So this is it for Purrfect Life...for now. I tried to wrap everything up but also leave it to where I can write a sequel at a later time. Hope you enjoy.



With his head down, Harry took a seat at the desk next to Mike's. He could feel dozens of pairs of nosey eyes on him, but he was doing his best to ignore them.

"Relax, Orion," Mike couched. "Just ignore everyone," he said loudly while glaring warningly at his classmates. What was with them and new students? They stared at them like they were exhibits in a freak show or something.

Harry was terrified and all he wanted was his Emmett, his dominant, but Emmett was all the way at the opposite end of the school. Was Emmett missing him and needing him as much as he missed and needed him? How could Emmett just walk away from him like that? Was he being punished for being a bad Neko?

Whimpering, Harry pinched his arm harshly to jolt himself out of his depressing thoughts. He knew that he was being stupid, he knew that Emmett wasn't punishing him, but his Neko still felt abandoned. His Neko just didn't understand how their dominant could just walk away knowing how scared they were. A good dominant was supposed to protect his mate, not abandon him.

Mike hated seeing the normally happy and hyper kid so sad and scared. He wished that there was more he could do for him, but class was getting ready to start. Feeling a tapping on his shoulder, he turned in his seat to find a grinning Eric Yorkie leaning over his desk to get his attention.

"Hey, whose the new kid?" Eric asked curiously, his camera dangling from his neck.

"Forget it," Mike warned. "Orion is kind of with the Cullens, I wouldn't advise writing a story about him in the school paper."

Eric's eyes widened comically. "What do you mean by, he's with the Cullens?"

"He means," Harry spun around angrily, tired of people asking questions about him and being nosey. "He means that Emmett and I are together. Lovers!" He clarified when the boy just stared at him with his mouth open.

"L-Lovers?" Eric stuttered. "But...but Emmett isn't gay."

"He was this morning when he sucked my..."

"Whoa!" Mike choked, slapping his hand over Orion's mouth. "Just a little too much information there, Orion."

Bottom lip trembling, Harry dropped his eyes to the ground. "Was I bad?" He asked sadly.

"Not bad," Mike was quick to reassure, "But what you and Emmett get up to first thing in the morning, or any other time of the day or night, is none of our business."

"Sorry," Harry blushed, "but he wasn't being very nice."

Mike subtly shook his head no when Eric opened his mouth. "I think we just blew his mind a bit, that's all," he said, defending his friend. "Eric's alright, Orion."

Harry turned to look at the kid that said Emmett wasn't gay. What the hell did he know about his dominant, Emmett was his? "Sorry," he grudgingly apologized. "But I don't like people asking questions about me when I'm right here and can answer them myself."

Mike couldn't contain his laughter, he was seeing a whole other side to sweet, huggable, Orion. It made him relax a bit knowing that Orion could be a bit scrappy when he needed to be. "Eric's nosey, but completely harmless. He wants to be a reporter, its in his nature to be curious."

"Curious is alright, but rude isn't," Harry mumbled, turning his black on the dark haired boy.

Mike shook his head no at Eric again. His friend would be better off if he just kept his mouth shut. He knew how possessive and protective Emmett was of Orion, he didn't doubt for a second that he would rearrange Eric's face for upsetting boyfriend.

Frowning, Eric sat back in his seat and wisely kept his mouth shut. He hadn't meant to upset the kid, he had just wanted to know who he was. He didn't know what to think about him and Cullen being together, that just seemed a bit hard to believe. The kid he totally pegged as gay, but Cullen?


Softly whimpering, Harry tore his eyes away from the clock. Could the damn thing tick any slower? He just wanted his first class to end so he could see Emmett and take in his calming scent. How was he going to leave Emmett again after only seeing him for five minutes before going to his second class? He hated this...this was the worst ever!

"You hanging in there, Orion?" Mike whispered, worried about his friend.

Unable to stop himself, Harry eyes flicked back up to the clock hanging above the door for the hundredth time. This was only his first class of the day, he still had something like six hours left to go. There was no way in hell he was going to survive this day.

With a grin, Mike playfully kicked Orion's foot and gave him a wink. "Class is almost over," he mouthed.

Harry grinned back at Mike. He wished it was the school day that almost over, but at least he would be able to see Emmett in a few minutes. Having Mike here with him helped, Mike was a great friend.

Mike chuckled to himself when the bell rang and Orion jumped to his feet. "Wait for me!" He cried. He wanted to make sure Emmett or one of the other Cullen's were out in the hall waiting for Orion before leaving him.

