Yamicat: Hey everyone! I know I'm balancing two fics already, but it's almost Halloween! (Bounces off the walls in excitement) and in honor of this sacred and supernatural day, I'm going to do something crazy!

Yami Bakura: you mean crazier than usual?

Yamicat: (death glares at YB) CRAZIER than I normally do: start yet another fic to worry about!

Yugioh Cast: (moans and groans)

YC: Oh come on! It won't be that terrible of a torture fic!

Yami Yugi and Seto: (simultaneously) TOURTURE FIC!?

*Yami and Seto start running around screaming and eventually crash into each other and sprawl to the floor unconscious*

YC: (scratches her head) how did they know I was going to be in the fic?

The rest of the Yugioh Cast: YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN IT!?

*Everyone else in the Yugioh cast (yes, even Pegasus) starts to run around screaming and eventually crash into each other and sprawl to the floor unconscious*

YC: (gazes around at the mess of bodies around her with her eyebrows raised) ,,, (calls into the empty space surrounding her) come on guys! It's only going to be a couple chapters! It won't be that bad!

*YB revives enough to look YC straight in the eye and say something to her *

YB: says you. (Faints again)

YC: oh well. Let them lie there. (Loudly) I've got honey to rub in their hair and coffee to pour on there clothes and ice water to pour down their,,,

*Everyone immediately energizes again and smiles uneasily, waiting for the fic to begin*

YC: much better. Now before we can begin, Yami Bakura!

YB: (cautiously) yes?

YC: (sweetly) do the disclaimer for me? (flutters eyelashes) please?

YB: (flatly) No.

YC: (sweeter) oh please? You know you want to,,,

YB: (squares his shoulders and narrows his eyes) No.

YC: (tries to imitate Yugi's innocent look, which I can't do by the way) PLEASE?

YB: (he his getting really ticked off now, his fists clench tightly) NO!

YC: (all sweetness vanishes from her face replaced by a menacing scowl) I asked nicely. Now let's try again: DO THE DISCLAMER OR ANSWER TO MY MELLINIUM STAR! (The Millennium Star materializes around YC's neck)

YB: (scoffs) Ha. It doesn't look so tough.

YY: (cowering behind Tea. Isn't that a great mental image ^__^) um, Bakura? Just so you know, looks can be very, VERY deceiving. (Painfully remembers the time I messed with his mind and made him think I was the goddess of soda) The Millennium Star is not something to sneeze at, it's extremely powerful and,,,

YB: Oh put a sock in it you coward. I know exactly how to handle this situation.

YY: COWARD? (Stands up quickly, but crouches down again when he sees the Millennium Star flash at him) okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.

YB: I don't need you're pathetic warnings! I beat Pegasus in a shadow game; I can beat this pitiful authoress!


Everyone but Yami Bakura and Yamicat: uh-oh

YB: go-ahead weakling! Give me your best shot!

*YC's Star starts to glow brighter and brighter and everyone takes out matching Yugioh sunglasses to protect their eyes. YB tries to counter YC's attack, but his Millennium Ring is no match for the Star. He staggers and falls on his face. Then he's lifted into the air and he flies backwards and slams against the far wall. Next thing he knows, good old gravity kicks in and he crumples to the floor unconscious and lands on a big pillow that appears from nowhere (I don't particularly like Yami Bakura, but I can't torture him that much)*

YC: (growling) anyone else want to mess with me?

Everyone else: (looks petrified and shakes their heads rapidly)

YC: (sweeter) good. Now since Yami Bakura is taking a short nap, Pegasus will YOU do the disclaimer? (Finds him quivering behind Yami, an even better mental picture, ^____^ and wiggles her finger for him to come closer. He slowly comes out of 'hiding' and takes a few hesitant steps towards YC) comre, I won't bite.

Yami: (whispers to Yugi) she'll do worse than bite! Oh this is great!

Pegasus: (tries to say something, but in his fear no words come)

YC: try again,,,(as a little 'encourager' the Millennium Star flashes at him)

Pegasus: (trembles all over but manages to say something) Ya-Yamicat does n- not own Yu-Yu-Yu-gi-oh. (Falls to his knees in a prayer position in front of YC) SO PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!

YC: awww. Poor thing. Oh well! Let the fic begin!

