I'm not known to have many friends. In fact, I don't have any at all. I can only really depend on myself and my family. My parents say I should get out more and get off the computer, but the thing is...
I'm afraid to go out. I'm afraid that everyone will pick on me, like they always have. They make me feel bad about myself, make me think that there is nothing left for me in this world. I don't go out because I'm reminded of how lonely I am.

My name is Edge. I'm 12 years old and I adore video games. I love how they work, how the game makes you want to be part of everything that happens. My favourite by far has to be the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. Especially Explorers of Sky. The character building is holding a record at the moment. No game is more emotional than this. I feel like the in-game partner is my real life friend (if I had one).

My life is pretty plain. Wake up during the week, get ready for school, 6 hours of boredom, and I head back home. But it's always when I'm walking back when they find me. A whole gang of losers how only care about themselves. One of them even used to be my best friend. We met in primary school, during Anti-Bullying week. When I first heard about it, I thought it meant that all of the bullies would be allowed to roam free and do whatever they liked. The whole week before, I was trying to think of a way to 'Stop Anti-Bullying week'. That's when I met Alex. He was also worried. Together, we tried to brainstorm some ideas, but it was too late. We sat next to eachother the next day in assembly, when the teacher announced that it was Anti-Bullying week, and explained that they hoped that everyone would help with the projects to 'Stop Bullying'. Me and Alex looked at eachother, finally realising it. God, we were dumb.

I walk through the door, go to my room, and dump my bag on my bed. I sit down next to it, and think about my day.
1) Worst subjects
2) Forgot my homework and got told off. Again
3) Got picked on again
Yet another crappy day at school. I decide to take my mind off it by playing Portal on my laptop. Puzzle games make my concentrate so much, I forget almost everything I was thinking about before. I'm almost at the final chamber where you (spoiler alert) battle GLaDOS. I'm determined to get past that room full of turrets this time, I've been stuck on it for ages.

9 o'clock. Time to sleep. I lie in my bed, the thick blanket covering me to my chest. I remember the time when me and Alex were friends, a happy thought always helps me get to sleep. But I'm always reminded about how lonely I am. I remember that everyone is against me. Every night, when I do manage to fall asleep, there is a tear in my eye. And tonight was no exception. There are tear-drops flowing down my cheeks. I grip onto the necklace Dad gave me before he died. I'll never take this off. I feel stronger when I grip it, as if Dad is helping me through. I feel a little more better now. And with that, I slowly close my eyes...
and drift into sleep.

I think I can hear my alarm going off. I try to open my eyes, but I can't. I can't even move. What's going on? Normally, I'd have got out of bed and turned the alarm off by now, but I can't do anything. My body doesn't feel right, like it isn't mine. My hearing improves slightly, and instead of my alarm, I hear chirping. Am I outside? How did I get out here? I weakly manage to open my eyes, and I see that I am indeed outside. I can see the swaying trees above me, and I feel the soft grass beneath me.
Where am I?
I'm starting to drift off again. Can't stay awake for long. My eyes flutter shut, and the environment around me fades away.

It feels like forever. How long has it been since I passed out? I'm just stuck here in this black space, waiting for something to happen. How did I get in the middle of that forest? Where was that forest? All these questions running through my head, searching for an answer. When all of a sudden, I hear a voice.
"Hasss he got anything on him?"
"Nope. No Poké, no berries, nothing." I hear a hissing noise? Was there a snake with those people? It was too loud to be a regular snake, though.
"I'm getting sssick of this. Either they don't have much, or they don't have anything at all. We should sssstop preying on the weak onessss and sssstart to aim for the ssstronger looking Pokemon." Is this guy crazy? Pokemon aren't real. But putting that aside, by the way he's talking, I think he might be mugging me.
"What about this necklace? You think it'll sell for a good price?"
"Nah. Let's just leave thissss weakling to die. He'sss hardly breathing."
And the voices stopped.

What happened just now? What did that guy mean by 'Hardly breathing'. Was this darkness death? Was I just a corpse under a tree, where no-one could find me? I feel fear. I've always been afraid of what happens after death. Was this the answer? Eternal darkness? Lost in my thoughts, I see a glimpse of light in the distance, and a voice emanating from it. I'm drawn closer, feeling fresh air coming from the light. I start to hear the birds chirping again, and that same voice. I go through, and everything begins.

"Are you OK?"