Harry couldn't contain his excitement when he spotted Emmett casually leaning against the lockers waiting for him. With a squeal, he launched into his dominant's arms. This was where he belonged, in Emmett's arms. He didn't need school, he had more than enough money to see him through the rest of his life and it wasn't like he was going to be able to go out and get a job anyway. Just because Dumbledore was dead didn't mean that his life was no longer in danger. Dominants could still sniff him out and kidnap him. Besides, he was perfectly happy being a house kitty

"Hey now, it has barely been an hour. You couldn't have missed me that much?" Emmett joked.

Frowning, Harry slid out of Emmett's arms and dropped his head submissively. Had he been bad? Hadn't his dominant missed him too?

Cursing, Emmett pulled Orion to his chest and wrapped his beefy arms around him. Orion normally wasn't this submissive, not since Sirius blood adopted him, this damn school thing had him all out of whack. "No pouting, you know I missed the hell out of you."

Purring, Harry melted into Emmett's arm. "M'sorry, I'm such a damn mess."

"I love you, kitten, always remember that." Emmett stressed.

"I know." Harry whimpered. "But convincing my Neko of that is hard. He thinks you're punishing us."

Sighing, Emmett looked to his watch. "I'm not punishing you, but we have to get to our next classes."

Feeling panicky, Harry clung tighter to Emmett. "Please don't make me!" He cried desperately.

Looking over his shoulder, Emmett snarled at the crowd that was standing there staring at them. His instincts were screaming at him to take Orion and run, but he knew that Carlisle would be mad if he did.

Meeting his brother's eyes, whom he could feel was losing it to his vampire, Jasper tapped Orion on the shoulder. "We have art next and I could really use a partner."

"Don't want to." Harry mumbled into Emmett's chest.


Emmett shoved Orion into his brother's arms and grabbed the jock who shouted fag at them and slammed him against the locker. "Damn right I'm a fag. You have something to say about it?"

Trembling, the senior football player fearfully shook his head no. "Sorry, dude, I was just joking."

"Joke again and next time your skull will be going through one of these lockers. Got it?"

"G-Got it!" The teen stuttered.

With one last warning glare, Emmett literally dropped the teen, chuckling when he landed on his back. "Tell your buddies the same will happen to them if they mess with Orion."

Scrambling away from Emmett, the teen got to his feet and fled down the hall.

"I want to go home." Harry said in a small voice when Emmett walked back to him.

"Don't let them win, kitten."

Sniffling, Harry turned away from Emmett and looked to Jasper. "Can you show me to art class?" He asked in a voice void of all emotion.

"Yeah." Jasper said, looking over Orion to Emmett. His brother looked devastated that his mate turned away from him.

It took everything in Emmett to not punch the lockers after his brother walked off with his mate. Was maintaining a human image worth putting his mate through this? Orion couldn't help how he was and he hated hurting him over something like school, something they could do from home.


Harry was feeling both mentally and physically exhausted by the time lunch came around. The classes, while he hated them, he could handle, it was the limited contact he was having with his mate that was draining him. It was now starting to physically hurt him and he was praying that getting to sit with him for forty five minutes for lunch would help take the pain away and see him through the rest of the day. He was no longer going to complain about school, it didn't help and he didn't want to be a pain. He was just going to bite his tongue and suffer through it.

Emmett was worried about his mate, he had been uncharacteristic quiet ever since he picked him up from his last class.

"How are doing, Orion?" Rosalie asked kindly. This was her first time seeing Harry since they arrived at school that morning. Jasper had told her that the Neko was having a rough time of it and that Emmett had to go after one of the football jocks, she hoped that things were settling down now.

Taking a seat in the chair Emmett pulled out for him, Harry leaned into Emmett's side and closed his eyes. All he wanted to do was sit quietly and soak in his dominant's scent and warmth. He wasn't even hungry.

Emmett gave his kitten a little shake. "Orion, Rosalie asked you a question."

"Sorry." Harry mumbled. "I'm fine, Rose, thank you for asking."

Edward shook his head letting his brother know that Orion wasn't being honest. "How has your first day been? Made any new friends?"

Sighing heavily, Harry reluctantly opened his eyes. Why couldn't they all just leave him alone and allow him to reconnect with his dominant mate. "Met a nosy kid by the name of Eric who said Emmett wasn't gay. I tried to tell him that Emmett was gay this morning when he sucked my cock, but Mike covered my mouth. Other than that, I haven't talked to anyone besides Mike."

Emmett threw his head back and started to laugh loudly. "That's my little kitten! You tell them baby."

Giggling, Orion snuggled back into Emmett's side. He was already starting to feel a bit better now that he had Emmett.

Emmett opened the lunch Esme packed for Orion and laid it out in front of him. "Eat." He ordered.

