Maldonado walked into the hospital and it wasn't hard to find Dorian. He was getting into it with some MX's that were still trying to arrest him. Dorian had his back against a wall, two dismantled MX's at his feet, three more trying to corner him with hospital security behind them.

"DRN-0167, you are under arrest," A MX responded robotically.

"I am not going anywhere until I see my partner!" Dorian snarled.

"Alright! That's enough!" Maldonado shouted. They all looked up at her.

"MX's stand down, Dorian is officially in my custody until further notice. Leave him be!" She snapped. The MX's obeyed and stepped back. They had not drawn weapons because of the proximity to patients and other humans. Their hand to hand combat had clearly failed against a riled up Dorian.

Maldonado grabbed the shoulder of one of the MX's.

"Find me a doctor that knows Detective Kennex's condition," She told him. The MX nodded and left. Maldonado looked to Dorian.

"Can we sit down and wait like civilized people?" She asked. Dorian simulated a deep breath and nodded.

"Yes Ma'am," He said and walked with her down the hall to a row of chairs. They sat down and Maldonado looked to Dorian again.

"Tell me what happened," She said. Dorian looked at her and then looked away in frustration.

"That's just it Captain, I don't know. I went in to get the DRN tracking codes from Rudy. Rudy started talking and it took forever, I heard the call come over dispatch and by time I got back to John he…" Dorian couldn't finish it.

"There was roughly two liters of blood on the concrete and I found so many broken bones and…," Dorian hung his head and put his hands to his forehead.

"Dorian, he was in worse shape than this when we found him after the ambush. He has an amazing will to survive, John is going to be fine," Maldonado said reaching a hand out and rubbing Dorian's shoulder.

"A DRN did this to him! He saw my face attacking him! What if he thinks I malfunctioned and went crazy on him? It wasn't me and I can prove that but what if he never trusts me again?" Dorian asked.

"I saw the surveillance footage on the way over here, John knew it wasn't you. He had a gun to that DRN's head, he was on full alert." Maldonado told him. Dorian lifted his head to look at her.

"I haven't had a chance to look at anything, I've had MX's in my face," Dorian said. Maldonado nodded.

"Yeah, I'm still working on how I'm going to explain that to the revenue board," Maldonado said looking over to the dismantled MX's.

"I can fix them," Dorian said to her.

"Good because between you and John this departments going to go broke!" She said. Dorian couldn't help but grin at the memory of John shooting an MX in the head because it insulted him.

The MX returned and Maldonado looked up to him.

"Detective Kennex is in surgery. They are reassembling the bone structure of his face due to damage from the 22 fractures sustained in the attack," The MX said.

"How many times was he hit?" Maldonado asked in shock.

"Judging by the fracture patterns the DRN struck him twice, Though there were approximately 15 blows to Detective Kennex's entire body," The MX answered, not comprehending that the question had been rhetorical. Dorian hung his head back into his hands.

"Thank you, that will be all," Maldonado said after a sigh. The MX walked away and the Chief shook her head. Dorian lifted his head and blue lights danced across his face as he got a call.

"Yes Rudy?" Dorian asked.

"I took a look at Johns leg and it's destroyed I can't fix it, I've already ordered him a replacement but he'll be in a wheelchair for a day or so before it gets here," Rudy said.

"Have you begun tracking the DRN that did this?" Dorian asked.

"Well…according to my software you were the only DRN in a three mile radius," Rudy said.

"I was with you Rudy!" Dorian snapped. Rudy jumped at the other end of the line.

"Yes…quite right…you were with me…that's why I looked at the surveillance footage after Captain Maldonado sent it over to me and there were two moments where, as Kennex likes to say, he does his disco face," Rudy started to explain.

"When you do that, DRN's should send out a gps signal but he didn't, That DRN has been modified to be completely off the grid at all times. He even called a getaway driver and nothing in the area even registered that a call was made," Rudy told him.

"So you called to tell me you've got nothing?" Dorian asked.

