A Decent Replica Fic

            Note:  First of all, I do not own replica, Marilyn Kaye does.  Second of all, if you are wondering what happened to my last fan fiction, it came to my attention that my story was very much like another on this site.  Deepest apologies, as this was not done on purpose, and I am sorry.

            Eric Morgan spotted Amy walking down the sidewalk, and waved to her.  His perfect girlfriend greeted him with a smile, and was full of good news.

            "Oh, Eric!  You'll never believe what happened!" Amy shrieked giddily.

            Eric knew that Amy was full of surprises, and had known ever since he had found out about her unique genome.  "I give up," he said cluelessly.

            "The organization is finally gone!  I can live my life like a normal person!  Finally, I don't have to hide myself from the world.  Oh, Eric, I'm so happy!" she said, hugging him.

            "That's great!  Now you can shoot from the end of the driveway without getting in trouble," he joked, tossing her the basketball.

            Amy gave him a sarcastic look.  "Well, my mother still doesn't want me showing off too much, but I'm allowed to show that I'm above average.  I mean, after the news comes out tonight, the world will know anyway."

            "Are you sure that's a good thing, Amy?" Eric asked reproachfully.  "The organization isn't the only threat a genetically altered clone has in this society."

            "Oh, don't worry," Amy said.  "Mr. Devon said that everything will fall into place soon.  He really was on my side all along."

            "That's great!" he said.  "I'm so happy for you, Amy.  Now I can be a normal boyfriend, with a perfectly normal girlfriend," he smiled.

            Amy's heart felt light as a bird.  "You mean it?" she asked, remembering their breakup.

            "Absolutely," he said.  "As long as you mean it," he said, thinking about Chris and Andy Five, both of whom Amy had been with in the past.

            "Okay," she said.  "Andy may be a clone, but he's not the one who worried about me when I had that terrible fever, and the one who tried to save me from the hospital."

            "And the one who helped save your mother from that Brad Carrington guy, and the nice guy who tried was with you when you suddenly turned twenty-five," Eric reminded her playfully.

            Tasha entered the scene with a typical kid-sister remark.  "Egotistical, much?"

            Amy smiled.  Tasha already knew the good news.

            About a week later at Parkside, Linda Riviera sat boredly in her room, staring at the ceiling.  Recently, she had discovered that she was a clone or Renee Riche, who wanted to steal her healthy organs.  Now, everyone treated her like a freak.  Amy Candler, on the other hand, was treated like a hero for stopping an armed future sniper, Annie Perralut.  Why couldn't Linda have been made perfect too?  She sighed to herself, wishing that her old friend, Jeanine were still there.  She would know what to do.

            "You've got mail," the voice on her computer said.

            Linda looked at her screen, and went pale as if she had seen a ghost.

Date                              Sender                                    Subject        

10/28/02        MissJeanine@hotmail.com                 Advice

            This had to be a trick, Linda thought.  There was no way that Jeanine could have contacted her after all of this time.  Just no way.  Still, her curiosities made her open it anyway.

Hi, Linda.

            This may come as a shock to you, but this is Jeanine.  Yes, I am dead, but yes, I found access to a computer.  I spoke to Annie Perralut, one of Amy Candler's famous clones, and she told me that the organization has a new plan.  They can give you and your friends, or nice volunteers Project Crescent Perfection if you are willing to destroy the Amys, starting with Amy Candler.  If you meet me at El Taco Rico at 6:30 tomorrow, we'll talk then.



            Linda had a look of pure shock on her face.  Dead people didn't have computers, that was just lame!  And Jeanine, despite her struggle to come out on top, would never want to kill Amy Candler.  Nothing made sense, but it must have been a hoax.  Still, she really did want Amy powers, and what if whoever was disguising as Jeanine was telling the truth?