"Not really hungry." Harry complained despite his stomach rumbling. He had barely touched his breakfast that morning due to his nerves, but his nerves weren't doing much better now.

"Orion, don't make me order you to eat." Emmett warned. It wasn't often that he pulled the dominant card, but he would if he had to. Orion was too small to miss meals.

Bowing his head in shame, Orion started to nibble on the chicken sandwich Esme packed. Normally he loved chicken, but right now everything tasted like cardboard.

"I'll get him some milk." Alice offered, climbing gracefully to her feet. "Milk always perks him up."

Emmett didn't know what to say or do to make Orion feel better so he chose to keep his mouth shut and rub his back. He could feel the eyes of all the students in the cafeteria staring at them, but luckily Orion was too busy sulking over having to be in school to notice them.

Harry managed to eat a half a sandwich and all his milk before his stomach started protesting. "Please, Em." He begged softly. "If you force me to eat the rest I'm going to vomit it back up."

Sighing, Emmett leaned in and claimed Orion's lips. "I'm sorry for forcing you, you know that I worry."

"I know." Harry said as he butted his head under Emmett's chin, much like a real cat would do. "Just, please be patient with me. I'm trying really hard here to please you and our dads, but this is very hard on me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better."

"There's only three more classes, love." Emmett encouraged. "And two of them you have with Mike." He was worried about Orion's French class, there wouldn't be anyone he knew in it.

"Biology, French, and gym." Harry said as he took a deep breath. "Promise me that you're mine for the rest of the night?" He needed Emmett desperately after all this separation.

"I won't even let you out of my sight while you use the bathroom." Emmett winked.

Harry wagged his eyebrows up and down. "Kinky!"

"Please!" Jasper gagged.

Rubbing his head, Edward looked up grimacing. "At least you're not getting the picture in HD."

Blushing, Harry buried his face in Emmett's chest.

"Orion, Alice and I won't be in your gym class like we thought. When we got our schedules this morning we saw that they changed them." Edward explained, hoping that the Neko wouldn't break down crying.

Harry's bottom lip gave a slight tremble. "Oh, that's ok." He said, swallowing around the lump in his throat.

Emmett squeezed his submissive's hand. "Mike is your class and I know you're going to love gym."

Harry plastered on a fake smile. "I'll be fine, Em. You don't have to worry about me."

"I'll always worry, love."


Entering his French class, Harry was feeling extremely anxious. There was no Mike in this class or any of his family. For the first time since he ran away on the beach and Garret found him, he was all on his own. He may have wished a few times that he could get away from everyone, but now that he got his wish he didn't want it.

"Hey, fag boy!"

Looking up from his notebook, Harry noticed that the guy Emmett attacked that morning in the hall was sitting next to him. The guy was big, at least a senior, and by the football jersey he was wearing he was obviously on the school football team. He had to wonder if he failed a grade or two, he looked too old to still be in school.

"Fag boy?" Harry asked unimpressed. "Is that all you can come up with? There are hundreds of insulting names for gay people and the best you can come up with is, fag boy? My favorites are, mattress muncher, sperm gurgler, and cock jockey. Incase you don't understand their meanings, mattress muncher refers to me biting the mattress or my pillow as Emmett takes me wonderfully from behind. My favorite position mind you. Sperm gurgler is in reference to when I suck Emmett so hard he blows in my mouth and down my throat. Again, a favorite of mine. Cock jockey is because I love riding Emmett's cock like a jockey loves riding his Thoroughbred."

Leaning in, Harry whispered. "I'm not usually one to brag, but my Emmett's cock is as big as a thoroughbreds. Damn near spilt me in two the first time we had sex."

At first the jock was speechless, but then he started laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes. "You're pretty witty for a...fudge packer. I think I'm going to like you."

"Fudge Packer, that's a bit better." Harry said, relaxing his tense muscles. He may not have shown it on the outside, but the encounter had terrified him. "But for future reference, Emmett is the fudge packer and I'm the one getting packed."

Shaking his head, the jock leaned back in his chair. "I was all set to come in here and insult you until you started crying, but you're not half bad. The gay thing will take some getting use to, but I think I can handle it. I'm sorry if I upset you."

Harry snorted. "Were you honestly going to start something with me knowing that Emmett Cullen is my boyfriend? Have you not seen the size of him?"

The jock grimaced. "I have never been accused of being smart. How about we not tell him about this?"

"He's going to find out." Harry grinned knowing that Edward had probably seen the entire conversation in his head, "but I won't let Emmett hurt you."

"Look, a warning." The jock said seriously. "There's a few guys on the football team who don't like gays. Just be careful and watch your back."