*It is just one of those days where everything is boring. Yugi, Yami, Bakura, Yami Bakura (I revived him just before starting the fic) Joey, Tristan, Yamicat, and (of course) Seto all sit in one of the bigger living rooms of the Kaiba Mansion. Everyone else in the Yu-gi-oh cast is at 'home' wherever that may be. Mokuba is somewhere else in the vast house. Joey is sprawled on the luxurious red couch, apparently asleep. Tristan is also sleeping on the soft purple couch adjacent to Joey's. Yami Bakura deviously plotting something nasty to do to Joey and Tristan while they sleep or plotting world domination, it's impossible to tell. Bakura and Yugi are sitting at the coffee table having a Duel (for those of you wondering the Life Point count is 600 to 400 Yugi's favor). Yami is sitting in an easy chair attempting to watch the Duel, shout out bits of advice to Yugi through their mental connection, polish his Millennium Puzzle, and keep an eye on Bakura all at the same time. Seto is sitting at a desk typing furiously on his laptop, occasionally looking up to recount his Blue Eyes White Dragons (which almost never leave his sight) or to smile at YC (it's MY fic Tatooinedweller). YC is sitting on another chair behind the coffee table, gazing dreamily at Seto. (What else would I be doing?)*

Yami Bakura: Hey Kaiba?

Seto: (without looking up) what?

Yami B: (trademark smirk) where do you keep the shaving cream?

Seto: (stops typing for a few seconds) forget it Yami Bakura, you'll have to wait until Yamca (that's a nickname for me by the way) and I leave. Then you can do whatever you want with them. But remember, security cameras are everywhere, if you take something, I'll know.

Yami B: where are you and Yamicat going?

Seto: I dunno. It's supposed to be a surprise. (once again Tatooinedweller, this is MY fic)

~Scene switches to Yugi and Bakura's Duel on the coffee table~

Yugi: (draws card) I summon the Dark Magician! (Puts it on the field in attack mode)

Yami: YAY! Go Yugi!

Bakura: (moans) oh! I knew the Dark Magician would come in sometime! (Draws card) Ooh! ^___^ (Does happy dance) Yay!

Yami: (agitated) just play the card!

Bakura: (imitates his Yami) and it will be the card of you're undoing, Yugi! Mwhahaha (hack)!

Yami Bakura: you may look like me, but you are never gonna be able to ACT like me. And that includes evil laughter.

Bakura: hehe. (Looks around sheepishly)

Yami: (getting impatient) JUST PLAY THE CARD ALREADY!

Bakura: oh. Um, okay. I play (pauses just for affect) Change of Heart!

Yugi: (gasp)

Yami: (gasp)

Yami Bakura: (gasp)

Seto: (gasp)

Tristan and Joey: (snore)

Random Audience Member: (gasp)

Everyone: (gasp)

Mai: (looks at her hands) (gasp) I broke a nail!

Bakura: why is everyone wheezing?

Yami: that was a gasp you fool!

Bakura: oh. My bad. Sorry. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah! I play Change of Heart!

Yami: you said that already!

Bakura: so? Would you like me to say it again? I play,,,

Yami: no! Just get on with it!

Bakura: right-o. (Plays Change of Heart and the Dark Magician switches sides) Ha! Now I am in control of the match!

Yugi: not just yet! I play,,,

YC: (stands up abruptly, causing the coffee table to turn over and the Duel Monsters cards sitting on it to scatter all over the floor.) HEY YOU GUYS! I GOT IT!

Yami: no, you're GONNA get it! You just ruined the whole game! Yugi was about to win!

Bakura: No I was about to win!

Yugi: no. I was about to play Black Luster Ritual.

Bakura: awww. I can never win.

YC: who cares about one stupid game! I just solved the problem to our boredom!


YC: If it's such a great game then why'd ya work so hard to imprison it and it's players hmm?

Yami: I,,,I,,,

YC: can't say anything. I know, I know. Now, Yami, what month is it exactly?

Yami: ? uh,,,(counts them off on his fingers) ten moons. Why?

Bakura: he means ten months into the year. Apparently the ancient Egyptians, like the Native Americans counted months in 'moons.' (I just made that up by the way) It's quite interesting,,,

YC: yeah, yeah, yeah, interesting. You want to know something even more interesting?

