Donna couldn't cope with the realization that she almost lost the Doctor on that planet Midnight.

She was too scared to go to sleep because of all the nightmares she was having about his ordeal.

All this fear and uncertainty was too much for her to bear.

She had to touch him, see him, feel something to assure her he actually was here and wasn't some dream.

Standing at his door Donna was nervous, she knew he was still upset but she really needed him.

His door was slightly jarred. Donna tapped on it before going in.

The Doctor was lying on his back; his feet crossed and his hands folded on his chest, a handkerchief covered his eyes.

Donna noticed the faint tear stains on his pillow.

She swallowed and carefully sat on his bed. Lifting the handkerchief; his eyes were open and glancing up at her.

He didn't speak but those sorrowful brown eyes said everything.

Without a word Donna leaned over, her eyes searching his and gently kissed him.

The Doctor responded and reached up to caress the back of her head.

Their lips moved in sync and opened slightly allowing their tongues access to touch.

Donna felt shivers in her spine and she melted into him.

After the kiss the Doctor gazed at Donna, he gave a weak smile and cuddled closer, resting his head on her lap.

"I love you, too." Donna whispered kissing his ear.

She softly stroked the side of his face and they just stayed there in silence, taking comfort that they had each other.