"I wish you hadn't made that promise…" Caroline moaned. She was lying on the forest floor propped up by her elbows, still managing to keep her usual elegant demeanour despite the apparent discomfort provided by the forest debris. That was one of the many things she enjoyed about being a vampire. To think she was enjoying the perks, while the one who had given them to her was dying at this very second. Except that wasn't exactly what Caroline had on her mind…

Distraction came in the form of Klaus Mikaelson, original hybrid, king. Of course, she had seen him half naked before, but in entirely different circumstances to right now. There were no pliers this time but Klaus had plenty of tools of his own.

"Ah, sweetheart, are you telling me you would have confessed your feelings for me if I hadn't?" The corners of his lips turned up in that seductive crooked smile that was part of the reason Caroline found herself in the position she was in now.

Displaying yet more of innocence that Klaus so adored in her, she looked up through her lashes and started; "I know… you're right I wouldn't –"

"Of course I'm right, aren't I always?" Klaus grinned cockily. Ugh, if Tyler had said that Caroline would have slapped him, after all it was Klaus that had made Tyler what he was now. Of course, she had been reassured that if Tyler was still answering to Klaus, he never would have hurt her like he'd done.

"Yes" she said begrudgingly, silently acknowledging the time he had been guessed that Elena was sired to Damon "But still, I know I said I'm at college but with Elena with Damon and Bonnie with Jeremy and Matt sat the grill along with Elena killing the only new friend I had… It's kind of lonely and depressing to be studying alone all the time"

"By friend… I presume you mean Jesse; I think he was more than just a friend wasn't he?"

"Just because you said you intended to me my last love, doesn't mean…wait, how do you know about Jesse?" Klaus smiled knowingly.

"Love, if I let you in on all my secrets, then my reputation as the big bad original would be tarnished; I was just curious to see how soon it took Tyler to come back to you".

Caroline rolled her eyes, however she was obviously glad that Tyler hadn't managed to harm Klaus in any way, not that she really had any doubt that he could be harmed. But seriously, had it even been worth breaking up over the slightest chance that serious damage could be done?

"I think I would be more comfortable continuing this conversation with clothes on. Oh but wait, you just ruined one of my favourite tops" Caroline chastised "could you not of waited a second more?"

"Love, I think you underestimate the power you have over me, as much as I hate to admit or even have weaknesses, you are by far my biggest. It pains me to think of you with anyone but myself even though initially I know that's what you wanted but you must see we complement each other well".

One of the downsides to being a vampire was every emotion felt was amplified dramatically. For Caroline, the emotions were passion and gratitude which brought tears to her eyes. No one spoke to her like that. She, Caroline Forbes, was always second choice. For Tyler it was revenge and pride, for Matt it would always be Elena, for Damon it was Elena. Stefan was a beautiful, genuine friend but he still cared for Elena above all else. It was about time she found someone who chose her, above revenge, pride and above Elena. Caroline was a good vampire and surely she deserved this.

Klaus came to her side at once, somehow managing to pull his clothes on simultaneously. His gentle artist's fingers moved to tuck a curl behind Caroline's delicate ear.

"You know this doesn't mean you can't join me once you've finished college. I initially thought this would be closure for me, to know you had moved on and no longer felt this attraction, but it appears our feelings have been further ignited not extinguished". Klaus bent to touch his forehead delicately to hers, looking her directly in her eyes. His accent only made his words sound more genuine and beautiful. "You were right, I can be redeemed and I am capable of love. I love you Caroline. And I know you'll feel guilty for a while after I'm gone; tell Elena, Bonnie whoever, that this was nothing, a mistake, so they don't think they can run to me for help and they don't judge you, but just know that this wasn't just some fling in the woods for me, I am head over heels for you sweetheart and I know one day you'll be ready to accept this and join me." And with that out of his system, he pressed his lips to hers for the tenderest and sweetest of all kisses.

Breaking away, Caroline smiled but then frowned slightly, small creases appearing between her brows.

"You want me to act as this was nothing to me? I want you to stay; screw being noble like Elijah and screw your promise, stay here, be mine, who cares what everyone thinks? You could teach my history of art classes…" she suggested lightly, but really she was serious.

"As enticing as that sounds, I have pressing issues waiting for me in New Orleans. Well I'm sure if I don't Tyler will, so I have something to tell you and I'm not sure on your reaction."

"Klaus, I am so used to your Satan like deeds, surely this can't be any worse and why does Tyler know, of all people?"

"Well, when Tyler came to New Orleans it wasn't just to exact revenge on me, he had other motives. See, shortly after Hayley came to Mystic Falls –"Caroline scowled at the name "let me finish, we had a little chat, and well she pulled on my strings a bit, reminding me that Tyler would always be first choice for you, and well she kind of seduced me, telling me you'd never be fine, the move of a desperate girl, I think".

"I guess you never said I'd be your last love…"

"I could never love Hayley in any way… and well by some twisted miracle, Hayley is pregnant with my child, there, I've said it, go ahead and hate me, you have before". Klaus closed his eyes and waited for the verbal abuse that surely awaited him.

"Klaus… I may hate Hayley and wish that she wasn't the mother of your child, I have no idea how this is even possible, but don't you see this could be the key to your redemption? A fresh start!"

Cautiously, Klaus opened his eyes and peered curiously at Caroline.

"You're not angry?"

"Klaus, I've dealt with a whole load of crap in just the short time I've been a vampire. You just declared your love for me, believe me, I know what a vindictive bitch Hayley can be, I don't blame you. I understand why you have to go back. I'll wait a few years, after all what's that when I'll live forever? I want to finish college, you need to raise your child, and once everything's over we can be together".

For the first time in his hybrid life, tears rolled down Klaus' cheeks whilst he looked adoringly at his true love. There would become a time when they could unite as one, he could wait, be patient.

Caroline stood up and pulled Klaus with her. She locked him in a tight embrace and then looked up with yet more tears in her own eyes.

"Goodbye Klaus, I know you will be my last love and I'll be yours. Cherish your child and she or he will love you in return."

And with that, Klaus gave Caroline one last passionate kiss, the kind that only true soul mates (if vampires have souls) can give and whisked away to fetch Rebekah who was surely enjoying her reconciliation with Matt.