Yami: (folds arms) what could be more interesting than ancient Egyptian culture?

YC: (rolls her eyes) just about anything. For those of you who aren't FAMILIAR with some other culture than Egyptian,,,(glares at Yami then at Yami Bakura) it happens to be October. And what holiday is in October?

Bakura and Yugi: Halloween!

Yami: Christmas!

Seto: (to Yami) Halloween you idiot!

YC: that is correct Seto (beams at him)

Yami B: (scratches head) I forget, is that the one where the bunny comes around and gives eggs?

Everyone but Yami and YB: THAT'S EASTER!

Yami B: oh.

YC: Bakura, Yugi, you two seriously have to educate your yamis about modern civilization.

Yugi: we've been trying, Yami just barely mastered the days of the week.

Bakura: my yami can't even operate a toilet yet. You should see him in the kitchen! He tried to work a blender last week. (Shudders)

YC: oh well. To explain to the yamis, Halloween is where everyone dresses up all scary and goes from house to house screaming "trick or treat" and getting candy.

Yami and Yami B: CHOCOLATE!

YC: but that's only for little kids.

Yami and Yami B: awwwwwwwwwwww

YC: other people usually go to a friend's house and have parties. And that's what my wonderful idea was; WE'RE GOING TO HAVE HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Seto: (semi approvingly) that sounds interesting

Yugi and Bakura: GREAT IDEA! Tristan and Joey: (snore)

Yami and YB: will there be chocolate?

Bakura: you'll have to excuse them, they've got this thing about chocolate

YC: I'll be sure not to bring any then.

Yami B: awww come on, don't you trust us? (Tries to look innocent but only succeeds in looking more evil than he already is)

YC: (looks at who she's talking to) NO!

Seto: so, when are we going to have this? And where?

YC: very good question. I think we should tell everyone about it this week (in this fic, it's a week and two days before Halloween) and make some preparations. Then we can all meet here on Halloween to have the party! Oh and by the way, everyone must be in costume!

Seto: HERE? AT MY HOUSE? BUT IT'LL BE TRASHED! (Looks at Joey and Tristan who are still asleep and drooling all over the couches) I REFUSE TO HAVE THOSE TWO (points at Joey and Tristan) COME TO A PARTY HERE AND DESTROY MY HOUSE!

YC: oh sush. It won't be that bad.

Seto: that's what you said at the beginning of the fic and I'm already being tortured!

YC: don't push it. Remember; I have the awesome powers of the authoress, and I'm not afraid to use them!

Yami B: Yes you are.

YC: I am?

Yami B: yes. Take a good look at him. HE'S SETO FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! YOU FLAME OTHER AUTHORS FOR HURTING HIM! OF COURSE YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING TO HIM! AND YA KNOW WHAT? IT'S JUST NOT FAIR! (Starts to cry) YC: awww. There, there. Here, this is for you,,, (hands Yami B a giant lollipop)

Yami B: SUGAR! (Chomps on the lollipop and proceeds to get sticky stuff all over his face. He looks gloatingly over at Yami who is sulking b/c he didn't get any sugar)

YC: where was I? Oh yeah! Ahem, what we'll do is call or email everyone else to invite them to our party. Then, tomorrow, we'll have a meeting at my house/apartment thingamabob,,,

Seto: (looks relieved) thank you.

YC: ,,,to discuss costumes, snacks, party favors etc. any questions?

Joey: yeah, what'd me and Tristan miss? (grammatical error I know, but this is Joey)

Tristan: (yawns) wha-what time is it? (looks at watch and falls back on the couch) mmm,,,wake me at Christmas,,,

Joey: same here,,,(falls back to sleep)

YC: I'll tell them later. Anyway, Seto and I have to leave. Come on Seto! (drags him out)

Seto: but,,,my,,,house!

YC: don't worry. I left Yugi and Bakura in charge.

Seto: why doesn't that make me feel better?

Okay guys, sorry this is so long and that I was switching off the subject a lot, but bear with me, this should get good, but I suppose you can be the judge of that. PLEASE read and review, I spent a lot of time on this. (Even though I should've been working on my other fics, I'm having a writer's block and this is the only thing I could come up with.) so, I'll have the next chapter up soon, hopefully. It kinda depends what you call soon,,,