Chapter I: The fall.

Fear had grabbed had grabbed the young boy with green skin. Beast Boy was tied down on the chair with Robin, Starfire and Cyborg looking at him with accusing eyes. But they were not the cause of his shivering. Next to his chair layed the unconscious Raven.

"How could you!"- Robin said venomously.

"I have not!"- BB screamed in defense.

"Man, we found her in your mouth knocked out..."- Cyborg said with a tingle of anger in his voice.

"I did not hurt her!"-the adrenaline rushed through his system. Why was he getting angry?

"... Friend Raven had marks of claws all over her body.."-Starfire said saddened and depressed.

" I didn't harm her. Dudes you gotta believe me!"-his fists clenched under the iron restraints which held held him in the chair.

Robin came closer to Beast Boy and snarled with pure disgust:

" Don't lie to us Beast Boy. The evidence speak for it self. We found Raven in your jaws with claw marks all over her body and you...You were a monster."- as Robin spoke BB 's mind ran ten thousand miles per hour. He did not remembered what happened, but...could never...never do such a thing...especially to Raven.-"A monster with no self control or reason, but to bring pain and misery."- BB turned towards the girl on the medical bed. He could never...could he ? Was it possible. ... . That punk was the one who was fooling him self. -"Beast boy...I will have to turn you in to the authorities for the attempt of..."

Beast boy refused to hear this trash any more. He morphed yet again in the beast. With ease he freed him self from the shackles and pushed aside the boy the chair he burst through the adjacent window. The Beast crashed down on the ground and rushed down towards the sea surrounding the T-shaped tower.

The rest of the Titans who were active looked as the former team member swam away in the city with astonishing speed. Robin thrawn at the happening and declared to Starfire and Cyborg :

"We gotta stop Beast boy from harming anybody else. Titans Go !"

With that the three left to hunt dow their former friend.

Beast boy hidden in the dark of a aley , layed on the dirty ground huffing tired. His face was empty from emotion and dripping wet with salty water. His eyes were looking forward as in searching for the logical answer. But every time he came to a conclusion the only words were spoken from his mouth to him self were :

"...I`ve hurt Raven..."

It seem he stood there for hours repeating the scenerios seeking a other truths never to be found. He could see starfire floating in the distance, probably looking for him. Knowing Robin by now had issued a hunt down order. How quick is he to become judge and executor.

After a few more hours of selfpity and questioning he came to peace with the fact that something very wrong was happening with.

The green ex-Titan rouse from ground. Dusted of him self from the dust and muck covering his body suite.

"Dude, something's really broke with me. Better get it fixed before I lose complete controll"

With that said BB exited the aley, transforming in the form of a green weasel searching for a cure to his condition.

He could not contact Cyborg, because he probably was going to nuke his face first and then ask questions. Other team members on titans were most likely told he was crazy Beast ready to lunge at them, which was not far from the truth considering what happened at the tower. The Doom Patrol was out of the question. He would not bare to see Rita disappointed from him and he would not survive what would Mento do to him...Most likely turn his brain to mush.

So with so little choices left things were looking bad. Like "you are Slade's target" bad. While thinking about bad guys he remembered a name of a certain Doctor. Doctor Chang. He is a med dude. He might be able to kill what ever is inside me... But it will probable cost me a leg and pun.

Then is settled. To Chang's for to become a guinea pig...That sounded a lot better in his head, but where do you find that nutter anyway ? The old Slums? Most likely there since the police are afraid to go there.

The green weasel sneeked his way though the broke down neighborhood. It was filled with run down apartment blocks from the sixties filled with shady Mugs and the not so friendly citizen of Jump city. Beast boy even green was not detected because he was twisting his way through the highes of the sixties. Architecture. In other words he was jumping from Gargoyl to Gargoyl, looping through gothic arches keeping a ear out in case if someone had spoted him and decided to show how much the criminal world loves the Teen Titans.

As he traveled Beast boy overheard a familiar voice coming from a window near him. When the green weasel took a look though it just from curiosity he saw no other then Gizmo sitting on the ground shouting commands at somebody via communicator. Before Bb could leave he overheard something interesting.

"What ya mean ya bail out on me ya snotty arse muncher...I don't care Its a Lexcorp cruddy biolab. We have only one frackin chance...We have no teams fuzz face...FINE. BE TAT WAY YA SNOT LICKER.- he smash closed his compad and roused from the ground muttering curses under nose.

Beast Boy's beety little eyes lit up as Gizmo spoke of the Lexcorp lab. If he snucked in that lab he could find a cure. It was worth chance considering his first idea was to become a lab rat for a crazy chinese scientest...who hates him.

As Gizmo lifted out the window with his jetpack a green little spider attached it self to the green clad midget flying off in the sunset towards the Lexcotp Jump labs.