"I'm not touching it,"

"Hun, I don't care. I carried her for nine months, that's forty weeks, Edward. I gave birth to her with your family all in attendance. You nearly missed her birth and I didn't curse you out. Not once. You. Are. Changing. It," I growled.

It was so funny to see this gorgeous man, all six foot three inches of him, cowering against the wall thanks to our daughter's first diaper change.

"Bella, the love of my life, she has girlie bits. I don't want to change girlie bits and for heaven's sake, her poop is black. That can't be normal! How about we just get dad to change it and he can check it all over at the same time," he muttered.

"Black poop, as you put it, is perfectly normal, so get over here and changer her diaper!" I laughed.

He did do it – in the end. It took him over twenty minutes, half a pack of wet wipes and with his eyes closed half the time.

Bless, my man was growing up.

This scene was based on my hubby's reaction to his first diaper with our girl. ;)