My Sweet

Chapter 1

Len Tsukimori sighed as he look through his messages. He got a lot but none came from the person he wanted to hear from.

"Miss you like crazy," someone sang behind his ear making him jump. He glared at Damon, a friend of his who lived with him in a dormitory back at Vienna. The guy gave him a smile before walking towards a couch and making himself comfortable. "I'm at a payphone trying to call home," Damon sang then laughed. "More like 'You're at your cellphone trying to call her'."

Len scowled at his friend.

"Tonight, take (her) to the other side," Damon sang, smirking.

"You're making no sense," Len said and decided to ignore the guy.

Three weeks. He hasn't heard from Kahoko Hino for three weeks already. Damon found him paranoid for suddenly reserving plane tickets back to Japan after a week of silence. It was unusual for them not to talk for that long. He can take one to three days but a week? No.

"Maybe you said something bad, ergo love problems," Damon suddenly said. He has been telling Damon about his problem but the guy never helped. Until now. He wasn't sure why he trusted the guy about his… love problems? No. He wasn't even in a relationship with her. He sucked.

He won't deny he loves her though. But he won't be admitting that to anyone.

"What could I possibly have said to make her ignore me?" he asked. His conversation with Kahoko had always been professional. It was always music. They would say 'hi' and 'how are you?' but it always ended up about music.

Damon imitated Len's voice, "'To have the right posture, look at yourself in the mirror' blah blah blah." Len frowned at Damon. "I don't know Kahoko Hino but if another girl hears that she'll probably think you're telling her she looks fat. Bad move."

"She is not fat. I wasn't telling her that," Len defended. He wasn't sure about what Damon said but he kept it in mind just in case that was the case. Girls hated to be called fat. Any hint of it you're in trouble.

"She probably wants to love somebody," Damon said as he plays with a cushion.

"Another song and I'll haul that ass of yours out of this room," Len threatened.

Damon attempted to not laugh. Len could tell the guy was struggling not to. "I wasn't singing." Damon's expression softened at Len. "Give the girl a break. She might be busy."

Len sighed. He didn't know what was happening to her. Him or her being busy didn't affect much their communication so he doubted that. He didn't want to bother her friends by asking where she was. He was helpless and hopeless.

"Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be. Baby, I've been, I've been praying hard. Said no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars," Damon sang. Len rolled his eyes.

He didn't understand why Damon started torturing him by singing random songs. Most of the songs he used hit him directly… somewhere. He sighed again.

"Don't forget we're attending a party," Damon reminded Len then left his hotel room singing, "I know what it feels like, come on make me feel alive."

Two weeks ago Len was about to reserve plane tickets but Damon stopped him. One week later he received an invitation. Keiichi Shimizu was inviting him for a bachelor party and the cellist also invited Damon.

He planned on visiting Kahoko the moment he landed but Damon kept on stopping him by miraculously having reasonable excuses. He hated the guy for it. And now he is in a hotel where the bachelor party will be held and he is stuck in there with his own thoughts.

He sometimes wondered how Keiichi Shimizu felt finally getting married to the woman he loves. He knew the cellist will be marrying Shouko Fuyuumi. How they ended up together, he doesn't know or care. But he was curious how Keiichi got the courage to man up and confess, moreover promise a future and forever after.

Should he do that? He sat on the couch. "I should," he said.

But how? Kahoko never showed any interest in having more with him. It was always music. He sometimes think that her violin and music were men and she was in love. Ridiculous but he was jealous.

Running a hand over his face he decided to give Kahoko one more day of silence. Tomorrow he will visit her whether she likes it or not. Whether Damon stops him or not he is going to see her. He'll demand for answers. For now he will have to enjoy his friend's party and pass it without doing anything stupid.

He frowned at himself. Wow. He sounded like a psycho boyfriend. Scratch the boy. He is just a friend.


The bachelor party began. He, Damon, along with Keiichi and the other men are dressed in suits and ties. They were all drinking and eating. Some playing around. He didn't like the setting one bit. He found his schoolmates and co-participants in Seiso's Music Competition. He originally didn't want to interact but in the end and for some reasons he was with the other guys. Ryoutarou Tsuchiura was laughing at him with Kazuki Hihara. Azuma Yunoki and Aoi Kaji looked as if they are going to kill each other soon. Keiichi was with his co-workers. Damon? He was nowhere to be found. He didn't care.

"Congratulations about the tour," Azuma Yunoki suddenly said, getting his attention. He found the guy smiling like always. With a nod and a small smile, he said his thanks.

He almost forgot about the European tour. He will be performing all around Europe with his violin and he planned on tagging Kahoko along. He worked hard for it but now it looked as if it's nothing. His mind is always focusing on a certain red head.

How badly has he fallen?

He caught Damon at the corner of his eye and saw the man waving at him. Leaving the other guys he headed for Damon as he watches a big cake, almost as big as a human, being pulled inside the room. He frowned at it thinking how much sugar is in it. Surely Kahoko would love it but he won't. He had no sweet tooth or anything like that.

When he reached Damon, his friend smiled at him. He knew there was something about the guy's smile and his brain screamed run but he stayed and waited. He was hoping the guy got bored and wanted to get out of here. He really wanted to leave.

"Cake?" Damon asked.

He simply shook his head.

"Too bad," Damon said and motioned a hand to where the cake was. "It could have been sweet. Though you're not a fan." Damon grabbed his arm and started pulling him out of the place.

Len wanted to know what was wrong with Damon but he kept his mouth shut. At least they were out of the party but Damon kept on pulling him till they reached a room. Damon pushed him inside then locked the door leaving him in a dark room.

"DAMON!" he yelled angrily as he tried to open the door.

Won't budge.

Dark. Not that he had a problem with darkness.

Still. "This is stupid! Damon open the damn door!"

"Nope. Stay in there and relax."

"HELL! How can I relax in here?! Are you stupid?!"

"Stop stressing and start enjoying. You'll love me for this," Damon said and sang, "This is my kingdom come, this is my kingdom come."

He heard the guy leave but he still couldn't open the door. He wondered if he could just break the door down but… he wasn't that kind of man. He will end up hurting himself.

Sighing he started looking for the light switch and after turning the lights on and looking around the large hotel room, which is actually some sort of honeymoon suite, he frowned at what he saw.

P.S. Damon is an OC and not a character in La Corda D'oro.

I'm writing this for fun. :))