"Unfortunately yes, I-," Rudy started to talk but Dorian hung up on him.

"What was that?" Maldonado asked.

"John's leg can't be repaired and the DRN is untraceable," Dorian answered her.

"And the car had a tag scramble on it, these people are good at covering their tracks. The DRN was pretending to be you until John called him out. So he was trying to go undercover with John, maybe John has something he wants or the police department does. The XRN was destroyed…what else could someone want?" Maldonado mused more to herself than anything.

"Then if they wanted to go undercover in your place, what were they going to do with you?" She asked. Dorian got to his feet and began to pace. Too many questions to deal with right then.

Hours passed and the doctors finally came to find them. They were taken to John's room and Dorian stood at the foot of his bed.

"He should be waking up here soon. All organs and arteries sealed up nicely and all bones remodeled fine. We had to remove his prosthetic base and replace it. It's probably going to be sore for a few days like before. A nurse will be in here in a few minutes with a wheel chair for him and he can be discharged as soon as he wakes up," The doctor said. Maldonado thanked him and the doctor left. She looked to Dorian and saw his face glowing.

"Doctors miss anything?" She asked with a smirk on her face. Dorian looked up to her but didn't say anything. Maldonado laughed to herself.

"I will send an MX to the precinct to get some clothes for John," Maldonado said and walked out the door. Dorian walked to the window and leaned against the sill.

Dorian waited patiently and kept checking John's condition. His brain wave activity was speeding up. John took a deep breath and groaned as he turned his head aside. Dorian smiled as his partner woke up. John began to stretch and move around in the bed. He managed to roll on his side and face Dorian before he opened his eyes.

John looked up and saw Dorian. He panicked and jumped back but caught himself before he fell off the bed.

"Shit!" John cursed as he sat up and looked around.

"John it's me!" Dorian said desperately and leaned over the edge of the bed. John looked him in the eyes and found them to be the cobalt blue they were supposed to be. John was still suspicious though. Really, how hard would it be to change an androids eyes?

"Do the….do the disco face," John told him. Dorian turned his head and let his circuits light up.

"Well, you're two for three," John said when he found that to be blue as well.

"What's the third?" Dorian asked.

"The woman we saw in the park, what was her name?" John asked.

"At lunch today?" Dorian asked. John nodded.

"I don't know but you said her name was Caroline," Dorian told him. John smiled and let himself fall back down onto the bed.

"Well that was fun," John breathed as he relaxed.

"An MX will be here soon with some clothes for you and it's going to be a day or two for your new leg to come in," Dorian said. John jumped up onto his elbows and looked down at his missing leg.

"That green eyed bastard! I am so going to shoot that bucket of bolts in the head if I ever seen him again! What a pain in the ass!" John snarled.

The nurse brought in a wheelchair and the MX got back with a set of sweat pants and a hoody that had the department logo on them. John quickly changed and got into the chair. Moving around only by the power of his arms was a regular routine. He took that leg off every night to let it charge and had to get around that way. John went to push himself forward when Dorian grabbed his shoulder and made him sit back.

"I got you man," Dorian said and began to push the chair forward.

"Hey, I could get used to this," John smiled as Dorian took him from the hospital room and outside to where the cruiser was parked.

"Seeing as you are incapable of driving," Dorian said and brought John to the passenger side of the car.

"Yeah, yeah, don't get used to that!" John said and reached forward. He opened the door and grabbed the overhead handle to steady himself and got onto his one foot. He turned around and fell into the seat. John got settled in the seat and shut the door before pulling on his seat belt. Dorian nodded to himself and collapsed the wheelchair. He put it in the backseat and walked around the car.

"I have to say you are getting around quite well without your leg," Dorian said and he began to drive them back to the station.

"I didn't have a leg until five months after I woke up, how do you think I got around?" John asked him.

"Why did it take so long before you were issued a leg?" Dorian asked.

