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Here is your super overdue chapter. I hope I did it justice…

The last two minutes were a blur. Caine awoke to suddenly find himself strapped in a car upside down with a throbbing pain on his nose. Thankfully, it wasn't broken, just bleeding. After that, it was a painful drop onto the broken glass as a result of the smashed windshield, weak attempts to get Diana out of the wreckage using his telekinetic power, then laying her head on Caine's lap as he worked on the hardest part: the gushing wound on her forehead. He attempted to stop the blood with his hands but it was not effective. His hands were already completely soaked with blood.

Caine couldn't bare to look at Diana's face. Her pale and pained face brought so much hurt to the sociopath. Even though he managed to keep it together that entire time, tears finally started to dwell in his eyes as if he was a little kid finally understanding the bad news after being reminded of it numerous times.

Don't give up on me now Diana. he thought.

The entire time Caine was sitting in the ditch with an unconscious girl in his arms, he was wondering what had happened. Caine vaguely remembered that he was last in his room with Diana and that psycho Drake, and then he was suddenly in a car accident.

Room. Blink. Car.

The Coates boy couldn't remember any sense of time passing by. Perhaps he had hit his head too hard. After all, he remembered that awful headache which felt as if he was undergoing brain surgery alive. But, no, wasn't that before the car swerved into the ditch?

Before he could mentally debate with himself again, Caine suddenly remembered something.

The first aid kit! There's always one in a car.

Caine hurriedly left Diana to strip the car for the life saving kit. He found cigarettes in the cup holders, a car manual in the compartment at the front and nothing in the boot. Caine yelled in frustration and punched the car before returning to Diana. Somewhere at the back of his mind, he was furious at the driver for not keeping the first aid kit.

Unfortunately, leaving Diana was a big mistake. Since nothing was clogging the wound, the gash introduced a steady flowed of blood that decorated half of Diana's face like paint. It was at that moment he couldn't hold it in anymore. The sociopath openly sobbed and hysterically shouted for help until his voice was hoarse. Never in his life had he felt so helpless; it was his weakest hour.

But no, he wasn't helpless Caine or weak Caine. He was Caine the leader; Caine the powerful. And that was how the boy remembered his own powers. Rubbing his tears away, he put all his energy in putting telekinetic pressure on Diana's wound which managed to stop the blood flow quite well. But it occurred to Caine that he would have to stay with Diana. He wouldn't be able to leave to find help and his only option was to wait until help arrived…

"Astrid? I think i just found Sam…" Edilio pointed to the scene at the town plaza - and boy, it wasn't pretty.

Kids were all crowded around Orc who was laying on the ground clutching his gut where there was an obvious 3-inch hole that went straight through his body. He was also screaming in pain. Howard was on his knees next to him looking very pale while trying to comfort the bully. A metre away from them was Sam who was on his knees. What was peculiar was that the kids around Sam looked afraid of him and some were even trying to get away from him.

Edilio and Astrid sprinted towards their friend who didn't seem surprised by their presence.

"Sam, Sam, what happened?" Edilio asked.

Without keeping his eyes off Orc, he replied, "I have no idea Edilio."

"Oh no," Astrid gasped. "What happened to Quinn?!"

Said person was lying on the ground nearby, unconscious. Astrid hurried over to him and checked for his pulse.

"What?" Sam was confused. This was the first time he noticed his best friend. Sam's face contorted to shock and worry as he approached Quinn. "What happened? Quinn, is he okay? C'mon Quinn, please stay with me!"

Sam shook the surfer thinking it would miraculously wake him up. "Come on Quinn!"

"Don't. He's injured." Astrid pointed to the large swelling on his head that looked like it was about to pop. Trickles of blood were falling onto his face. "It's okay Sam, he has a pulse and he's breathing," She quickly proceeded to do first aid on him.

"Oh man, did I do this?" Sam desperately asked Edilio as his first tears started to fall. "Did I kill Quinn and Orc?"

Edilio honestly replied. "I was going to ask you! We weren't here for the whole thing."

"What do you mean?" Sam said frustrated. "I don't remember doing any of this. I thought we were going to the power plant and then I was here and then I think I killed Orc! What's happening?"

"Wait, you remember going to the power plant?" Edilio exclaimed. "Astrid, you're right, he's back to normal now."

"What do you mean?"

