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Basically, Stefan and Caroline have relocated after Mystic Falls' demise and the "death" of Bonnie and Damon.

One year after the "no-magic" cloaking of Mystic Falls…

Stefan felt out of place in the crowded club, the smell of sweat and arousal from the grinding bodies clogging his sensitive vampiric senses. He sat on a barstool, listening to a vivacious brunette drone about her best friends depression. He found the speck of dust floating above the bar more interesting than what this woman had to say, but he knew he had to endure this torture for only a few more minutes. He'd experienced much worse torment in his immortal life, but at the moment couldn't comprehend a worse position to be in than the one he was caught in. He was so bored that he almost forgot to chime into the conversation.

"Maybe you could introduce Farrah to me!" He tried to approach the topic as if it were an idea he just came up with. "You say she just had a bad breakup, maybe the best thing for her right now is to have someone remind her how special she is."

The almond-haired woman appeared skeptical. "I don't know..," she tapped her red lips with the straw of her drink. "She's so depressed. He cheated on her, you know."

"Yeah, you did mention that." 'A few hundred times', he wanted to add.

"Okay, I'll let you meet her," she paused for a beat, pointing her straw at him in accusation, "but if you try to take advantage of her so help me god."

Stefan ignored the splash of alcohol that struck him in the face when she drunkenly wagged her straw at him. "I wouldn't do that," he said sincerely.

"Good, just let her know how gorgeous she is." The brunette scanned the crowd for her lost friend. "Oh, there she is!" Stefan followed her line of sight to a redhead, bumping into people on the dance floor with a glass of spilling alcohol, shouting and dancing on the verge of what some would call "completely wasted". Stefan's face twisted in misfortune.

Seeing his reaction, the brunette hopped off her seat. "I'm going to take her to the bathroom to get cleaned up, and then I'll bring her back over. You wait right here!" She slapped him on the knee playfully, leaving him in a cloud of confusion as she jogged toward Farrah, who was now hugging an employee.

Stefan sighed heavily, dropping the façade with a sag of his shoulders. He turned his head slightly, his eyes peering at a blonde leaning against a marble pillar with a martini in-hand.

"Caroline, can you hear me?" He spoke quietly to himself.

The blonde's ears perked up as her vampire hearing picked up on his whispering. "Just barely, this place is louder than any lounge in Mystic Falls." She sipped her apple martini, observing the dance floor before returning her eyes to the bar Stefan sat at.

He chortled, "I wouldn't call this a lounge. Do you see anyone lounging? Does lounging normally smell this awful?"

"You smell it too!? I think it's Captain B.O. in the center of the dance floor." She acknowledged the sweaty man with a tilt of her head.

There was a large man with pools of sweat under his arms, draped by two older women. He appeared to be having the time of his life, unseeing of the laughing young-adults dancing near him.

Stefan shook his head at Caroline with a smirk. "Be nice; you know why we're here."

" - To compel Charlie's now ex-girlfriend into forgetting that he cheated on her and that she dumped his deceitful ass?" she paused before starting up again, " – which by the way I am totally against."

"We don't have a choice, Care, it's the only way he'll 'look the other way' when we steal blood bags from the hospital. This isn't Mystic Falls, this is a major city and when things start going missing people start asking questions. We need someone on the inside to help us out now and then."

Caroline scoffed, "And that brings me to my next topic. Why is half the hospital staff on vervain?"

"Caroline, stop finding things to nit-pick at."

"I'm not nit-picking! I'm just… hypercriticizing. I miss Mystic Falls and this martini is bringing it out of me," she confessed as she took another large sip.

"So stop drinking!"

"Shhhh, Penny is coming back with Farrah."

Instead of panicking as she was, he simply smirked, still staring at her.

"Stefan! It's not going to look very good if you're staring at another girl." She snapped her fingers at him.

"You're not a girl, your Caroline." He could see her roll her eyes. "Okay, back to business I suppose… I like the dress by the way."

A blush crept its way onto the blonde's cheeks and she quickly shied her head away in embarrassment. Caroline flattened her free hand over her silk scarlet dress before whispering to herself, "I knew he'd like it. Shows what little Ms. 'Sales Rep.' knows."

"Farrah, this is Stefan. I just met him a little while ago."

Farrah was a complete train wreck. Her eyes were bloodshot, hair tousled and eyes smeared with dripping mascara. Stefan could relate to her situation. Break-ups weren't easy, especially when someone else was chosen over you by the one you love. He'd been there tenfold.

"Are you a doctor?" She slurred.

"No, honey he's not a doctor… But Charlie isn't either, remember? That was one of the things we put on the 'reasons you don't need Charlie' list, remember? He's just some silly scrub."

"He's not a scrub." Farrah glared. "I think he's a nurse; something important like that."

"What do you do for a living?" Stefan cut in. This was going nowhere and he wasn't going to be able to compel Farrah with Penny right there.

