Yamicat: Hey guys (and of course, girls) sorry it's taken me so long between chapters, my mom's kinda on my case about how much time I spend on the computer,,, Anyway, Halloween is over now =( but I'll keep on writing 'cause I'm not one to leave something unfinished. This chapter may be a little short though. Also, I'm kinda in a writer's block at the moment, so this may not be super funny, just to let you know. Anyway, in the last chapter (as if you haven't read it already) Bakura was planning a little 'surprise' for Joey and Tristan (or was that world domination?), Yami learned a snippet about some culture other than his own (alert the media!), I came up with the idea of a Halloween party, and Joey and Tristan had a nice long nap. That's pretty much it. So, provided no one interrupts me, now we can continue!

*Joey and Tristan walk in looking sleepy*

Tristan: what did (yawn) we miss?

YC: were you listening five seconds ago? I JUST SAID THE SUMMARY!

Tristan: well, yeah, but we were asleep.


Joey: we need our beauty rest!

YC: you sound like Mai, and that's no excuse. Now if you want to know what happened, read the summary or ask Yugi or someone. I've got a chapter to start.

Joey/Tristan: (grumble) never tells us anything,,,(grumble),,,always have to figure things out on our own,,, *They walk out and slam the door behind them*

YC: Wow that was the shortest interruption in either of my fics. IT'S A NEW RECORD! Ahem, anyway, on with the next chapter!

*Everyone (excluding the really minor characters such as Serenity, Bandit Keith, Weevil, etc.) is sitting in a circle in one of the biggest rooms of the Kaiba Mansion (much to Seto's dismay, almost the whole story will take place at his house). Yamicat has a bowl filled with little slips of paper sitting next to her. Joey and Tristan have just arrived and they sit down in the circle with everyone else*

YC: Okay, now that everyone is here (throws a dirty look at Joey and Tristan) we can start planning! I've already decided what we're gonna do about costumes, but we still need to think about snacks and decorations. I've split you up into groups of four and five excluding me. The groups are as follows: Joey, Yami, Seto, Mai, and Yami Bakura will work on decorations. Tristan, Tea, Yugi, and Bakura will be in charge of snacks. Mokuba will help with small jobs in both areas if he wants to. Any questions?

Joey: hey! Why'd ya separate Tristan and me?

Mai: because I only want to deal with one nutcase in my group thank you very much.

YC: (smiles) exactly

Tristan: What about Pegasus? He has to work too, right? *Pegasus' Eye flashes at Tristan* (gulp)

YC: I think that was answer enough. Now, on the issue of costumes, here's how it's going to be done: (picks up the bowl with the little papers) I have all our names in this bowl. You will each in turn pick a name and the person you pick will design your costume. On the night of the party, everyone will come out of costume and one by one you go into a bathroom and get changed. Then you will come out so we can laugh at you. You must come out of the bathroom and stay in costume for the rest of the night. These are the rules and they are NOT going to be changed. Understood?

Everyone but YC: (nods)

YC: good! (Extends the bowl to Seto) okay Seto, pick a name and read it to us.

Seto: (shuffles the names around a bit and picks one. Unfolds the scrap and reads it.) oh no. can I pick another name? PLEASE?

YC: (shakes head slowly) sorry Seto. No matter how much I like you, I have to be fair with this.

Seto: (sighs) Yami

Yami: (smiles evilly) this should be very entertaining.

Seto: (trademark seemingly calm voice) humiliate me and die fuzz head.

Yami: (a little agitated) temper, temper. Is that any way to speak to the pharaoh that holds your social status in the palm of his hand?

YC: calm down you two. Yami, you pick next. (Passes the bowl to Yami)

Yami: (still with an evil grin on his face, he dips his hand into the bowl, draws it out again and reads the paper. His expression changes instantly from happiness to horror) this can't be happening! IT CAN'T!

YC: spare us the drama. Who'd you pick?

Yami: (glumly hands YC the slip of paper)

YC: oh. (A smirk creeps up the corners of her face) Pegasus.

