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~ Chapter 1 ~

Tony Stark

Sighing, I glance at the clock on the wall, and glare at The God of Thunder. "For goodness sake, Thor. What gives you the idea that I wanted to be woken up at 3 am? This could even be considered offensive to some religions. There better be a good reason for this..." I grumble as I grab a cup of coffee that JARVIS had made at my request. Sipping the bitter liquid, I watched as the god stood solemnly by the counter, waiting for him to explain.

"It is a matter of upmost importance, Man of Iron. I fear that if I am correct about what is about to happen, then all of the worlds will be in grave peril. The Avengers won't even stand a chance," the blond haired god said gravely. I felt a chill run up my spine, and set my cup down, trying to comprehend what the Avenger had said.
"You are pulling my leg, right? There is no force that the Avengers can't handle. I mean, we are the Avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes," I argued, but felt myself trail off as I watched his already serious face, darken. I was about to propose that we upgrade, or do something equally Stark-ish, when he spoke again.

"No. Not even if all of our Asgard warriors were to team up with the Avengers, our chances would still be slim indeed," Thor added, causing me to sit down on one of the bar stools heavily.

I couldn't even think of my usual snappy remark to counteract the grim feeling that was sweeping over me. "So, basically what you are saying is that there is no possible way to stop whatever this is. And that Earth and everyone on it are doomed," I said, trying to wrap my mind around the thought that something could be so powerful and evil.
Thor shook his head lightly in reply, and at my confused look, he spoke up. "No, what I am saying is that if we want to have any chance at beating this foe, we will need some strong allies. My father, Odin, has sent me here to negotiate with them," the god said, his words ringing through the room ominously. The fact that the earth was not doomed completely was enough to counteract that feeling however.

"I still don't see what this has to do with waking me up at three in the morning," I began, trying to figure out what had Thor so worked up. It was almost like he was nervous, oh wait. That's why, he wanted backup. "I'll call the team," I mumbled as I stalked off to my office.

Thirty minutes later, all of the Avengers were assembled in the living room of Stark Tower. The only thing keeping the members from crawling back in bed, was the tense feeling in the air. I was currently sitting lazily in one of the chairs, glaring at the God of Thunder. Speaking of the guy, Thor was pacing at the back of the room, and the constant motion was driving me crazy, so I decided to shift my glare to someone else. The Black Widow was sitting a little ways away from Thor. Her gaze was constantly shifting, and it appeared as if she was trying to figure out the problem at hand. Steve, aka Captain America was in a chair across from me, and to the looks of it, he was analyzing the room as well. Turning my attention from him, I looked at the remaining two people in the room. Banner and Clint were quietly whispering, and occasionally glancing back at Thor.

They quickly stopped however, when the god stopped pacing. Once he had everyone's attention, he moved to the front of the room. "I assume you all were told why you are here. I felt that it was pertinent that you all had a basic understanding of who we are going to meet with tomorrow. They are something akin to legends on Asgard. Parents often tell stories of them and their bravery to their children. Humans do so as well, but the ones they mention are from ancient times. But, first things first, what do you know of the greek gods?"

This was met with confused stares. "Uh, you mean the myths about Zeus and Hades and stuff? What does that have to do with this? They are just myths!" I said indignantly, and as I did so, I heard a crack of thunder in the sky. Thor shook his head, and shot me a glare that told me I should probably tread lightly. I shrugged and opened my mouth to go on, when I was interrupted by Rogers.

"So the Greek gods are real. Are they who we are meeting with? Does this enemy have anything to do with them?" Steve asked thoughtfully. Thor waited to answer while we all processed this possibility.

When he finally did, he said "Yes. Just like I am real, so are they. They are different from Asgardians though. Unlike us they are real gods, not just viewed as gods by the people of Earth. They are immensely powerful immortal beings that live on this earth. Powerful enough to hide themselves from mortal's view, and unlike us, were able to stay on Earth. They have been in existence far longer than I have. And everything in the myths about Greek mythology is true. Especially the myths about demigods." He paused, giving us time to think this over. I couldn't wrap my mind around it. It was to busy reeling and trying to make this whole thing scientific and logical. It seemed impossible, and part of my mind was saying that it was magic. I quickly smushed that part down, refusing to accept it. Magic was only science that we haven't figured out yet. After repeating that in my head a few times, I looked over at the rest of the team. The only one who didn't seemed that shocked by this aside from Thor himself, was Clint. Strange, I stared at him curiously until Thor spoke up once more.

"As the gods themselves have to follow their ancient rules, they will not be the ones we are going to meet," he said, looking at Steve. "We will be meeting with three of their demigod children. I don't know which ones, but I do have a guess. I have already spoken to Fury, and we are going to offer them a spot on this team. If we can get them as our allies, then they might be able to convince the Romans to help our cause as well, considering they are actually in somewhat of a truce for the first time in history," he said pausing again. I had been watching Clint while Thor spoke, and the only time he seemed surprised was when Thor mentioned the truce. I couldn't focus on this fact though, as I was still repeating the phrase that had become my motto the first time I had encountered 'magic'.

This time Bruce spoke up, "So the Roman gods are real too? That means the Romans you mentioned are Roman demigods, right? Why can't we offer them a spot on the team for their help?"

Thor nodded, and replied, "Yes, but they are the same gods as the Greeks, they just have different personalities. We can't offer for them to join the Avengers, because they have fierce loyalties to the Legion, and would become offended and refuse to help. As for this threat, I don't know to much. Only that Loki and some minor Greek goddess have been working together to summon something horrible beyond belief. Hopefully this meeting will give us more of an insight on what we are up against. Any questions?" He asked as he finished, and was met with a short silence before everyone started talking at once.
Another hour passed as we all asked questions, so it was soon almost 5:30 by the time we had started running out of questions. Deciding it was time to finally ask the question that had been bothering me, I cleared my throat. "I would like to know why Clint wasn't fazed by this whole thing at all?" I said, smirking as he appeared to be shocked I had noticed.

After everyone else turned to stare at him, he started to grow sort of squeamish. Finally, he caved and began to explain. "Well, technically I am part demigod. My grandmother on my mother's side was a daughter of Apollo. That is where I get my archery skills from, along with countless hours of practice. My great grandfather on my dad's side was actually a Roman demigod, although I don't know his godly parent. I grew up hearing stories about their adventures. That's also why I found the part about their truce shocking. The fact that they had both descended from the two different religions is what eventually caused their divorce. The hatred between the two camps ran deep, so I was amazed that they had over come such a deep hereditary feeling."

Another round of questions started up, this time directed at Clint, but it was quickly halted when a strange cold voice from the shadows said, "Always nice to meet new family..."

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