Kakashi, Anko, and Asuka were all on the run after finally escaping Orochimaru's lab facility. It was a few weeks after Orochimaru's betrayal of Konoha, so nobody expected him to act so soon. It turns out that he had been prepared to run away from Konoha seeing as how big his facility is.

"Keep up you two" said Asuka to her two tired companions, after all there is only so much a twelve year old can take.

"Asuka-nii chan, were are we anyways this looks nothing like the five great nations" said Kakashi.

"And we've been at it for hours now, can't we take a break already" said a whining Anko.

"No, unless you're excited to go back to that snake's experiments we can't stop Anko" said Asuka "and Kakashi, you're right the tree's here are a lot shorter and less vast" said Asuka thoughtfully inspecting her surroundings.

Then Asuka stopped running, taking her sudden halting a bad sign Kakashi and Anko crouched into their battle stances. "Damn" said Asuka when she sensed the approaching chakra signatures, they were weak and near non-existent, but they had them surrounded in numbers. "At this rate we'll never get out of here, and even worse the kids don't really look that ready for a fight in their shape" thought Asuka as she looked back at Kakashi and Anko who were sporting very dark bags under their eyes.

Puling herself to her full height Asuka looked at her two companions, who were by now staring at her oddly. "Alright you two listen up" said Asuka with an unnaturally deep voice, catching both kids unguarded.

"Kakashi" Asuka said as she turned to the silver haired boy, and took of her dog-tag as casually as possible. Kakashi being perceptive understood the action all the same, casually done or not. His eye widened for a fraction of a second before he stubbornly shook his head and took a step back from Asuka, "No I'm, not leaving you behind" Kakashi said frantically.

"It's too dangerous" Asuka said sternly.

"I don't care, I'll never abandon my comrades again" said Kakashi stubbornly standing his ground.

Asuka as Sakumo Hatake's last surviving student, has been Kakashi's only pillar that kept him from sinking into insanity after the nine tails attack. Ever since he could remember she was there in either good or bad, and now she was going to sacrifice herself for them to get away. That was just too much of a load to bare for the little boy.

"Listen, from what I'm sensing of the people heading here is that, they're either half decent in hiding they're chakra signature or that they're another one of Orochimaru's experiments. In either case, none of us are ready for an all-out fight at the moment, so our best strategy is a distraction. At least then you two will come out of this alive" said Asuka muttering the last part, but Kakashi heard it all the same.

Kakashi was on the verge of tears, even after burying his emotions for so long. And yet it seemed the tears wouldn't fall, for after all the sorrow it has seen his eyes no longer were able to weep.

Asuka always had a spot in his life, and now it seemed that there will be yet another gap in his heart. Anko looked on the verge of tears as well; she'd known Asuka back in the village too, though not as long as Kakashi had ,she still was like a big sister to her.

"I'm gonna need you to stay strong and protect Anko here alright" said Asuka as she put the too big dog-tag around Kakashi's slender neck.

"I won't let anything harm her" said Kakashi as he clutched at the dog-tag tightly, making it a silent oath of owner.

"And Anko hold onto this until I come back to you guys alright" said Asuka as she threw her a fancy wrist-band, the final token from Sakumo Hatake, her graduation gift.

"Hai Asuka-nii chan" said Anko also on the verge of tears. Asuka stared at them calculatingly for a moment before ripping her gaze away and staring back at the canopy ahead of her.

"Now get going" said Asuka as she took out her katana leveling it in the position she sensed the figures approaching. She had grabbed that katana along with a few necessities she grabbed when they were making their escape.

"Hai" said the two in chorus and with one leap continued their journey in the trees.

It was at the early dawn when Kakashi and Anko did stop for a rest. Anko was fast asleep by the base of a tree that Kakashi had deemed base for the time being, while Kakashi was still wide awake thinking over what Asuka said.

It was then that he spotted just beyond the canopy of trees by a bit, standing in all her glory was a giant green lady holding a book in one hand and a torch outstretched above her head in the other. But it wasn't the 'green lady' that had caught Kakashi's interest, but it was a giant hovering ship in the sky that was just landing to collect some people from shore.

Kakashi getting over his shock, quickly nudged Anko awake. Anko who was not too pleased about having her sleep taken away from her glared at Kakashi accusingly while saying "What is it 'Kashi" Anko still at the edges of sleep.

Kakashi didn't bother with an answer as he couldn't exactly form one coherently, and he simply pointed in the direction to her right. Confused over his reaction she turned to find a giant ship with people already hoping into it. The thing that caught Anko's eye though, was that they were all dressed in the same outfit, meaning this can only be a military ship.

Turning to Kakashi who was by now effectively out of shock, she gave him one of her trademark mischievous smiles, which he returned with rolling his eyes at her exasperatedly.

"No, Anko we are not going in that thing" said Kakashi already reading her thoughts.

"Oh but Kakashi it'll be fun, and either way it's a military ship right so if anybody tries to attack us there, these guys will be able to fight back" said Anko all too excited at the prospect of being in a ship.

"It's a win-win situation, what do you say?" said Anko already fidgeting in excitement.

"Well you've got a point, but that will also mean that their security will probably be higher as well" said Kakashi thinking it over.

"Come on 'Kashi, it'll be good practice for our stealth and we don't really have a place to stay anyways" said Anko using Kakashi's nickname.

"Fine, but you'll have to stop calling me that" said Kakashi already too tired to continue arguing.

"Let's go" said Anko as she started making her way to the Helicarier (A.N: for those of you who already figured it out congratulations and for those of you who didn't I just stopped feeling like calling it the flying ship).

Kakashi and Anko made it in through one of the AC shafts they found and started to make their way deeper into the Helicarier's maze of shafts. Once they found the main shaft, which was big enough for the two of them to sleep in, they slowly dozed off into a dreamless sleep.

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