I don't usually do this for fanfic stories, but I decided it was warranted for this one, so here goes.

Most fanfic I write is for a show called Firefly. I've slowed down in recent years, and right now I'm in a sort of block for my final Firefly story.

I've always been an Enterprise fan, and love the fanfic here. I've kicked an idea or two around about it, but never sat down and did anything about writing an Enterprise fanfic of my own.

One day, out of the clear blue, a big ole what if hit me. If you've read my Last Spartan fic, you'll recognize some of my OC's from that story here.

I'm from the south myself, so always identified with Trip more than any other character, except perhaps Malcolm, who, bless his heart, just can't seem to get away from his past.

So I wondered, what would Trip do if Starfleet didn't sent the Enterprise out to search for the Xindi? And what if, just by happenstance, he knew Janos. What might he be willing to do, be willing to give up, for revenge? Pay back?

This story definitely quals as AU, no doubt. It's meant to be the first of perhaps three stories in such an ARC, Lord willin', and the river don't rise. As you read, you'll see a few holes here and there, but hey, I need to leave something for the next story, right?

So, suspend what you know of Enterprise beyond season two, along with your belief in a lot of other things, and consider what would happen.

I hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, Bad Karma