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            Amy tried to run as fast as she could, but the treatment that Aly had received made her extremely fast.  "Slow down, Aly!" Amy shrieked.  "I can't hardly see you, let alone keep up with you!"

            "I'll drag you," Aly said.  "I'm fast now!" 

            Amy groaned at the thought that Aly would drag her.  She was so used to being on top of things, and number one, that having someone, especially Aly, become superior to her all of a sudden, made her feel a bit envious.  "Do we have to go this fast?" Amy asked.  "I hardly think that Annie is going to create a master race in the five minutes we would lose at my speed."

            "Seven minutes," Aly corrected.

            Amy was shocked.  Aly really had become stronger.  It was something to think about.  "Amy, we're here," Aly said as they reached the organization's building.

            Obviously Aly's superior physical qualities did not make her any more of a leader.  "What should we do?" Aly asked casually.

            "Looks like we have to fight," Amy said, as she eyed an army of the accelerated, emotionless Andys.

            "Oh no!" Amy said.  She, for once in her life, had no idea what to do, as the Andys charged in on them.

            "They're emotionless, right?" Aly asked Amy.  "Five told me that they have no loyalty.  Just give them something better to do!"

            Amy groaned.  "Fine," she said.  It was a bit annoying that she hadn't thought of that.  Also, it was very annoying that the information had come from Five. 

            "You guys," Amy said.  "Stop!" she commanded. 

            To her shock, each one of the Andys came to a halt.  "The organization is planning on destroying you as soon as they get their control," Amy lied. 

            "And those Amy girlfriends they promised you are…dead," Aly finished the yarn, as she looked around nervously.

            Fortunately, having no emotion meant that these Andys could not sense any in Aly's eyes.  "Really?" an Andy asked.  "I thought it was something like that," he said.

            "We should stop the organization," another Andy said.  "If they want to kill us, we'll have to kill them first."

            "I don't want to," another Andy said.  "I want to sit down."

            "Fine, who cares.  I'm fighting them," one Andy said.

            "Fine, let's go then," another Andy said.

            "They're on our side!" Aly squealed triumphantly.

            Luckily, Amy One, Five, and Eight had come out to find them.  "The other Amys and Andys are as eager to get out of here as you are.  We already took care of Sebastien and Andy, but we can't find Andy Nine anywhere," Amy Five said regretfully.

            "Let's go!" Amy One said.  "I want to get out of here!"

            "Yeah," Andy Eleven said.  "This place is creepy!"

            "Are Tasha and Eric alright?" Amy demanded.

            "Is Karen?" Aly squealed.

            "Yes, yes, they're all fine," Amy Five said.  "But you'll have to live with a superior neighbor," she said.  "They gave Tasha the treatment too.

……………………………………One Week Later……………………………………………………………………

            "All the other Amys got home safely, didn't they?" Tasha asked Amy.

            "Yes, I think so," Amy said.  "It's too bad about Andy, Number Nine."

            "Yeah," Tasha said.  "It's too bad I lost my powers.  That would have been cool."

            "Don't worry," Amy said.  "I like you the way you are, Tasha."

            "Thanks," Tasha said.  "The way you are is good too, though.  I just feel sorry for Aly.  I wonder how she's taking this," Tasha said.

            "She sent me an e-mail this morning," Amy said.  "Something in her genetic code accepted the treatment somehow, since she's an Amy.  She deteriorated, but only to the skill level of the average Amy."

            "Aimee Evans, or Ten, must have lived then," Tasha said.

            "Yes," Amy said.  "She'll be back to normal soon."

            "Normal for her," Tasha said lamely.  "Not normal like me."

            "Tasha, you're an excellent writer, and you speak your mind.  You're still not "normal," Amy said.

            "Thanks," Tasha said.  "Do you really think my writing is good?" she asked.

            "I know it is," Amy said.  "I can't write like that!"


            Andy, Number Nine walked into the room where Annie lay motionless on the floor.  He wondered which one she was.  All he knew was that his Amy was accelerated, but he never knew her at all.  "Annie?  Amy, Number Nine?" he asked her, seeing the wires exposed as she lay, broken.

            "They already rebuilt you once," Andy Nine cried.  "Now I'll never know you.  Unless I rebuild you."

            Although there was little chance that Andy Nine could ever rebuild his supposed beloved, he knew that he had to try.  Little did he know, that he probably never could.hap