, and just got lost on the beauty of the night, the darkness of the trees in front of her, and the clean smell of fresh air. She felt the warmness of his body behind her a moment later, and turning to the side she saw him extending towards her the cup of red wine.

She smiled murmuring a 'thank you' and gave a sip to her drink. She rested her body up against his, and Oliver's hand came around and pulled the hair to the opposite side of her head, then his lips were on her neck, kissing and nibbling a pathway down.

Felicity felt herself shivered and took a long sip of her wine, feeling the warmness of the alcohol and arousal run through her veins. She moaned softly against the air, feeling her insides palpitate, and pressed against his front once again, wanting friction. He groaned against her neck pushing forward his now very hard self towards her ass, his hand traveling down her body, to her hips, then to the front of her jacket.

His hand went inside her jacket, to the soft fabric of her dress, pressing flatly against her pelvis a moment later, pushing her closer to him and she moaned once again. She placed her cup on the rail, forgetting about the wine, wanting something else entirely.

"Oliver…" she murmured voice drowned in desire and his hands where unbuttoning her coat quickly.

"Yes?" he sounded breathless behind her ear. She turned around then, her lips meeting his with the intensity on his words. He was pulling down her jacket and they walked backwards back to the room, leaving the jacket at the floor a moment after the doors where closed.

Her hands where on his shirt then, undoing the buttons quickly as his hands worked on the back zipper of her dress, she was pulling off his shirt reveling a white undershirt that hugged his chest and every single defined muscle of his abdomen. They kissed once again as he pushed her dressed down her body.

Her hands going to the edge of his shirt, puling it up his torso, revealing naked skin she had seen many times before and urged to touch, kiss and lick. He helped her the last portion, pulling the shirt up his shoulders, to later work his hands on her bra, pushing his hard body against her mostly naked one.

Felicity's fingers then went to his pants, undoing the clasp of them with ease, and pushing them sown his body quickly, feeling desire increase when seeing him on those dark boxer briefs that hugged his very toned thighs. He walked out of his pants, leaving his shoes and socks behind, scooping her up from her but towards the bed.

She hit the plush mattress with a thump, her body weight sinking into the feather pillow top, she smiled as she saw his body come on top of her, his hot skin against her chest. They kissed fervently and her hands rushed to his head, her long fingers playing with his short hair, she felt the hardness of his arousal against her pelvis bone, pressing rigid on top of her underwear.

She squirmed under his weight gasping for air when his kiss abandoned her lips to trail down her neck. She pushed her hips up to meet him, drunk in excitement. He groaned against her skin and his lips kept trailing down her clavicle and her chest in passionate kisses, going in between her breasts as his heavy hands steadied her hips down, pinning her against the bed.

She breathed loudly, stilling herself enjoying his attention as he trailed down her stomach, goosebumps traveled her skin and she closed her eyes shut feeling drowsy with want and a sense of nervousness that started to appear in the pit of her stomach.

She raised her head lightly to see him trailing down, his lips starting to go over her soft cotton underwear. She felt a surge of panic overcome her and she blushed intensely, her hands starting to sweat and her body shaking with desire. Her heart stopped when his blue gaze rose to meet hers, and a soft mischievous grin appeared on his face just before leaving a soft kiss on top of her throbbing center.

She shivered and a moan left her mouth when he came down again and sucked her in through her undergarments. His hands came down her hips to her legs, spreading her open for him. Felicity didn't remember when was the last time she had being this intimate with someone, but she knew she had never felt this sort of exhilaration before. Her breath caught when his kissed trailed down to her thighs, shivering at the sensation she twisted with a soft rushed gaspy laugh.

She could feel him smiling against the sensitive skin of her thighs, and his hand trailed up meeting her warmness, his fingers going in a soft caress holding the edge of the underwear to start pulling it off first slowly and then quicker when she raised her hips to make it easier for him. Her throat was dry, all moisture in her body pooling down on her. She gasped in anticipation when his kisses started going back up, his breathing tickling her on purposed.

She breathed out his name in a muffled moan and his tongue went inside of her with a soft flick, devouring her. Felicity moaned loudly, her hands grasping the sheets around her, her eyes closed tightly and she experienced a whole different kind of pleasure. His hands held her firmly against the bed and she held her breath in complete ecstasy when one of his thick fingers went inside her, first in a slow rhythm that started to go faster as her hips escaped his hold and moved to the rhythm to meet him. He entered another one in and she moaned once again, her back arching as she came closer to the top, Oliver went in one more finger and his mouth sucked her clit softly and then more forcefully bringing her to her finish line. She shuttered in the sheets, a thin layer of sweat covering her naked skin.

She opened her hazy eyes and peered down at him, he was smiling more to himself she though, and his blue gaze went up to meet her and she felt her heart stopped at the rawness of it all, there was pure and utter desire in there. Her stomach turned in anticipation.

He moved up to meet her lips in a passionate kiss, her hands trailed down his back, hastily going to his underwear starting to pull down with difficulty due to his weight on top of her.

His hands abandoned her chest and went to help her, his large cock coming out of it's prison, glistening in the soft lighting of the room. Felicity moved under him with desire, her hand reaching up to stroke his length and he closed his eyes enjoying her caress for a second, she sat down and came to kiss him, never stopping the movement of her hand. Their kiss was passionate and hungry. He pushed her down to the mattress like he had done previous that night and came on top of her, his lips never abandoning hers, and with a push in between her legs he was inside of her.

Felicity gasped at the feeling of him filling her, he felt large and utterly perfect. He moved slowly, pleasure running through her veins and her body tingled. He moved faster now, harder against her and they both groaned and moaned in each other's lips, she was coming closer to her peak once again and his breathing indicated likewise. She met his thrusts eagerly, starting to tremble inside and she came with a loud moan, he groaned and a few trust later he collapsed on top of her filling her up with him.

Their breathing was first quick and then it calm down as they were both wrapped in each other, he pulled out and raised his weight slightly on his elbows, his eyes fixed on her. He smiled, his hand pulling a hair strand that was now covering her face behind her ear, his touch lingering on her jaw after.

She returned the gesture, feeling shy and self-conscious. She had been thinking about him, his body and the way he made her feel ever since that night at the cabin. This time around there had not been any limitations; they were in a comfortable room, without wounds and sore limbs.

"I hope we didn't wake up the other guests" Felicity said quickly.

"I hope we did-" Oliver said smiling wickedly and Felicity giggled blushing. She still felt a little buzzed from the wine earlier that night and the intensive lovemaking that had just happened. Her eyes followed him as he rolled to his back, both hands going behind his head, his eyes heavy with tiredness. She got up a moment later, wanting to go to clean up and get them some food from the mini bar. She looked back at Oliver and noticed he was following her naked shape with bright eyes, and smiled at him, feeling weirdly enough comfortably naked in front of him.


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