"Thanks." Harry frowned. For the most part he wasn't worried since he was normally always with Emmett, the rest of the Cullen's, or Mike, but it only took a second for someone to hurt him.

"Dude, my name's Sean Baker."

"Orion Black." Harry introduced.


Harry was relieved when only Emmett met him outside his classroom and, from the smile on his face, Edward hadn't told him about what happened with the Sean. Once you got to know him, Sean wasn't all that bad. He wasn't the brightest, but he could see that Sean tried.

"One more class." Emmett said happily. "What's the first thing you want to do when we get home?"

"You!" Harry grinned cheekily.

Growling, Emmett picked Orion up and spun him in a circle. "I'm all yours, kitten."

"Do you two ever quit?" Mike joked as he stopped next to the kissing pair. "Orion, we're going to be late for gym if we don't get going. It's all the way at the other end of the school and we have less than two minutes."

Harry wiggled out of his dominants arms, gym was the only class he had been looking forward to. "What do you think we will be doing today? Do you think I'll get to climb the rope?"

Mike wasn't surprised when Emmett followed them even though his last class of the day wasn't anywhere near the gym. He didn't know how Emmett did it, but the guy was freakishly fast. "Coach usually gives us a mock fitness test on the first day and climbing the rope is normally included."

"Yes!" Harry cried. "I love climbing."

Emmett stopped Mike before he entered the locker room. "Look out for him. I heard that the football team plans to start something and I really don't feel like killing on our first day back."

Mike inclined his head. "You know that I will. I adore Orion, he's like the little brother that I never had."

"I know, that's why I'm trusting you to have his back."

As Emmett turned to head to his own class, he came face to face with Sean Baker. He didn't want to upset Orion so he hadn't let on that he knew what happened during his French class, but Edward had texted him during the incident. He was shocked and impressed with how well Orion and handled himself. Before the blood adoption Orion never would have been able to stand up for himself like that.

Sean held his hands up in surrender and backed away from Cullen. "Hey, I didn't hurt him and I'm not gonna. Orion's alright and I like him!"

"For a fag boy?" Emmett asked, his eyes darkening.

All the color drained from Sean's face. "Hey, I apologized to Orion."

Emmett advanced on the jock until he backed him into a wall. "If you or any of your goons hurt him in anyway, I will make sure that your bodies are never found."

Sean nodded his head. "Like I said, I like Orion.

Emmett glared at the jock for another minute before turning and heading to his own class. He was going to be late, but he didn't care. He hoped the threat to Baker worked, Edward said that after the initial confrontation Baker had been nice to his mate. Hopefully he would be smart enough to pass his warning on to the rest of his teammates.


Smiling fondly, Mike placed a hand on Orion's shoulder. The kid was so excited that he was literally vibrating. "You're going to wear yourself out before the coach blows his whistle with all the bouncing you're doing. Chill out!"

"Can't help it, want to run." Harry said with a large grin on his face.

"Pace yourself, this is only the first test."

"It's only a mile." Harry scoffed. "I can run this in my sleep." With a wink, he sprung forward when the whistle blew and took off running as fast as he could. Being a Neko really didn't make him any faster, not like vampires and their super speed, but running when he was little meant survival so he learned to be fast. Dudley was easy to outrun, but no so much Piers and a few other members of Dudley's gang.

Mike wasn't surprised when Orion outran the entire class, the kid had more energy than a toddler hyped up on a pound of sugar. Orion wasn't even panting or sweating and he was still bouncing on his feet with excitement.

"Good show, Black." The couch praised. "You didn't even break a sweat."

Harry winced when a large teen walked past him and slammed him in the shoulder with his shoulder. He wondered if he was one of the football players that didn't like gay guys?

"That's Todd Pence." Mike panted, still trying to catch his breath. He came in forth, better than what he normally placed, but unlike Orion he was feeling the burn. "Ignore him, he's pissed because you're the first ever to beat him in the mile run."

"Beat him!" Harry snorted. "I cremated him. What's next?"

Mike threw his arm over Orion, still struggling to catch his breath. "Either sit-ups or chin-ups."

"Hmmm, I don't think I'll be very good at chin-ups, I don't have much in the way of muscles, but I should place in the top ten in sit-ups."

"With the way you climb, I say you'll place in the top three."

With a grin plastered on his face, Harry followed Mike back into the school, ignoring a group of guys that were glaring at him. Sean was with the group, but he could see that he was trying to get them to stop.

"You seemed to have charmed Sean Baker." Mike said with a grin.

"He's in my French class. He didn't like me at first, but now we get on. He's not that bad."

