Chapter One:

Converse Sneakers and Prada Heels

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Seventeen year old Katherine Pierce, a well-known actress and fashion model opened her big brown eyes that were still a little sleepy. She let out a low groan as she knocked down her alarm to the floor. The red, digital clock read: 5:30 AM.

The worst part of it was that it was Saturday.

Most teenage girls slept late on a Saturday morning, but not Miss Katherine- of course not. Saturdays were her biggest work days if she didn't have an interview planned, she had a charity event, or a photo-shoot, or an early wake up call to shoot a scene.

Katherine had been a "professional" since she was thirteen years old and honestly she should have gotten used to it by now, but sue her she hadn't. She would honestly give her fortune to the famous fairy if it meant that she could spent one more minute under the warm covers.

"Up! Up! Up!" a cheery voice said as her manager/mom Isobel Pierce entered the room already wearing perfect make up and wearing a black suit.

"I'm going." Katherine mumbled into her pillow as she forced herself to sat up and dig her feet into her cashmere slippers. Her small, white puppy (that looked more like a walking cotton ball) raised her little head, her pink tongue out as she waved her tail lazily. At least someone was happy to see her.

"Hey Cosy." She mumbled as the puppy licked her hand. Katherine walked towards the closet and pulled out a pair of designer jeans, a turquoise blouse, and a fabulous pair of three inch Prada heels.

She rummaged a hand through her long, curly hair. There was no point in even combing it, the makeup and hairdressers were taking care of that. Today was the fourteenth day of filming her new movie, Sundown in the South-a romantic/historical film about a woman from the south and man from the north who fall in love in the middle of the civil war in Romeo and Juliet style. Yawn.

Her costar playing said man was the arrogant, cocky bastard (though handsome, Katherine had to admit) Damon Salvatore also known as her on again-off again boyfriend for the press, but if Katherine could she would throw Damon under the first bus that would run him over.

Damon was cute, but totally not worth the pain.

When she reached her sleek and modern kitchen, breakfast was already waiting for her and it was safe to say that Katherine wasn't very excited for it. She had been eating the same organic, tasteless breakfast ever since she was fifteen and her modeling career had taken off. A cup of plain Greek yogurt, one hardboiled egg, and a carrot and broccoli shake. Yummy.

Isobel was by the kitchen counter checking her phone. Even though Katherine lived in that penthouse by herself, most of the time Isobel was there with her.

Katherine pulled out her chair, desperately craving French toast and bacon. She picked on her hardboiled egg with a knife. If she ate any more eggs she would probably turn into a chicken.

"All right, your schedule for today my sweet is not worse than usual," Isobel said as she fixed her lipstick. "We will be arriving on location and be on location from 7 to 12, you will have a quick lunch and from then you will work until 5PM. We will have dinner with the producers and Damon at that nice French restaurant you like, and at nine remember you will be doing a night shoot for Vogue."

"Great." She pouted. The modeling and acting had been fun and exciting at thirteen, but four years later it just felt like work. Lots of tiring work that paid well and gave you fabulous shoes as well as a lack of privacy. "Does Damon have to come?"

"We talked about this sugar bear," Isobel rolled her eyes, snapping her gum. "Damon Salvatore is one of the most famous, hot, young actors at the moment, and you my darling are one of the most beautiful young stars in Hollywood. You two are smoking. Which means more money, more advertisement, more people come to see the movie. Honestly, the guy is a walking sex on a stick, what more can you want? It's only for a few more weeks, sweet cheeks. You can handle that, can't you?"

"I guess." Katherine mumbled. She wondered when her mom stopped acting like her mom and more like a manager. Katherine had absolutely no idea. The only thing Katherine knew was that she had an image to uphold. And every image came at a price.

Elena Gilbert, bit her lip and lowered her head causing her black glasses to fall slightly down the bridge of her nose. She was tapping her pencil on her history textbook while jiggling her foot. The rest of her classmates might be asleep in the middle of history class, her favorite subject, she might add, but she was not. The question was so easy, but Elena didn't have the guts to respond. She hated speaking out loud unless she absolutely had too, but if she dared to she would never put her hand down.

Elena was easily the smartest girl in her class, though not exactly the most sociable.

Her brown eyes fell on Elijah Mikaelson, the senior class president as well as one of the top students like Elena, who was writing down notes dutifully in his notebook. Elena had, had a crush on him since freshman year, but she had never had the guts to talk to him. The shy girl blues.

"Anyone?" Mr. Tanner, the history teacher looked around annoyed. "Come on people, this isn't rocket science. What date was the United States attacked in Pearl Harbor?"


"Miss Gilbert, care to enlighten us?"

"December 7, 1941." Elena squeaked.

"Correct." Mr. Tanner threw her an appreciative look. "At least someone did the reading, all of you could take a page from Miss Gilbert's book. Class dismiss."

Elena blushed and she grabbed her books and scurried out into the hallway. No sooner had she stepped out that someone bumped harshly into her, knocking her books to the ground.

"Opps," Rebekah Mikaelson, Elijah's twin sister who had been coloring her hair blond since the seventh grade laughed. Her blue eyes fluttered and her lips pulled towards a smirk. "My bad. It was an accident, I just wanted to take a page out of your book like Mr. Tanner said. Loser."


Elena flushed bright red and it took all her willpower not to cry. Elena had been Rebekah's punching bag since the first grade. That was the way high school hierarchy worked, Elena was the geek and Rebekah the queen bee.

"Don't listen to her," Bonnie Bennett, her best friend said as she started picking up her stuff. "She's a bitch and she's just jealous."

"Jealous of what?" Elena asked bitterly.

Bonnie didn't know how to respond, instead she just squeezed her shoulder. "Come on, we're going to be late."

-End of Chapter One-

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