Two forces clashed in the Valley of the End.

Loyalty against Treason. Wind against Lightning. Hope against the Darkness.



Two powers, that of demons and humans clashed in a mighty blast that tore apart dimensions.

One of the combatants would be thrown into a new world where their power would grow even stronger. The other would leave their home to become the worst traitor in recent years.

Naruko Uzumaki was in for a hell of a ride.

"Ow...where am I?" she asked.

It wasn't Konoha, or anywhere near it. Her nose told her that much. The air was much too dirty to be home.

"You're in Garderobe Academy for Otome," said a woman nearby.


"Be careful. You had some nasty wounds on your chest, and you suffered from a very long fall. It's fortunate that the Corals were practicing with their robes today."

Naruko blinked, her sapphire blue eyes slightly unfocused. Once she rubbed them, things became clearer.

Definitely not home, she decided. It was too advanced for home.

That was when she noticed something more important.

"What happened to my clothes?"

"They were so damaged we had to throw them out," said the woman. She had short brown hair and had the same air that Tsunade had. She was most likely a healer of some sort.

Naruko couldn't help her disappointed face. That was her favorite jumpsuit!

"In any case, what in the world were you doing to get all those injuries?"

"I was trying to keep a friend from doing something monumentally stupid. Instead the jerk tried to kill me and I ended up here."

"What is your country of origin?"

"I'm from the Land of Fire, Genin Naruko Uzumaki of Konoha, at your service ma'am!"


Naruko hung her head.

"I'm nowhere near home, am I?" she said.

"Afraid not. Somehow I get the feeling you're not even from this planet either."

"If the level of your tech-no-lo-gy is anything to go by, then definitely not."

"Well maybe the Headmistress can help you."

Naruko was given a spare outfit, but it wasn't like what many of the other girls outside were wearing.

"So, you are the girl who fell from the sky."

"Uzumaki Naruko, genin of Konohagakure at your service!"

"Konohagakure? Genin?"

"Damn. I was really hoping I was on the same world."

"Speaking of which, do you know what this is?"

She held up a bright red gemstone that looked almost like a ruby.

"No idea."

"It was found in your pocket," said Headmistress Natsuki.

"But I don't own anything near that nice looking!"

"How strange. According to the records on the Gem, you are the master of this particular Meister Gem, which before now never existed. It's a rare type, which allows you to Materialize a Robe without a Master."

"Meister Gem? Robes? I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"How about a deal then? You attend the Academy as a new student until we figure out what is going on, and until then you can work off tuition in the city," said Natsuki.

"I'm not afraid of hard work!" said Naruko.

"That's good, because starting tomorrow you will be on the path of the Otome. Once we get you settled with the basics, you'll join the other Corals in class. By the way, what is your age?"

"Almost fourteen. My birthday is October 10th."

"You can fill out the forms while we get you fitted," said Natsuki.

Natsuki looked at the innocent looking Meister Gem on the desk. Things had gotten a lot more complicated with this girl around. Not only had she appeared with grievous wounds and a Gem, but she wasn't even from this planet!

Unfortunately they couldn't send her out until they figured out why this had happened. Or why someone not of their world had a Rare Meister gem that allowed a robe to be materialized without a master's approval.

Too bad they didn't have scholarships...perhaps she could convince Princess Mashiro to take on this case. She was the 'rightful' heir to the Windbloom kingdom, and they didn't have an Otome yet.

Grabbing a pen and putting it to paper, Natsuki proceeded to write to the Princess about taking this girl under her sponsorship.

If she had known what a headache Naruko would be later, she might have reconsidered the idea of allowing her to become a Coral.

"So these nano-things allow you to create weapons out of nothing?" asked Naruko. She was back in that bed and laying down. She had a long, thick needle in her left arm putting nanomachines into her bloodstream.

"Nanomachines," she corrected.

"So what else can they do?"

"They increase your strength, heal you faster, and allow you materialize your Robe through the Gem. However, if you ever have relations with a man, they break down and you can never be an Otome again," she replied.


"Because that's how the system works. You can retire eventually, and have a family then."

"So how does this world work?" asked Naruko.

Might as well make a report once she found a way to send it home... she nearly bolted upright.

The Toads! She could send it through them!

An hour later she was let out of that room and she went to the library. Once the machines settled down she could try summoning, but until then, she planned to read.

She almost ran into a problem until she realized the book she had picked up was for those with a few years of schooling under their belt. Once she found something more her speed (history, of all things) she was soon devouring the books.

She actually loved reading, but she could never afford books. She eventually brought out some clones (having to figure out the mental aspect completely by accident one night) and the number of books around her grew in proportion to the number of clones out.

By the time she had moved onto recent history, her clones had dispersed.

She also had a monumental headache and decided to take a break. She wandered into the wooded area and stretched a bit. The sun felt so nice on her skin.

It was so nice out she started to hum, but before long it turned into words. She had heard it once from someone a long time ago, but she couldn't remember who. Only that they had the same eyes and hair color she did.

"Who are those little girls in pain

Just trapped in castle of dark side of moon

Twelve of them shining bright in vain

Like flower that blossom just once in year

They're dancing in the shadow like whispers of love

Just dreaming a place where they are free as dove

They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage

It' s only the fairy tale they believe

They're dancing in the shadow like whispers of love

Just dreaming a place where they are free as dove

They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage"

(This is the song from the Mai-Hime series that Alyssa sings. The song is called "It's Only A Fairy Tale.")

"You're quite good."

"Who's there?" demanded Naruko.

She paled when a ghostly girl with sunshine bright yellow hair and deep blue eyes appeared. Naruko hated ghosts.

"Don't be afraid. You're the only one who can see me right now," said the girl.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Alyssa Searrs. I am the one who gave you that golden hair when you were born. Your father was one of my descendants, the one who stayed behind when everyone else left."