"Sean's alright." Mike admitted. "My dad just hired him at the Fun Zone."

"That's great, maybe I'll see him next time I go. I can't wait!"

"Alright class!" The couch boomed. "Three at a time on the bar. You have one minute to show me how many chin-ups you can do. Black, Newton, and Pence, you're up."

"Show me up in this queer and you'll be sorry." Todd spat as he walked past Harry.

"You'll be the one who will be sorry." Mike spat back. "Not only will you have Cullen to deal with if you mess with Orion, but also me."

Harry could feel his magic wanting to respond to the threat by enhancing his arm strength. He was tempted to let his magic help him win, but he wanted to do this on his own. He loved to climb, but he had never done just chin-ups before so he didn't know if he would be any good at them. When the whistle blew, he grit his teeth and pulled his chin over the bar.

Arms feeling like jello, he dropped to the ground giggling. "That was fun!" he painted to Mike who had fallen to the ground next to him.

"You're a beast." Mike huffed. "How the hell did those spaghetti arms of yours manage twenty chin-ups?"

"I guess all the climbing I do." Harry grinned. "I have you to thank you that."

"Black, I don't think anyone will be able to beat that. Pence is usually my top athlete and he only managed sixteen."

Harry looked to Pence, rolling his eyes when the boy mouthed, "you're dead", behind the coach's back. He really wasn't too worried about Pence, he had already proven that he could outrun the other boy.

Harry relaxed next to Mike on the bleachers as the others kids took their turns. The coach was right, none of the other kids even came close to beating him. "My arms feel like jello." He snickered. "Hopefully I can still climb the rope." With a sigh he looked wistfully at the rope that went all the way to the gym ceiling.

"I know this morning was a bit rocky, but how have you liked Forks High so far?"

"Guess not too bad." Harry reluctantly admitted. "Gym has been a lot of fun, but I just hate being away from Emmett."

"You really love him!" Mike said in wonderment. "I can't imagine loving someone as much as you love Emmett and as much as he loves you. It's almost magical."

"You have no idea." Harry giggled.

"Alright, class, we have time for one more event. Let's hit the ropes."

Harry jumped excitedly to his feet. "Yes!"

"Black and Pence, since you two are our top placers, you're first on the ropes. Black, think you can keep up your winning streak?"

"Most definitely!" Harry cried. "Climbing is my thing."

"Beating the shit out of little fags is my thing!" Todd whispered menacingly in Harry's ear.

Harry turned and looked smugly at the older boy. "Smashing the face in of anyone stupid enough to fuck with me is my boyfriend's thing." He shot back sarcastically.

"Cullen won't always be around." Todd growled.

Smirking, Harry walked up to the thick rope and grabbed a hold of it. "Yes he will!"

"When the whistle blows men. First one to the top wins."

Harry grimaced when the other teen spit on his hands before grabbing the rope.

"Come on, Orion!" Sean cheered. "You got this!"

Harry was concentrating too hard on the coach to acknowledge Sean. When the whistle blew, he was up the rope and touching the ceiling before Todd Pence could get half way up his rope. With a triumphant cry, he slid back down the rope where Mike and Sean were waiting to congratulate him.

Angrily storming past Harry, Todd gave him the middle finger. "You're dead meat, fag!" He hissed lowly.

Harry was too excited to care about the other guy. He had just beaten everyone in three different events. Gym class was the best!


Harry was pulling his shirt over his head when someone slammed painfully into him, sending him into the locker room lockers.

"Leave him alone, Todd!" Mike bellowed, rushing to Orion's' rescue.

Feeling a bit dazed, Harry finished pulling his shirt over his head, whimpering when he spotted some blood. Feeling his head, he found a medium size lump with a small cut. The cut wasn't bad, but head wounds tended to bleed a lot.

"I'm going to make him pay!" Todd spat. "I'm going to show the fa..."

Mike ducked just in time when Todd went sailing over his head and into the coach' office door. Gaping like an idiot, he looked back to find Emmett Cullen standing there looking enraged enough to kill. Not only had he easily picked Todd up, who was probably close to six feet tall, but he had also tossed him across the room a good twenty feet as if Todd weighed nothing. He always knew that Emmett Cullen was strong, but that was almost inhumanly strong.


Emmett ignored the coach's bellowing and rushed to his mate who was standing there looking dazed and confused with his hand covering his bloody head. "Speak to me, kitten, are you alright?"

Harry started to nod his head, but stopped with a whimper when pain shot through it. "How did you know?"

Emmett gently peeled Orion's hand from his head, cursing when he saw the bloody cut and bruised lump. "Alice saw, but not soon enough for me to stop it from happening."