Seto: (snickers silently)

* I don't spend the whole day with this, the rest of the costume/designers are as follows: Yami designs for Seto Pegasus designs for Yami Seto designs for Tea Mai designs for Yugi Tristan designs for Joey Tea designs for Yami Bakura Mokuba designs for Bakura Yugi designs for Pegasus Bakura designs for Tristan Joey designs for Mai Yami Bakura designs for Mokuba Whew! Oh yeah, and some of these are a little shaky, I might have to change a few. Okay on with the fic again*

YC: now that everyone has their person to design their costume, you have two days to think of ideas. If you don't give me any ideas by the second day, I will tell you what to make, no questions asked. I have all the materials for any costume possible at my house so just come by and pick up what you need. Sound fair?

Yami: wait a minute, what about you?

YC: huh? What do you mean?

Yami: you're name wasn't in the bowl! Who's going to design your costume?

Everyone but YC: (mutters of protest and agreement with Yami)

YC: I don't know yet. I've already asked my friend Tatooniedweller if she could come up with a costume, but she hasn't RESPONDED yet. *Sidelong glance at TD*

Yugi: wait! Maybe the reviewers have some ideas!

YC: you're right! Perhaps they do! I'll ask them directly at the end of the chapter!

Bakura: (with his cute English accent) didn't you just ask them sort of?

YC: well kinda, but let's not get into technicalities here, it's gonna get us all confused.

Yami: I'm confused.

YC: (pinches his cheek grandma-style) but we love you anyway!

Everyone but Yami: *snickers*

Seto: what? The King of Games is confused? *Chuckles*

Yami: (turns away, blushing) It's not funny!

YC: (trying very hard to keep a straight face) then why is everyone chortling?

Yami: because,,,because,,, (looks at Yugi who is laughing with the rest) wait a minute abiou, why are you laughing?

Yugi: maybe because it's funny! Come on Yami, you need to lighten up!

Joey: (abruptly stops laughing) wait a sec, has anyone ever seen Yami laugh?

*Everyone falls silent*

YC: Yugi laughs a lot, but Yami,,,(looks over at Yami) you've never laughed have you?

Yami: (with an extremely solemn expression) I guess I'm just not easy to appease.

Joey: don't worry bro. We'll have you laughin' sometime, count on it!

Yami: but what if I don't- (looks at everyone) never mind.

YC: before we all get sidetracked here, are there anymore questions about costumes?

Tristan: I already figured out what I want Joey to be. (Leans over and whispers in YC's ear)

YC: (devious smile) I like it. I like it very much. Come with me to pick up the necessary materials at the end of the chapter.

Tristan: k

Joey: (thinking to himself) Yamicat likes Tristan's idea. Aw man, this can't be good.

Seto: What's the matter puppy? You afraid your best friend's gonna humiliate you?

Joey: shut up Kaiba!

Seto: make me!

Joey: make me make you!

Seto: make me make you make me!

Joey: make me make you make me make- YC: all right already!

Joey and Seto: (growl at each other)

Bakura: come on guys, let's try to be peaceful about this.

Seto: (angrily) shut up Albino Boy!

Yami Bakura: why you-


Seto: who're you, Gandhi?

YC: no, I'm the authoress with the Millennium Star at her disposal.

*Everyone except YC inches back a few paces*

YC: as there is nothing more to say, everyone is dismissed. And think of ideas for costumes!

*Everyone but Seto, Mokuba, and YC leave*

Mokuba: why are you still here?

YC: to make sure your brother says the ending thing for me.

Seto: no way!

YC: just say it.

Seto: why should I?

YC: because I said so.

Seto: I'm still not gonna say it.

YC: I'm sure Yugi would be happy to say it for me. Seto: Yugi? Oh fine! Please read and review.

YC: thank you Seto!

Seto: yeah, yeah.

YC: So, didya like it? Sorry it wasn't so funny, like I said, I have writer's block at the moment. If you have any suggestions as to what I or the other characters should be please put them in your review. I have a couple of them figured out already, but I'd love to have some other ideas to work with! Also, it may take a couple weeks for me to get the next chapter up, I'm being bugged to write another chapter in my other fic, so please be patient.