"At the time I wasn't sure if I could come back to the force and insurance wouldn't cover such an advanced prosthetic if I didn't come back. There was no way I could afford one on my own. I was starting to look at one of those metal curved ones that athletes used to use like thirty years ago," John explained.

"But then I would have had to go through six months of physical therapy to get the hang of walking on the damn thing instead of the one it took to get used to the newer version," John added.

"It took you five months to decide whether or not to come back to the force?" Dorian asked.

"I wanted to come back since I woke up, they were deciding if I could. I had internal affairs all over me on top of whether or not I could physically do the job. This was all before I realized Anna was the one that screwed me over!" John answered. Dorian looked over at John and didn't say anything. He drove John home. He watched as John got himself up to his apartment.

"So are you good for tonight? I could stay," Dorian offered. John laughed and shook his head.

"Yeah that's not happening, I'm fine Dorian. You can pick me up for roll call tomorrow though," John said.

"You think you're coming in to work?" Dorian asked. John raised an eyebrow at him.

"Yes, I've got crutches in my closet and my replacement leg will be here in a day or so right? Why wouldn't I be at work?" John asked.

"You just spent pretty much the entire day in surgery!" Dorian told him.

"And it was a lot easier than waking up from a year and a half coma, I didn't have to relearn everything…I feel fantastic! Best surgery I've ever had!" John smiled. Dorian shook his head.

"Alright if you're okay," Dorian said.

"I'm fine damnit! Would you stop hovering?" John asked.

"Alright, I'll pick you up in the morning," Dorian told him.

"Good, see you then," John said. Dorian said good bye and left the apartment. He dispatched an MX to keep an eye on the apartment outside of sight of the windows.

Once Dorian was out of sight John pulled himself out of his chair and sprawled across the floor. He then lifted his amputated thigh and cradled it the best he could. It hurt, it ached down into his bones. His nerve ending were on fire. It didn't hurt that much the first time, John blamed it on nerve damage from it being ripped off and replaced so soon.

"Son of a bitch!" John cursed. It was going to be a long night.

Richard looked up from his desk as John made his way across the bullpen to his desk.

"What the hell happened to your leg?" Richard asked noticing the detective getting around on crutches.

"Where have you been?" Kennex asked him.

"If you're asking about how you got your ass handed to you by a DRN, I heard. Why don't you have a new leg yet?" Richard asked.

"It's in the mail, as morbid as that sounds," John replied and sat down at his desk.

"So you're going to be working on crutches? Did you steal them out of your grandfather's closet?" Richard asked.

"Nope, your's," John said and started up his computer.

"You calling me old?" Richard asked.

"Sorry, I guess I should respect my elders," Kennex said with a smirk.

"There you're getting better at this," Richard smiled. Kennex smiled.

"So what if you have to chase down a suspect?" Richard asked.

"I'll shoot them," John answered. He unconsciously gripped at his still aching thigh. Paul laughed.

"No, seriously," Richard asked.

"Eh, Dorian will just have to run them down for me, better off that way since he doesn't get out of breath. I make him do it anyway," John said. Richard nodded. Richard raised an eyebrow at Kennex when his face briefly contorted from pain.

"You alright?" Richard asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," John grumbled and his hand dug in deeper into his thigh muscles.

"Yeah you look it," Richard replied and returned his attention back to his monitor.

Dorian came down into the bullpen and to John's desk.

"Another DRN has been reported missing," Dorian said.

"How many are in the city?" John asked.

"The department sold 50 to government agencies like N.A.S.A, 12 where bought at police auctions, and 5 have went missing from Police storage," Dorian told him.

"How many are in the city?" John repeated his question.

"Not counting myself, six more," Dorian answered.

"Make that Four," Dorian said after his face lit up with a report of two more missing DRNs.

"Why are DRN's suddenly a hot item? Let's go talk to owners," John said and grabbed his crutches and got up. They walked for the elevator and Richard held out his hand to Kennex.

"Here," He said. John reached out to him and Richard slipped him a small pill bottle. John looked at it, they were pain pills.

"Thanks," John said and pocketed them.