4x23 Graduation

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"How'd you get here so fast?" Caroline enquired, trying not to make it obvious how much she was admiring Klaus in a suit. Although she had to say, after seeing him without a top on, this ensemble only made it to second best.

"I was already on my way" he smiled, he too also admiring the view. He couldn't miss his sweetheart's graduation no matter how badly he needed to take back New Orleans. Meanwhile Caroline raised her eyebrows, feigning surprise as she knew he wouldn't be able to resist her invitation. It was kind of luck in a twisted way that she could expect Klaus to turn up without the others being suspicious that she'd invited him. Of course she hadn't planned on being attacked by the witches but it was a nice little cover for Klaus. He was taking the announcement out of his inner pocket, perfectly preserved, not one crease.

"I received your graduation announcement. It was…very subtle…" Caroline closed her eyes momentarily and smiled.

"…I assume you were expecting cash?" To be fair, she wasn't sure what she had been expecting. She was sure Klaus had enough money to buy her a mansion near campus and let her live like a queen but she didn't want large expensive gifts from Klaus. She considered the dresses loans (loans she hadn't yet returned) and the drawings were meaningful.

"That, or a mini fridge" Caroline joked, trying to picture Klaus in an electrical store. But nothing prepared Caroline for what Klaus would soon give her.

"Well, I had considered offering you a first class ticket to join me in New Orleans… but I knew what your answer would be. So, I opted for something I knew you would accept". It must be another drawing Caroline thought.

"Tyler is now free to return to Mystic Falls". Caroline didn't know what to say, she was speechless. He'd put her happiness first, again. He probably knew that he'd lost his chance now but that didn't matter as much.

"What?" Caroline managed.

"He's your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes". Somehow it didn't sound the least bit cocky, he was absolutely genuine and Caroline honestly believed every word he said. After all he was 100s of years old. She was still so young and although her maturity had come on an awful lot since being changed she knew she needed college to grow up more, but Klaus could visit. But obviously that would anger Tyler, yet she knew deep down Tyler would be angry anyway and probably not even stay with her. He would never be mature enough to do that. Klaus leaned forward to place the sweetest of kisses on her cheek.

"Congratulations, Caroline". He'd done it. He'd gotten over revenge for her. Although he did not say it, he knew Tyler would not stick beside her and would come after him. Klaus would fix her broken heart.

"Let's get out of here, before 12 angry hybrids decide to pick a fight". Caroline looped her arm through Klaus' and they made their way across the field.

They walked in amiable silence for a while until Klaus broke the silence.

"You know, I could get you that mini fridge you were after". Caroline laughed lightly.

"Well mom wouldn't get me one since she thinks it'll just encourage a lot of drunk parties and being the sheriff, it's against her nature to encourage it further".

"You know sweetheart, you are very lucky to have the relationship you do with your mum. I was a mistake in my mother's eyes and a bastard in my father's and half of my siblings detest me".

"Well, you did have most of them daggered a lot of the time". Caroline rolled her eyes, smiling.

"We both know I have many faults love, but yet you are still here despite it all". At those words, Caroline dropped her arm and grabbed Klaus' hand. She couldn't help it, he sounded so alone that she felt she needed to comfort him.

Klaus stopped walking and looked at Caroline. He was trying to read her expression. He could see pity, sadness but also admiration of some sort. He hadn't been sure earlier if she was happy about Tyler or his promise of being her last love. But perhaps it was both, maybe it could happen.

"Tell me about New Orleans".

"What do you want to know"? He couldn't tell her about Hayley just yet, there would be a time and a place; he'd have to keep it from Tyler when he would most certainly pay him a visit.

"Everything, the art, the people, what you're up to, I could consider doing a transfer year from college there if it's worth it".

"Well, it's like else in this world, so much culture, I myself am staying in the French Quarter which is just beautiful. There are parties, festivals, dancing, not our usual style I'll grant you but exotic. The woman are gorgeous, but not one is near your beauty sweetheart". He watched Caroline's eyes light up at the idea of travelling outside of Mystic Falls.

"I initially went there to chase a lead about some witches who were plotting against me, and whilst there discovered a close friend of mine, who I believe dead was there, Marcellus". She wouldn't want to know of his plots to overthrow his adoptive son.

"And art, I find inspiration everywhere. I can repaint scenes I had done there long ago with poor materials with the beautiful colours that exist today".

Caroline was so caught up in a reverie that she didn't realise she was about to tell him what she did.

"While you were gone, Silas came to me in your form and asked me to come to New Orleans, I was scared but I realise now that this happened because my heart was trying to tell me something my head didn't want to know yet. I will in a few years come to you in New Orleans, I think now is too soon, but I believe you can make good on your promise". Klaus pulled her into an unexpected hug.

"Thank you, but now isn't it time to put Damon out of his misery"?

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