Astrid stopped tending Quinn to explain to Sam: "On our way to the power plant, you experienced some kind of sensation that gave you amnesia. You were unable to remember anything about the FAYZ Sam. So then you naturally got frustrated and left us to go back to school."

"We thought you were lying man, about the FAYZ and stuff." Edilio said. "But… you already proved to us that you went through all this so we couldn't just leave you. We followed you back to the plaza and... this happened."

"I don't remember any of this." Sam shook his head.

"I don't expect you to." Astrid said. "It's like… your other consciousness, the one that hadn't re-lived through the FAYZ yet took over, because you couldn't remember anything about the adults disappearing. All you knew was that you were supposed to be in class."

"So then, old me killed Orc and… Quinn?" Sam took a deep breath.

"I don't think you did." Astrid comforted. "There are no signs of burns anywhere on Quinn, just Orc. Something suspicious happened. But look Sam, it doesn't matter what happened before. Right now, without proper medical attention Quinn is going to die and Orc still looks like he has an hour left before he'll be gone. You mentioned that girl - Lana was it? - the healer, right? Quinn needs her now Sam. You and Edilio need to go and get her before it's too late."

Sam nodded. That sounded like a good plan. He wiped away his tears. "But what about her encounter with the gaiaphage?"

Astrid thought for a moment before speaking. "I guess that will have to wait."

"And what about Pete?" Edilio reminded. "He's still stuck in the power plant."

"Don't worry, I can get him by myself."

"Ok, I'll go with Edilio." Sam glanced at Quinn one more time before standing up. "Astrid, there are guns at the power plant. Take one to protect yourself. Hide the rest."

Sam wanted to do something more, like take her hand or kiss her goodbye. But time was running short and this definitely wasn't the time to get all romantic.

"Let's go Edilio."

The pair of boys started to walk away from the plaza. However, they were inconveniently stopped by Howard and a guy named Cookie. They both kept their distance from the surfer but were armed with baseball bats from the hardware store. It was clear the bullies were scared of Sam but were masking it with hatred and anger.

"You," Cookie spat that word out venomously. "You hurt Orc."

"You some kind of freak Sam." Howard accused. "And now Orc is gonna die."

They both raised their weapons but it was clear they were too scared to use it in case Sam tried to kill them. Sam raised his hands as a gesture of peace but it had the opposite effect so he put them down. Edilio raised his hands instead.

"Hey, hey, hey. Calm down, we're not looking for a fight alright?." the Honduran said calmly. "We're going to get help and make sure Orc stays alive."

"Where? They're no adults you immigrant!" Cookie replied.

Edilio didn't show any sign of offense or anger.

"Trust me Howard," Sam said. "I know what I'm doing. Give me at least till nightfall OK guys? Keep Orc alive till then."

Howard was puzzled as he watched the boys run off towards the highway.

"Yeah, get away freak!" Cookie yelled next to him.

They both returned to the now crying Orc.

It was probably only a half hour, but to Caine it felt like days before he saw the first sign of people. He first heard the sound of the engine - an intruding sound that penetrated the silence of nature - before further down the road, where the path met with the highway, a modest car slowed to a stop. Two people got out of the car. It was hard to tell from the distance but they kinda looked like boys - teenagers actually. One had dark hair that matched his tan skin. Possibly South American or Indian. The other had blonde hair with tan, white skin and a muscular build. They both looked like boys that would've stood up to Caine if they went to the same school. For some reason, both boys seemed to be checking the car tires. But what was he doing watching them? This was Caine's chance!

"H-help!" Caine croaked at first before yelling his heart out. "HELP! SOMEONE'S INJURED! HELP ME!"

But the boys were too far away. Caine continued to shout at them as the two teenagers seemed to converse with themselves quickly. The sociopath was tempted to leave Diana and confront them, but it was too risky. Without his telekinetic powers, the blood in the horrible wound would instantly start pumping out.

After inspecting the car the two boys started to walk further down the highway away from Caine's sight even though he continued to shout at them. He gave up when he heard another roar of an engine fade into the distance.

NO! Caine thought. Then he looked at the car. Why couldn't I have thrown the car with my powers to get their stupid attention?! WHY?

The boy screamed in anger and crushed a nearby log with his telekinesis.

He had a chance.

But he had just blown it.

And now Diana was going to die.