"Cullen, Newton, Black, and Pence to the office!" The coach raged.

"Orion needs to see the nurse." Mike pointed out.

"Todd too." Sean said as he helped his team mate to his feet. "I think his shoulder's dislocated."

Harry was trying to dodge Emmett's probing fingers. "M'fine, Emmett."

Emmett was solely focused on his submissive, he needed him as a distraction to keep from killing Pence. Never had he wanted a humans blood as much as he wanted that bastard's. "I'll carry you to the office."

Harry didn't protest when Emmett swung him up into his arms and carried him bridal style out of the locker room. His head was pounding and all he wanted to do was close his eyes.

"Don't go to sleep, Orion, not until Carlisle has looked at you. Edward has already called him."

"How do you know?"

"Because I'm right here." Edward announced.

Harry's eyes fluttered open long enough to see Edward walking next to them. "Are we in trouble?"

"Don't care." Emmett growled. "I promised you that I would be never let anyone hurt you again, I'm sorry that I was too late."

Harry wanted to argue that he wasn't too late, but they were entering the school's office where the principal was waiting for them.

The principal held her hand up to stop anyone from talking. "Before we get into pointing fingers, I want the injured in the nurses office. Only the injured." She stressed, glaring at Emmett.

"I'm not leaving Orion alone with him!" Emmett growled.

"This isn't up for debate, Mr. Cullen." The principal said sternly.

Emmett pulled Orion tighter to his chest. He would walk right out of the office and this damn school before he left Orion alone with Pence. "Your right, it's not up for debate. Pence attacked Orion for being gay, like hell will I leave him alone with my boyfriend."

Sighing, the principal looked at all the boys present. The Cullen's had always kept to themselves, never even so much as getting a detention. Pence on the other hand, Todd Pence has always been a trouble maker. "Mr. Newton, what happened?" She figured Newton would tell her the truth, he was a good, straight A kid, who had never been in her office or received detention from any of his teachers.

"It was Todd, mam. He was mad that Orion beat him in all the challenges and he kept threatening him and calling him fag. Orion ignored him, but then Todd attacked him in the locker room while he was getting changed. I tried to help Orion, but that's when Emmett showed up."

"Lies!" Todd cried.

"Mike's not lying." Sean spoke up. He didn't want to go against his team mate and friend, but Todd had been wrong to attack Orion like that. "There are some members of the football team who don't like that we have a gay couple in the school, Todd's one of them. They're not stupid enough to go after Cullen so they're planning on making Orion's life hell."

The principal pinched the bridge of her nose and counted to twenty. She had been expecting something like this to happen when she had spotted the two boys kissing that morning. "Mr. Baker, take Mr. Pence to the nurse's office and have her look at his shoulder. It looks dislocated to me so he will probably end up at the hospital. Mr. Cullen, you take Mr. Black into my office. I already received a call from your father, he's on his way and he said that he would treat Mr. Black."

Emmett was glad to get away from Pence, he had never had to fight so hard for control. With Edward leading the way and Mike following them, he carried Orion into the Principal's office and gently placed him on a chair so he could better look at his head.

"When will Carlisle get here?" Emmett asked as he prodded his mate's injury. It really wasn't bad, it didn't look like it would need stitches or anything, but there was blood and that was enough for his vampire to want to kill Pence.

"He's just now entering the building. Sirius is with him."

Other than a pounding headache, Harry didn't feel that bad. He hoped that Sirius wouldn't freak out on anyone and cause a scene. "You won't be arrested will you?" He asked his mate fearfully.

Emmett couldn't answer his mate's question so he just placed a soft kiss on his forehead. He didn't think Pence would press charges against him seeing as Orion could press charges against him, but Pence was a little shit so anything was possible.

Carlisle calmly entered the office with a not so calm Sirius behind him. "Pup, are you ok?" Sirius asked, rushing to his son's side.

Harry flinched back when his dad went to poke at his head. "I'm fine, dad, it's just a bump."

"I'll kill him." Sirius snarled.

"Dad, I have had much worse. It's nothing."

Carlisle had to physically push Sirius to the side so he could see to his son. "He'll be fine." He announced after a few minutes of inspecting the wound. "We'll keep a close eye on him incase of a concussion, but I seriously doubt that there will be any problems."

Harry playfully stuck his tongue out at his dad. "Told you. I do have a hell of migraine though."

Sirius subtly snuck his son a pain reliever. "That's it, I'm pulling you from school. I was wrong to force you to go, we can homeschool you."

"No!" Harry cried.

Sirius sat back on his heels in shock. "Excuse me? I thought you hated school?"

