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Cleo's POV:

I really miss Emma. She was such a great friend. When she first told me and Rikki she was going to America, I was happy for her, but also sad. What would I do without Emma? We've been friends for so long. Thank god I still have Lewis and Rikki. Right after Emma left, I met a new girl at school. Her name is Bella. She is so nice and Rikki and I let her join our group. We found out she is a mermaid too, which is awesome. Even though I love Bella, she will never replace Emma. Emma will always be one of my best friends.

Right now I am sitting in the cafe drinking a smoothie. I don't know where Bella is. She's probably hanging out with Will. Rikki is nowhere to be seen either. I take a sip of my strawberry smoothie. I look around. I remember when Emma use to work here. That was before Zane bought the cafe and named it after Rikki. I'm just about to get up when my phone rings. I look down and see I have a call from Emma. Emma! We haven't talked in a month because she was so busy in America. I answer the phone

"Hello, Emma?" I ask, making sure it's really her.

"Cleo, how are you?" Emma asks. It is Emma.

"Em, I've missed you so much!" I say. It feels so good to talk to her again.

" Me too, how is everything?" she asks.

"Everything is great, I met a new friend". I say. I want Emma to know I met someone else. She would be really happy for me.

"Really, she nice?" Emma asks.

"She's really nice, her name is Bella" I say.

"That's great, how's Rikki and Lewis?"

"They are doing fine, how's America?" I ask my best friend

"It's awesome, but I miss you guys."

"I know, I miss you too." I say.

"So Cleo, I have good news." says Emma

"What is it?" I ask.

"I'm coming back to visit you soon." she says.

"Really? Em, that's great!" I tell her. We really need to catch up. I know Rikki and Lewis will be happy to see her. I'm sure her and Bella will get along.

"I'm coming in a week."

"That's great Em, I can't wait to see you." I say.

"I miss the water. I can't use my mermaid powers here."

I understand how she's feeling. Emma loves the water. She was a champion swimmer before she turned into a mermaid.

"Don't worry, Once you get here, we will throw a party at Mako Island." I say. I should throw a welcome back party for Emma! She'd love it! I have to tell Rikki and Lewis.

"Yeah, a party isn't necessary. I just can't wait to see you guys." she says.

"Yeah, it hasn't been the same since you left. Rikki has no one to argue with." I say. I can't help but smile at that. Emma and Rikki are very different.

"Cleo, I have to go now! We are shooting in a few minutes. I will see you next week."

"Bye, Em, I can't wait to see you!"

"Bye!" says Em.

I hang up the phone. I can't believe Emma is coming back. I've missed her so much. I better tell Lewis and Rikki the good news. We have to plan a party for her! I can't wait!

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