Obviously, SPOILIERS for 9x20: Blood Relations. Also, slight spoilers for the season finally, Demons.

The pond was eerily quiet as Alex crept towards the bank. There were no croaking frogs or humming mosquitoes. Not even a single owl was calling out to the yellow moon. The pond was motionless as well. It looked as though the green sludge was congealing, that it was not entirely liquid. Alex could have sworn that she saw this scene in a horror movie once, the kind that James liked. The thought made her shiver.

Carefully, Alex made her way along the water's edge, ignoring the foreboding knots wrapping themselves around her stomach. She paused for a moment, squinting at a figure leaning against an old tree farther along the bank. The figure's head hung down, but there was enough moonlight for Alex to determine that it was Cissy Howard.

Alex's first instinct was to check on the motionless figure, but experience made her pause. Clearly, the women had not tied herself to the tree and the Unsub would not just abandon his biological mother; she was his endgame. No, if Cissy was here, the Unsub was too. "Hotch, I see her. She's tied to a tree by the pond," Alex reported, speaking clearly but softly into her radio.

Hotch's reply came a moment later. "Hold your position Blake, he might be using her as bate. We're on our way."

Makes sense, thought Alex, glad she had paused to think. "Alright Hot-" She attempted to respond. Before she could finish her sentence, a figure surged out of the shadowed trees behind her and swung a thick branch into her right temple. Alex grunted in surprise and fell, along with the Unsub, into the murky pond.

For a few moments, the world was black. Static replaced the sharp clarity in Alex's brain from a moment ago. All she heard was the blood pounding in her ears. Then her body splash into the water and the cool liquid jerked Alex out of her trance. She used one hand to push against the mushy earth beneath her and managed to break the surface, coughing and gasping for breath. She struggled to her feet, sinking calf-deep into the mud and tried to locate the Unsub. Her head throbbed and everything was fuzzy. Blood was dripping into her eye from the gash on her temple. She couldn't focus. The world was a confusing mesh of blurry, spinning colors.

Then a strong hand squeezed her shoulder and shoved her forward. Alex whirled, clutching her gun and preparing for a fight. Arms encircled her body, trapping her against him. His face was mere inches from her own, yellowing teeth bared in a determined scowl. There was no room to maneuver – she didn't have the space to aim the gun.

Desperately, Alex squeezed off a shot with her gun still pointing into the water, hoping to hit his foot. Using the temporary distraction, she freed her arms and shoved at the man's chest. She leveled the gun for another shot but he grabbed her wrist with a snarl and the bullet flew harmlessly into the air.

His grip on her wrist was too tight. She could almost feel her bones grinding together in protest. He brought his other fist up, squeezing harder, fingers scrabbling for control of the weapon. Alex cried out in frustration as she lost her grip on the slimy gun. It sunk into the green water and disappeared into the mud.

Alex pulled one leg from the muck bellow her and tried to knee him in the groin, but the suction of the mud and water slowed the attack. Still, it was enough to make the Unsub loosen his grip. She wrenched her arm free and prepared for another attack. He was faster. She barely managed to block his jab with her arm, but felt the weakened bones in her wrist snap.

Bones crunched together and a sudden hot, sickening pain engulfed the agent. But this was not the first time Alex had broken a bone. She sucked in a breath, pushed the pain away, and lashed out at his cheek. A satisfying grunt let her know that she had met her mark, but it was accompanied with an escalating pain in her wrist. Her fingers tingles unpleasantly and bolts of pain shot all the way up to her shoulder. The injury was already swelling and Alex knew the stiffness would render her hand useless.

Then a fist collided with her bleeding temple and she fell into the water.

For a split second Alex was stunned, unable to move. She gasped at the pain, but inhaled only water. Her body rebelled and she coughed reflexively, which caused her to choke more. Panic began to tighten her chest. She couldn't see, couldn't think, couldn't breathe. Broken bones and a concussion she could deal with. But this was worse. This pain penetrated her chest. It made her lungs burn and throat tight. Alex could not subdue this overwhelming pain. It controlled her.

A figure appeared above her, blocking out the rippling surface. Relief surged through Alex's veins. Someone had followed her down into the gloomy depths of the pond. The team had arrived. She would be safe. The man grabbed hold of her shoulders and she relaxed, expecting to be towed to the surface. Instead of pulling her up, he pushed her down.

The team hadn't arrived. The Unsub was going to drown her.

The panic returned in full force and Alex thrashed back and forth, but her movements her sluggish. The throbbing in her head had climaxed, overpowering her entire body. She couldn't flex her right wrist. Even moving it through the water was excruciating. She was exhausted; she wanted to give in. Then James floated into her thoughts. And Ethen. She kept struggling for them, though she could barely summon enough energy to wave her hand though the water, let alone fight back.

Then the Unsub was gone. Alex could almost make out the moonlight through the green water. All she had to do was push off of the ground. That was it. But the light was fading. Her head lulled to the side. Was that Ethen, stretching out a hand to her? Was she hallucinating? She couldn't tell anymore. I'm coming Ethen, she thought as her eyes drifted closed and she embraced the peaceful numbness of oblivion.

Thank you for reading! The next chapter is from the teams POV as they try to save Alex. Will they be in time?