"I... Well, it's really not so bad. This morning was rough, but things got better after lunch." Harry looked around the room until he spotted Mike who was lingering in a back corner. "I have most of my classes with Mike and I loved getting to hang out with him. I made a new friend in French class, his name's Sean. Gym was the best though! I beat everyone in the challenges we had to do and I got to climb a rope that went all the way to the ceiling."

Carlisle smiled proudly at the small boy. "So you want to come back tomorrow?"

Smiling shyly, Harry nodded his head. "I'm sorry I was such a brat this morning, I was just scared. After I settled down, I found it kind of fun being on my own. As long as it's no longer than an hour and Emmett's always there waiting for me." He quickly added.

"Who about the jerk that attacked you?" Sirius fretted.

"I should go and see to him." Carlisle sighed. He wanted to scold his son for hurting another human, but he would have done the same had it been Esme being attacked. He was just relieved that Emmett didn't bite or kill the kid.

The Principal entered her office as Carlisle was leaving to see to the other boy. "Alright, after talking to a few witnesses, all of whom said that Mr. Pence started the fight, I have decided not to suspend you, Mr. Cullen. You will serve after school detention for a week starting tomorrow. Mr. Pence will be suspended from school for three days and I threatened him with expulsion if he so much as looks at Mr. Black wrong. His parents are here and they're not going to press charges for the dislocated shoulder. Any questions?"

Harry nervously raised his hand. "Am I going to get suspended or detention?"

"Do you feel that you need to be punished?" The Principal asked sternly.

Harry hesitated a moment before shaking his head no. He didn't feel that he needed to be punished, but he wanted to be with Emmett while he served his detentions.

"Kids can be cruel, Mr. Potter, especially to those who are different. It's going to take the other students time to get use to being around a guy couple, you and Mr. Cullen are the first openly gay couple Forks High has ever had. I wish I could say that today's incident will be the last, but I strongly doubt that it will. Try not to let them get you down or make you feel ashamed. Hold your head high."

"Thank you." Harry grinned as he reached out and took his mate's hand. He didn't care if every student at Forks called him a fag, as long as he had Emmett he was happy.


Tom was shocked when his grandson came bursting into the house laughing and full of energy. He hadn't planned on visiting, but he had heard how upset Harry was over having to go to school and then about the attack. He had hoped a surprise visit would help cheer him up.

"Grandad!" Harry cried in shock. "What are you doing here?"

Tom accepted the enthusiastic hug his grandson gave him, still surprised that Harry could forgive him so easily. He had never been an affectionate, touchy person, he was actually as opposite of that as you could possibly get, but he had come to crave Harry's hugs. He loved his grandson more than anything.

"I came to cheer you up, your dad told me you were pretty upset this morning."

"Oh!" Harry blushed. "I was very, very upset this morning, I even scratched Emmett. I didn't want to go to muggle school and I didn't want to be away from Emmett, but school really wasn't that bad. I have almost all my classes with Mike and I love getting to hang out with him. I also made a new fried today, his name's Sean Baker. He said at first he didn't want to be my friend because I was gay, but after we got talking he said that I was a lot of fun and that he liked me. Then I had the best class ever. Gym! Merlin it was so much fun. We had three challenges to compete in, the mile long run, chin-ups, and rope climbing. Guess what? I'll tell you what! I got first place in all three events. I love gym!"

Tom gave an impressive whistle. Harry managed to say all that in one breath. "I'm glad you had a good day, little one. I take it you will be going back tomorrow?"

Harry vigorously nodded his head. "Yup! Dad said that I didn't have to go back and that I could be homeschooled, but I said no. That's ok, right?"

"Of course is ok." Tom reassured.

Sirius pried his bouncing son off of Tom and handed him off to Emmett. "I think someone needs to burn off a little excess energy. We never considered how an extremely hyper Neko would handle sitting in school for hours at a time. Why don't you take him for a walk?"

"Can I climb a tree?" Harry cried.

After the day Harry had he didn't have the heart to tell him no. "Not a big one." He stressed. He wasn't too worried, he knew that Emmett would guard him and be able to free him from the highest tree if Orion got stuck again.

Harry literally jumped into Emmett's arms in excitement. "Did you hear that, Em, my dad said I can climb a tree? Come on, let's go!"

Tom smiled fondly as he watched his grandson skip out of the house talking his mate's ears off. "He's going to be ok, isn't he?"

"He is." Sirius agreed. "He will have his ups and downs, and will have to deal with jerks like the kid today, but he has a dominant mate who adores him and a family that will always support him and be there for him. Orion has a bright future ahead of him and he's going to do great things."

Feeling emotional, a feeling he wasn't use to, Tom cleared his throat. "I have something to show you." He said as he walked to the table and laid two objects down on it.

