The Girl Who Fell Asleep On The Bus

Chapter 1

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Sonny's POV:

I was walking down the street, on my way home. I was so tired I felt like I was going to pass out. I need to rest my head. I look around and see a bus coming towards me. I wave my hand and the driver stops. I thank the driver and sit down. I doze off right away.


I hear a sound and wake up. Why is my body shaking? Where am I? I look around and see the inside of a bus. Oh, I'm on a bus. How did I get on a bus? Then I remembered I was so tired, I had to rest. I hopped on the bus. This is weird- I'm all alone on a bus, and am in the middle of nowhere. Where's the driver? He must have left. I decide to get off the bus. I look around and see a dirt road and some grass. Where am I? I'm supposed to be home right now.

"You Lost?" someone asks. I whirl around.

"Who said that?" I ask aloud.

I see a boy coming towards me. He is a normal looking guy with brown hair and green eyes. He is wearing dirty looking jeans with a gray shirt. He looks at me.

"Well, are you lost?" the boy asks me.

"Y-yes." I manage to get out.

"Me too." said the boy.

Okay, this is just weird. I am in the middle of nowhere with a random boy who says he's lost too. I wonder how he got here.

"How did you get lost?" I ask him.

"I fell asleep on a bus and no one woke me up. I ended up here. I've been here for a couple of days."

"That's funny. I fell asleep on the bus too. I wonder where the driver went. I said.

"He's long gone. He just ran away." said the boy.

"Well, what am I supposed to do?" I ask. I feel like crying.

He studies me for a minute.

"Well, you can stay with me in my home for now."

"That's very kind of you, but where do you live?" I ask him.

"I met this guy who somehow found a house that's old. It's not a very nice house but it's good for now. So, do you want to stay with me?" he asks.

Well, what choice do I have? Besides he offered and he seems like a nice guy.

"Okay, I'll stay with you. Wait- this isn't a trick is it?" I ask him.

He laughs.

"No, I'm serious. C'mon." He leads the way and I follow him.

I look at him for a while. He's pretty good-looking. He looks maybe twenty, the same age as me. He notices me looking at him and smiles.

"Oh I'm Brandon by the way."

"I'm Sonny" I said. Somehow, I feel comfortable with this guy. That might sound strange but it's true.

I follow Brandon as we get closer to our destination. I never knew falling asleep on a bus, would change my life.

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