"I work at Victoria's Secret. I'm almost the manager."

"Almost?" Stefan's eyes knitted together in confusion.

"Yep," she didn't elaborate. "Hey, I like your muscles." She reached over and made herself busy squeezing his upper arms. He was too polite to pull away, but every muscle in his face was strained with tension.

"This is getting us nowhere," Caroline growled, heading for the bar with determination in her stride. She slapped her purse onto the bar beside the pair, gaining their attention.

Stefan did a double-take as he finally noticed her presence. "Car-…" he stopped himself before he could say her name. "Can I help you? – Is what I meant to say," he completed meekly.

Caroline leaned forward to stare into Penny's bright eyes. She immediately pulled the girl into a trance. "Take a walk."

Without question, Penny stood and walked away from them and toward the front entrance of the lounge.

"Hey, what –…" Farrah didn't have a chance to complete her question, as Stefan pulled her into his own eyes.

"Charlie never cheated on you. You love him very much and you never broke up with him."

"I love him very much," she re-stated mindlessly.

"Now go to him." The woman stood to walk away.

"Oh!" Caroline lurched in front of the woman, placing two hands on her shoulders to stop her. "Take a taxi." Farrah nodded, wandering for the same entrance as her friend had moments ago.

"Take a taxi?" Stefan reiterated.

"What? She was drunk." Caroline shrugged.

He shook his head but said nothing more on the subject, ending it with a smile. "What do you say we get out of here now? I'm getting tired of this loud atmosphere."

"Atmosphere? You mean the music?" She tilted her head. "If you can't appreciate dubstep, what can you appreciate?" She asked sarcastically.

"The day you enjoy this kind of music is the day I go surfing." They made their way toward the back entrance, slipping through it to make their way to Stefan's car.

"I'd like to see you surfing."

"Yeah, I'll get right on that," Stefan muttered unconvincingly.

"Why does every club have some grimy alley in the back? And why did we have to park next to it?"

"Tell me something, Caroline." He raised his eyebrows at her. "Why are you asking so many questions tonight?"

"I'm being rhetorical. You'd think someone as old as you could understand context," she teased with laughter in her voice.

From the end of the alley they were headed toward emerged two bulky men. They stopped just past the exit to block their leaving, shoulder to shoulder. Both Stefan and Caroline froze instantly, sensing the red flags of the situation.

"Who are you?" Stefan asked, taking a cautious step forward.

"You're on my territory, and that means you have to answer that question first." Both vampires turned around to see an attractive Italian man shadowed by a tall Hispanic woman exiting the club. "Any vampire that comes here has to see me before compelling in my establishment. We saw what you did in there."

"This club is yours?" Caroline queried.

"That's right baby girl, it's mine. It's our own little blood bank, but only to be used by me and mine." His pace slowed as he reached Stefan and Caroline. "You two got no business taking our blood."

"Hey, that's not what we were doing. Did you see us feeding on anyone?"

"We don't hurt people," Caroline agreed.

"Why did you compel Charlie's girlfriend to forget about their breakup?"

"You know Charlie?" Stefan narrowed his eyes at the man.

"Why do you know Charlie?" Stefan and Caroline were silent. "You better start talking before I start cutting up some newbie vampires," he bared his teeth to them, the veins below his eyes bulging aggressively.

A few more of his "body guards" exited the club, moving past the tall woman to flank the club's owner in defense. Two of them held small axes.

"You don't wanna mess with us."

Stefan knew he was right. He didn't know how old these other vampires were or what their intentions were. They just needed to settle this dispute and be on their way. There was no room to make enemies in the town they'd just settled in. "We moved here last week."

"Stefan!" Caroline chided. She couldn't understand why he'd be truthful with these men that clearly couldn't be trusted.

"Shut that woman up before one of my boys does," he snarled.

"Caroline," Stefan snapped. For once, Caroline stopped talking.

"You." The man pointed at Stefan. "Tell me who you are and what your purpose is here."

"My name is Stefan, this is Caroline. We were just looking for a new start in a new town. We didn't and don't mean to cause any trouble. We had business with Charlie because he promised us access to blood bags if we did him a favor."

"That little son of a bitch is dead," the vampire roared. "He pledged loyalty to US!"

"Kane, please." The tall woman finally chimed in, pushing past the bodyguards to approach what Stefan could only assume was her boyfriend. "We'll talk to Charlie and see what he has to say first." She lowered her voice. "Remember the goal."

Kane nodded vigorously. "You're right, sweetheart." His eyes returned to Stefan, darting between the companions. "Leave now. Stir trouble around my property again and I'll kill you both. Stay away from Charlie, too." He nodded at the guards at the exit of the alley, and they cleared a path.

Stefan left no time for him to change his mind, snatching Caroline's hand and speed-running them both out of there.

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