Sirius' eyes widened. "Isn't that Dumbledore's wand?"

"Not just Dumbledore's wand, but the Elder Wand. I felt the magic in it after I killed him so I took it to research it."

Sirius wanted to touch the famous wand, but it just didn't feel right. "What's with the ring? Is it important too?"

Tom picked up the ring and turned it over a few times in his hand. "The ring isn't special, but the stone is. This is the Resurrection Stone."

"The Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand." Sirius said breathlessly. "All you need is the Cloak of Invisibility to become the Master of Death and immortal."

"I am already immortal, but I do know where the Cloak of Invisibility is...and so do you."

"Me? I don't know wh..." Sirius froze as all the color drained from his face. "James' cloak!"

"Accio Harry Potter's cloak." Tom said with a flick of his wand.

Feeling weak in the knees, Sirius collapsed onto the nearest chair. "What does this mean? First, Harry being related to two of the Peverell brothers, and now the Deathly Hallows being reunited. This has got to mean something."

After inspecting the cloak for a few minutes, Tom placed it onto the table next to the other two Hallows. "It does mean something, but it's not what you think. According to the legend, the person who possess all three Hallows becomes the Master of death and, as such becomes immortal. This is not completely true. Not just any witch or wizard who possess the Hallows can become Master of Death, only someone with pure Peverell blood can become Master of Death."

"Harry!" Sirius choked.

Tom nodded his head seriously. "James, descended from Ignotus Peverell, and Lily from Cadmus Peverell. Harry is the Master of Death and the only one who can truly unite the Hallows."

"Dumbledore knew!" Sirius spat. "He knew all along, even before Harry was conceived."

"He did, I was able to finally decipher all his mad ramblings in his journals. That's why every year he searched Harry's body for the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. The symbol appearing marked him coming into his powers."

Sirius felt like his head was going to explode. "Powers? Do I even want to know?"

"Harry can give the gift of immortality three times, one for each Hallow. Dumbledore may have preached about the wonders of death and the next great adventure, but the man was more afraid of death than me. Dumbledore planned on binding Harry to himself and forcing him to make him immortal. He also suspect that Harry would come into a submissive creature inheritance and he wanted to control all that power. He had planned on taking over the Wizarding World, using Harry as a weapon and a sex slave."

"So Orion is immortal?" Carlisle clarified. Him and his family had kept quiet during the explanation and he had a million questions, but Orion's immortality was the most important.

"He is immortal, but not indestructible. He can get hurt, possibly even sick, but he cannot die, at least not until he is ready to. Like when he hurt his back on the rock and became gravely ill, Orion will slip into a coma until his body heals. The coma could last anywhere from a day, to months. The length of the coma will depend on the severity of the injury."

Harry rushed back into the room and barreled into his dad. "I want to make you and Remus immortal. Please say that you'll do it. I can't imagine my life without the two of you in it. Please say yes."

Sirius started rubbing his son's back when he started sobbing. He didn't want to tell Harry yes, not until he had a chance to talk to his mate. He was prepared to become immortal for his son, but would it be fair to Remus? Could he ask his mate to suffer painful werewolf transformations for eternity?

"He was so excited to climb a tree that he only made it as far as the large oak next to the house." Emmett explained. "He heard everything."

"Pup, this is a big decision for not only Remus and myself, but also for you. What if you and Emmett have children someday and they're not immortal? I think you need to spend some time giving this some serious thought. Remus and I aren't going anywhere for a very long time."

"If I have children, and that's a big if since Emmett is a vampire, Emmett can bite them when they become adults. Dad, I can't lose you."

"I'll talk to Remus and you talk to Emmett. This isn't a decision that needs to be made today." Sirius was relieved when Orion stopped crying, but he knew that his pup was going to obsess over him and Remus becoming immortal. He was going to have to talk to Remus about it later that the evening, he couldn't allow Orion to worry about it and make himself sick. Despite the painful monthly transformations, he was pretty sure that Remus would say yes. He didn't want to leave Orion in death anymore than he did.

Rubbing his eyes, Harry stumbled to where Emmett was sitting and crawled onto his lap. "I'm immortal, just like you." He said with a sleepy smile.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me." Emmett said as he peppered his mate's face with kisses. "I love you so much. Even an eternity with you won't be long enough. Rescuing you out of that tree was the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Everything is perfect now. I have you, my dads, my grandad, Draco, Dudley and the wolves, the Weasleys, Sev, and a new family in your family, and now I don't ever have to worry about dying and leaving you. I love my life."

"I love you, my beautiful little kitten."

"I love you, Emmett."