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Chapter 1: Rescue

"Our resources tell us that this one is an 0-8-4. An object of unknown origin." He clarified, pressing a button on the hand held remote that changed the screen to show a young brunette. "She goes by Skye. S.H.I.E.L.D is keeping her close and has her as a part of Agent Coulson's team," the slide changed to a picture of the latter. "Rumor has it that she is…" the man paused, searching for the right word. "special and we want her to be on our side."

"What do you want from me?" Mac asked, wishing the other man would have kept the picture of the pretty little brunette on the screen.

"We want full control. If we say jump, she better jump." The guy who refused to give a name sat down across the table from Mac, finished with his presentation. He intertwined his fingers, "We want you to break her. Sever all of the ties that she has with SHIELD…"

"You want to isolate her?" Mac asked.

The guy tilted his head, "She is an orphan, moved in and out of foster care for all of her life, but the bonds that she's created with her new team, especially Coulson, are strong. We want the word 'hope' to be out of her vocabulary. If we let her go, she'll stay because she knows there's nowhere to run. In the end, we want to be the people that she turns to. Can you do that?"

"I have just the thing for that. But tell me, any restrictions?" Mac asked, excitement beginning to form at the possibilities.

"At no point can you endanger her life. We want her alive and physically functional. Otherwise, no restrictions," The man continued.

He couldn't contain his smile at the last statement.

"You'll have 9 months and will update us on the progress. You will also have our men at your disposal. We have set up a facility specifically for this. You stay low and out of sight, we keep SHIELD busy and away from you while you work." The man explained in a stoic tone.

"And how do we exactly get her to this facility?" Kidnapping wasn't his strong suite.

"We have a mole in SHIELD. Her sentimental side will be her downfall. As we speak, her team is landing at the base for plane maintenance and downtime. She will visit her van that is being kept at storage, as she always does, and that's where my men will step in."

Mac was being paid for being a sociopath and his latest project was being hand delivered. Not to mention, he would finally be able to test out his latest serum. "Where do I sign?"


It had been over 7 months. 7 damn months since they had last seen her. "We're running out of time and this is the last cell. She has got to be here," Coulson desperately stated.

Fitz voice came over the earpiece, "Hacking the door now."

With his flashlight in his gloved hand, Ward walked into the pitched black cell. His footsteps echoed against the concrete floor as May and Coulson covered the corridor. He scanned the horizon with his light, the beat of his heart pounding in his ears as he prayed to a deity, that he wasn't sure existed, that she was there. His anxiety began to consume him until he saw the huddled body in the corner.

"I got her." He ran over and crouched down. Not wanting to startle her, he reached out slowly and placed his hand on her shaking shoulder. She tensed, as she tried to shrink into herself more. He resisted flinching at her reaction. "Skye, it's Grant," Ward said in a gentle voice. She only lifted her head slightly, staring at his shoes before deciding this wasn't real.

"You're freezing!" He stated as he pulled a blanket out of his pack and wrapped it around her.

"We got to go. FitzSimmons say we have company headed our way", Coulson stated through the doorway.

Not being able to see the extent of her injuries, Ward gently wrapped his arms around the trembling girl. He felt her tense up at the contact, but otherwise she didn't react. It scared him how light she was. This is not at all how he had imagined the rescue would be. "We'll get you out of here, I promise."

Carrying Skye, he met the other two agents in the corridor where they began following the instructions of the genius duo to exit the facility until they heard, "Oh crap!" in a Scottish accent over the intercom. "You've got a large group of guards headed your way. At least 10 of them. Retrace the last two turns and hang tight," Fitz stated in a panicked voice.

They could hear the laughter coming from the group, getting louder as they got closer. The rescue team all held their breaths in anticipation. They had no backup and Skye was in no shape to run. As they waited for the guards to pass, Ward looked down when he felt Skye lean into him while fisting his shirt. He tightened his grip, trying to convey what comfort he could. Once the noises from the guards died out, Fitz gave his team the all clear.

"Let's move," Coulson stated, doing his best to stay focused, gun at the ready. Only once they got her to safety, would he allow himself to see the bruises that were right in front of him.

With FitzSimmons guiding them each step of the way, they made it to the garage where they were able to steal one of the vans. Ward climbed in the back as May headed to the drivers seat. With Skye still clutching to his shirt, he placed her beside him and wrapped her still shaking form with the blanket Coulson handed him.

Climbing into the passenger seat, Coulson reached to his comm, "We're clear. Set it off." They easily could feel the explosion on the other side of the building complex followed by the shouts of the men trying to contain the chaos. "Diversion was successful, you are all clear to take the back route", came Fitz's voice over the comm. May put the van into drive and headed into the winter blizzard.

"We're going home," Ward whispered to Skye. Even after rescuing her, he felt helpless as she continued to shiver in his arms, her body as stiff as a board.

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