Avenues of Interest
Chapter 1 - Party

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"Hey Jack! WOOHOO!" Eric Matthews turned a corner in the room and stumbled into his best friend.

Jack was caught highly off guard, but managed to catch the wobbly Eric before he toppled onto the floor. "Are you drunk?" he asked suspiciously, peering into Eric's face.

Eric stood up with exaggerated care, taking a deep breath. "Drunk? Me?" He shook his head vigorously. "Yes."

Jack sighed. "Why do you drink when you know you can't hold your liquor at all?" he asked semi-rhetorically.

"Oh lighten up Jack!" Eric slapped his friend on the back with a little more enthusiasm than was necessary. "It's New Year's Eve!"

And so it was. The entire gang was attending one of the many New Year's Eve parties held on the Pennbrook campus. They had already been to several other parties, including one at the Matthew's house, but had decided by unanimous vote that party-hopping would be a great deal more fun. Jack had been watching Eric, and noticed how he had had at least one drink at each party, resulting in his current highly intoxicated state.

The party they were at now was one of the better ones. It was held at the house of Kenny Trenton, whose campus parties were second only to those of Dirvan. A colored strobe light had been rented for the occasion, and loud dance music emanated from a stereo set into a niche in the wall. Everywhere couples were gyrating to the frantic melodies, or making out on every available surface, including several pairs that had crashed to the floor.

Jack sighed once more. These parties weren't really his thing. He would have preferred a quiet, more intimate celebration. Perhaps with the little group of friends that he had managed to get himself sucked into, or maybe even back at the apartment with just Rachel and Eric. Of course, being at a party where there were eligible females might mean that he got a traditional New Year's kiss, but that almost didn't seem worth it.

"Jack?" Even completely drunk, Eric seemed to be able to tell when something was wrong with his friend. "Are you okay?"

"I guess," said Jack. He reminded himself that he was the a bit drunk too, though nowhere near as much as Eric. "I'm just a little-"

He was cut off by the sudden ceasing of the music. From the opposite corner of the room, a crowd on TV began the countdown.

"10... 9... 8... 7..."

Jack felt Eric begin to stumble again and grabbed a hold of him, keeping a firm supporting arm locked around Eric, just below the other boy's arms, holding most of the weight on his shoulders. Eric in turn put his closer arm around Jack's shoulders in an attempt to stay upright.

"4... 3... 2... 1..."

Jack was suddenly startled by the feeling of the hand that had been around his shoulders take a firm hold of his neck. Before he could voice his confusion however, he was interrupted by the very real sensation of Eric kissing him.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The shouts rang out around them, but Jack didn't really hear them. His world had narrowed to the point where the only thing that existed was the fact that he was being kissed. By Eric, no less.

And it felt good.

He opened his mouth, allowing Eric to slip in his tongue. Meanwhile, Eric's hand, the one not around Jack's neck, slipped lithely under Jack's shirt, grasping its way up Jack's back. The two of them stumbled backwards, intertwined, until Jack's back hit the wall. Jack brought a hand up and ran it through Eric's hair. The incredible sensations of it all were overriding all other signals in his brain.

Jack made out with Eric feverishly for long moments before the reality of the situation finally hit him. When it did, he pulled away in horror, apalled at what he had just done. This was Eric. His best friend, and more than that, a boy!

He broke away, eyes wide, and licked his lips unconsciously. Eric looked at him curiously, apparently wondering why Jack had stopped. Jack shook his head, trying to clear it. This wasn't possible. Wasn't happening to him. Hadn't happened. He brushed past Eric, hesitated, then turned around again.

"Jack?" Eric questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Again Jack shook his head. He took a step backward, then another step, then turned and ran.

More than one set of eyes watched him go.

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