*Pokes head in the door* Any one there? Did ya miss me?

I know, I know, it's been a while. A shit load of stuff has happened in the last year and it's only been recently that I've sorted my head out. Anyhoo, I'm back for a bit and I hope you'll join me ;)

Fiction is fiction for a reason, right? Lol. Okay, so this poor Edward isn't your typical Twilight Edward. I decided to vamp it up a bit ;)

This was written purely for shit and giggles, which is fine, until someone giggles and shits *smirks*

Death is easy, or so they say, but of course they would, they've never gone through it.

I've seen it, lived it, and worked with it and, erm . . . smelled it. So yeah, I think I'm closer to knowing that death isn't as easy as what they make it out to be.

However, that all changed the day I had the mysterious Edward Cullen turn up on one of my slabs.

Well, not exactly my slab, I'm way too young to have one of my own, but my Grandpa's.

Geoffrey Alfred Swan was Port Angeles City medical examiner, and I was sick and twisted enough to spend time with him while he performed autopsies.

Yep, it's a drabble. It's all pre-written and will be posting everyday, more than once, I hope. If I remember how to do it, I'll also get this up on TWCS and fiction pad thingy (feel free to inbox me directions on how to navigate those sites again lol).

See you in a bit! xxx