"Why can I see you?"

"That Gem that they found belongs to me. I put it in your pocket so that you would be safe until it was time to return. You have to train here and get stronger so that you can defeat that fool who sent you here."

"You mean Sasuke? And why here?"

"Because your cousin, Arika, will need your help very soon. She may not know of her heritage, but she will need your guidance in order to stop Nagi again. Plus I need you to talk to Miyu for me, since she can't see ghosts like me."

Naruko paused, before her next question came to mind.

"Are you the reason I can understand them and read their language? Because it looked like scribbles to me for a moment."

"I had help from your Demonic tenant. You will have enough trouble surviving in this new world without being unable to read and speak the local tongue. Besides, this way I can prepare my strongest descendant for what is to come later."

"Just out of curiosity, will anyone else be able to see me talk to you?"

"No, a minor genjutsu comes up whenever we talk, so don't worry about that. Once you leave here for home, a small portion of the Gem will remain even if you do find a lover. Consider it my gift to you as an apology for dragging you across worlds."

Naruko spent two hours talking to Alyssa, unaware that she had entered someone's radar once she made contact.

"You're in luck, Naruko. Princess Mashiro has agreed to sponsor you," said Natsuki.


"The ruler of this country. She takes the throne as Queen next year."


Naruko was given a run-down on where everything was, and how the system worked. She would be a Coral for at least a year, and depending on her grades she might become a Pearl by the next year because of age.

She was given a room with Coral 1, Nina Wang.

"So you're the girl who fell into our Academy."

"Naruko Uzumaki at your service!" said Naruko with a mock salute.

"Just don't hold me back in our paired spars," said Nina.

She had the bad luck of being paired with the new girl.

"Coral 190! What sort of form is that supposed to be?" barked Miss Maria.

"Eh? But this is the form I always use when fighting," said Naruko.

Kakashi always complained about her taijutsu form, but never bothered to correct it. It was always Sakura this, and Sasuke that. He rarely paid her any attention, so why should she pay him any mind outside of learning new jutsu? Which basically meant never.

The teacher made a tsk-ing noise, and Naruko later found herself given a very thorough crash course on what they called martial arts...and what she immediately recognized as taijutsu.

She ended up having to take remedial lessons on basic moves and through the magic of shadow clones, was quickly up to par with the other girls.

Though it was still funny when she saw Nina's look after she picked up the bed one handed and swept the floor without pausing. Apparently she had surprised everyone with her 'herculean' strength and brawler fighting style, which was quickly disappearing.

"NA-RU-KO! What have I told you! We don't have ramen on the school menu!" screamed Nina.

Once again, Naruko had made a massive batch of ramen noodles, though the only reason Nina knew this was because she could see where the broth had been before Naruko got to it. There was enough left for ten bowls, and that was pushing it.

The pot she had used was big enough for fifty, easily.

Nina was stretching the blonde's cheeks in rage, as once again, Naruko had used kitchen duty to make ramen, despite the fact it was almost never on the menu.

"Nina-chan...that almost hurts!" said Naruko.

Naruko had been in Garderobe for nearly six months, and she was pretty much famous among the other Otome.

Her massive strength (without her Robe, which was shocking), her odd attacks (she had once used the Rasengan to beat Nina), her massive appetite...and the most disturbing of all, her abnormally high pain tolerance.

Naruko had once broken her arm, and yet continued to fight. They only found out about the fact she had broken her right arm against Nina when the girl had commented on hearing something break. And then she baffled everyone by getting up and carrying a ton of books the next morning without even a sign of her arm having been injured.

None of them knew about the Kyuubi inside her, and she planned to keep it that way as long as possible.

Nina's torment of the blond was nothing compared to what her old teammate Sakura used to do for asking a simple question she should have already known the answer to if not for biased teachers.

The fact was that when Naruko learned the memory trick to the clones, she had sent over a hundred of them to reread the books in the Academy library, which wasn't exactly locked at night being so close to the Hokage tower and only having the basics inside. All the real jutsu were in the main library which was close to the ANBU headquarters, and it had a better guard.

Which was why she had devoured every book she could get her hands on, and damn the migraine she had gotten once she had them pop.

The librarian in charge had cussed up quite a storm when she had to clean up the books Naruko's clones had left lying around the place.

At least she wasn't completely stupid anymore, having caught up on her studies even though she had recently graduated.

Iruka, once she mentioned who had broken into the Academy library, had told her how proud he was that she had taken initiative...and then warned her to avoid the librarian because she had sworn vengeance on the culprit who left the mess.

Still, Naruko's high pain tolerance had lead to a source of amusement whenever she did something wrong, as Nina was often the one chosen to be the girl's "minder" for lack of a better term.

Nina had originally been shocked when Naruko had asked why she apologized for taking out her frustration on the blond after she had drooled on Nina's homework by mistake which lead to Nina beating the girl up without her robes.

Finding out your roommate used to be systematically beaten by her own team had been a nasty shock. To be fair, Nina was more like a nicer version of Sakura, albeit one who didn't take out her own frustrations on the girl without good cause.

Like now for instance.

Naruko found herself bound and hung upside down from the first high tree Nina could find. Considering the girl never complained and thought it all in good fun (once again, this was a less painful punishment compared to what Sakura used to put her through) the teachers never did anything but watch.

Naruko was unaware that should she ever complain about the treatment, Nina would get into serious trouble. Despite all the relatively minor (by Naruko's standards) beatings Nina gave her, she still considered the raven haired girl her best friend.

A fact that was never lost on Nina, who often went out of her way to help Naruko with her homework as the girl needed it.

At least Jiraiya sent her jutsu scrolls so she wouldn't be completely behind her friends back home.