At first Edilio thought Sam was joking when he said they were going to drive. But surprise surprise, this Sam who had relived through the FAYZ turned out that he actually had a bit of experience driving. So here they were, on the highway just as it was afternoon. Just barely 5 minutes after driving out of Perdido Beach the boys had to switch cars because the Humvee they were driving in had a flat tire. Sam and Edilio were instead stuck with a cheap Honda car which was now cruising at a steady pace of 50km/hour despite no cars on the highway. It was just a precaution, as Sam still wasn't that confident driving fast and he didn't want to risk an accident without the healer present.

In all honesty, Sam had no idea where Lana was. He knew she was still in the accident but where it took place exactly, he didn't know. His plan was to just drive out to Hermit Jim's shack and work his way from there.

"Oh man, I'm really worried about Quinn." Sam anxiously said.

"Don't worry, we're driving so we'll be back to PB before you know it with the healer. You know where this shack is right?" Edilio asked.

"Yeah," Sam assured. "Kinda. I only went there a few times. But it's on the way to the mineshaft and that's a place you'll never forget."

"How come?"

"Because the Gaiaphage lives in the mineshaft. The moment you enter that ghost town, you can feel that something is off; that there's Something unspeakable that you never want to see. Speaking of which, at one point in the FAYZ you went to the mineshaft Edilio. You got shot there."

"What?!" Edilio exclaimed. "By who?!"

Sam smirked, "By the very person we're looking for right now."

"Oh man, I don't want to meet this chick anymore! I'm probably going to wet myself the moment I see her."

Sam laughed. "Don't worry, she was possessed by the Gaiaphage at the time. She really is good. You'll be fine."

As they drove on, Sam started telling Edilio everything he could about Lana: about the time where she tried to blow up the creature in the mineshaft, about how they originally met her and more. Twenty minutes later, the car left the asphalt of the highway and took a right turn onto a rocky dirt road that didn't seem to end. The Honda was not made for this type of road so Sam had to drive even slower than usual. It took them an hour to finally reach a fork in the road. (1)

"Right or left?" Edilio asked.

"Right looks like it's going to lead to the barrier. We go left."

Sam followed the dirt path for another 45 minutes until it blended in with the rocky ground and there wasn't a road anymore.

"What now?" the Honduran asked.

"I think I see the shack up ahead!" Sam exclaimed.

Soon the speck in the distance became a blob which became a solid shape which became Hermit Jim's infamous shack. The boys got off the car and onto the green lawn that was in front of the doorway. By then it was late afternoon.

"We need to find Lana before evening and then return by nightfall." Sam said before he remembered something. "The food! This shack is loaded with canned goods. We need to bring them all back with us so we can distribute them to everyone back at PB. If there's one thing I don't want to relive, it's the hunger."

Edilio nodded before striding up to the door. "I feel like I should knock."

Sam simply barged in and held the door open for his friend. "No one here, brah."

The boys started to take all the food and load them into the car. It took them a while but they managed to get it done.

"So where to now Captain?" Edilio joked.

"The crash was somewhere in the hills over there," he pointed to his left. "But there isn't a road. I guess we'll have to go on foot from now on."

Sam and Edilio started their way through the Santa Katrina mountains.

The moment he started barking hysterically, she knew there was something wrong.

Patrick got on all fours barking at something hidden away in the darkness. He was acting crazy, prancing back and forth. It was then Lana noticed the emerald eyes staring at her. She cried out in terror. The pair of eyes blinked lazily before the host stepped forward revealing itself to be a mountain lion. It gave a huge startling roar.

"Get back! Get away from me!" Lana yelled at it weakly while internally screaming.

Patrick stood in front of his owner, ready to die for her. The lion bent his knees and got ready to pounce at his new meal when there was a sudden flashing green light amplified against the night sky that came out of nowhere. It hit the lion right on the body. Lana couldn't believe what she was seeing: the lion had a gaping hole that scorched its insides. The animal stood propped up for a moment before it fell onto the ground lifeless.

Lana didn't know how to react. Happy? Relieved that she was going to live another day? But the fact that some killer laser had just shot out of somewhere in the forest scared her.

Then she heard rustling in the bushes. Patrick strolled up to it and sniffed the air before he barked once before his tail started wagging.

Then Lana saw something she thought she would never see again:

Two teenagers who had come to her aid.

(1) Refer to the FAYZ map to know what I'm talking about.

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