The secret of the multiverse

I don't own Ben 10 or omniverse would never happen, it sucks, I like the artwork for the aliens because we can tell them apart, they seem to be unable to draw human beings heck if Omniverse was a spin off show about Aliens effected by Ben for good or for bad, helping people who for some reason the plumbers can't help, the be awesome. Heck having a forever knight teen wanting to redeem himself would be better.

Pointless filler: I love the sound ground control to Major Tom.

I made the idea myself I may or may not get help from Dimmension Traveler on this.

No one POV: Mr. Smoothie with the gang:

Ben was having a smoothie, when he saw a report of a Humungousaur attacking the city adjacent to them.

Ben drove away from Julie game, it been a lot easier to come to her games since he decided to use his brain and an ID mask so no one bug him and he can walk around without any problem even if he can't drive or use credit card. Once he was alone he remove the ID mask, and started to drive to the city with Gwen (whoever the JJ Johnson rip-off in Ben 10 universe is) was reporting it, he has to be in hog Heaven, and then his helicopter was hit by a truck.

Kevin call Ben, telling him that the alien tech scanner is warning that another Ultimatrix is within a hundred miles, so this Humungousaur could be Albedo.

Kevin turned his car into battle mode the second they enter the city limit, and told Ben how to do that with his car.

They stop on a highway a few hundred yards away from Humungousaur, who turn into a dark cloth version of Ben with a black hoodie holding some kind of alien scythe while having a rifle on his back, a revolver in his a holster, and a bowie knife in the other side.

Ben went out of his car and was deciding which alien he was going to become, the person they believe to be Albedo did the same. The black clad Omnitrix user had a black Omnitrix grey Omnitrix and a black Omnitrix symbol. 'Albedo' chose Chromastone and Ben choseJetray. The evil Chromastone try to blow Ben car up, and was surprise when it didn't it didn't blow up. Ben tried to knock the doppelganger out by blasting, surprise, surprise it didn't work*. The evil Ultimatrix user absorbed the energy and started to destroy all buildings near him.

Ben change form into Goop, meanwhile the other Ultimatrix user turn into Brainstorm. Goop tried to fly by the other Brainstorm but the Crab like alien used it electric blast Ben UFO anti-gravity device destroying it and leaving Ben defenseless. Gwen got out of the car and shot a beam of mana energy which the crab above Ben easily destroy before electrocuting the now liquid form Ben, causing the green hero to scream in pain, "AHH." Ben yelled.

Kevin rams the crab alien with his crab, not hurting Ben. Gwen pressed down on the Omnitrix symbol on Ben chest turning back into a human. "Thanks Gwen." Ben said.

"Welcome Ben." Gwen said, seeing Kevin get out of his car ready to beat the other Ultimatrix user.

The crab like alien transform into a vine like alien then let the symbol of his chest pop out pushing the symbol down before Kevin could stop him. The Ben doppelganger change from a green and red vine like alien into a larger blue and brown tree like alien, swatting Kevin away like a bug.

Ben said, "It's Hero time." He press down on the button on his watch and turn into a white and yellow ball like alien, before he like the other push out the symbol and change into a cyan blue like alien with spikes on his back.

The other alien manage to smile at this, before he decided to use his powers to completely eradicate Kevin care with his fire bomb. Kevin try to move but his leg were stun so he couldn't move, Gwen wanted to help but some kind of poison dart hit her in the neck leaving the two Omnitrix users to fight between themselves.

The blue plant like alien smile as the real Ben said, "How does me turning into Waybig and knocking you into the next county sound."

"Sound good actually we can both turn into Ultimate Waybigs and see how many cities we can level before become humans again." The blue tree alien said.

Ben was actually afraid Albedo never been this insane before. "Albedo what happen, you're not a killer."

"That's not my name." The other alien said.

"I don't care who you are I am not going to let you hurt anyone ever again like you did to my friends." Ben yells as a blue Cannonbolt.This only made the evil Omnitrix user giggle evilly.

"How this I like you fight your best then I kill people close to you and then I kill you, of course I'll keep Yamamoto for myself."* The blue tree like alien said.

"You will not lay a finger on her, or anyone else." Ben yell slamming into his opponent with his alien shell a few dozen time until he was knock out cold.

"Nice good Tennyson." Kevin said, having his leg slowly get better so he can stand up and get the doppelganger of his friend, and get Gwen in the car.

What the heroes didn't know was two mysterious characters were watching from the sideline. The two dark figures were planning something evil, and sinister. The larger male shadow load a form of alien assault rifle and the other creating a grey energy bubble.

*Yeah I wanted him to be dumb like the real Ben from Original series – ultimate alien, but not with brain damage like omniverse.

*Yes I do think they should've stay together, no I am never letting it go.

To be continued…