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Chapter XIII: ...And they live in a hole.

Five days later in the mountain south of jump city near a cave five characters approuched.

"Kostadin, let me just inform you, we are not caveman. Why have you brought us here besides to get pebbles in our shoes and to stare moss grow." -warned the tired from the hike Raven.

The large man stepped forward. He was carring most of the equipment but he was nor tired nor lost. He smiled and and replied:

"That is the beauty of this place. When we get inside you shall see, Now follow bravely in the dark."

The huge man followed by Gizmo entered the cave, diving in the darkness. Stich slumped over Raven's shoulder and teased all to the half-deamons dislike:

"Hey I thought you would love a dark, secluded place, Ravy. And your one to talk when considering that you used to live on a giannt T on small island."

Raven tossed off gently Stich of her back and deadpaned:

"First, my personal space is to be respected. Secondly the Tower had at least plumming. This place has probably only Bat guano."

Garfield nudge him self between the two and gave a grinny smile:

"Ladies please don't take this place so baddly. We could actually like turn this to be our very own Batcave. Won't that be awesome!."

"Yeah, sure. I always wanted to be a semi-crazy workaholic with a craving for Bats and scaring the living shit out of all my enemies or friends."-Raven went in the cave.

"Well have already covered the second base. Lets work on your boner for work..."-Stich joked as she followed the blue clad mage.

"Don't make me send you to a another dimension! -" eched from inside a monotone voice after Stich had entered.

"Heh, at least if she ever does send me to a another dimension, now I will have company." -Garfield ran after them.

The cave was dark and mirky, with no smells or sounds to show life. The three later entered teens were going deeper and deeper walking in blindly.

"Hold."-The voice of the Techpriest commanded which they did.-"And Behold."

A system of oil lid lanterns, dangling of a net of chains, slowly illuminated the massive dome. It looked like the entire mountain was hollowed out in one great sculpted .spherical dome with no bottom floor to be seen, but that was not the amazing part. At middle of the dome was a round platform larger then the Titans commond room elavated in the air by multiple thick chains and reachable only by five wooden rope bridges, still that was not amazed the three the most. At the five tips of the bridges entrances there were five enormous, grearly huge fully clad in armor giant skelezons. They were so huge that their gaping mouths holes were used as. Arches for the five passages leading to knows where. These corpses were hanging much like the platform.

Garfield and the girls stood in a awestrucked faze by the colossals and this room which looks like straight out of a fantasy book. The Techpriest approached the with a smile seeing the expected reaction:

"This was a Temple once, but now is only counterproductive beacause the lack of brother-Techpriest to bring knowledge and craft here. We can use this place as a hide away and residence , but what do you think. Do you think we can manage get this place in shape or should we start looking for a new base?"

"This place is amazing. If its free I say we reside here!"-Raven said breathless.

"No way we are leaving this crib. Look at it. This is aces.-Stich screamed ou with gle and joy.

Garfield gave it a moment to sink in, before noticing Gizmo coming from one of the passages carring a schematic underhand:

"Gizmo, ma man. This place is awesome. Can we use it?

The pocket size genius opened the schematic:

"Yeah we cruddy can, but there is modernization, the question of personal rooms and some warning of spiders. If we can get pass those problems this place coul work for us."

"Then I think we got a lot of work ahead of us. Lets get to work..."- the former BB proclaimed.

1 hour later.

At the edges of Jump city, inside a abbandoned bar called "The Devils nest, a wall came slowly cracking open. From the new opening came Garfield and Gizmo. They looked around with satisfied looks.

" It seems we got our entry location to the cruddy city. The cog head could shown us it first this and save us a fracking mountaineering adventure. "-Gizmo grumbled.

"Dude, chill."-Garfield strolled to the dusty bar and lean over to see if anything was behind.-"You saw the do-hikey on the secret door. It can be like only opened from the inside..for now right?"

"Yeah, yeah. Cruddy cultist working with cruddy industrial age tech."

Garfield jumped behind the bar.

"Dude. This bar could be actually useful. "- he picked up a aged beer botle and tossed it aside .-"We could use this place to keep up to speed, manage an income and pick up hot dates ... and use it as a cafeteria. Ohhhhhh. Ohh. I got a joke. A half-Robot, Half-deamon and half-man sitting in a bar..."


2 hours later...

Through on of passages in temple the Techpriest. Was pushing against a gaint heavy iron door which did not budged. The door was heavily decorated with both skulls and industrail symbols.

"Can I help you?"-Raven appeared behind him. She was getting to know the hallways.

"I need a little force to push this door open , Raven. Can you aid me."

Without a word said she raised her hands and forced her magic on the they pushed open the gate. On the inside was a library. It had more isles then raven books she had read and each isle had countless manuscripts and writings bulging out of the shelfs. Light came from the countless oil lanterns connected to those from the colossal room.

Ravens was bewitch by the massive compilation of writing but still she asked:

"And let me guess, all of these are tech manuals. .."

"Quite the contrary Raven. This vault of knowledge keeps all kind information about humanity,Its arts, Its struggles ,Its suroundings and beyond. Anybody who seeks knowledge for knowledge sake may use this librer..."-Before he could give Raven permission to enter Kostadin found browsing one of the old books while stashing aside two more. He smiled and entered him self the library.

Hour 3

Gizmo walked up the steps through one of the passages where had suggested to check the luxiary monks living cells which had windows overlooking the entire city.

As he entered the only one opened room he noted two odd things. Where there was suppose to have windows were none and Stich was hiding behind a old rusted flipped table.

"What the crudd are y..."

"SKREEEEEEEE" Before even he could finish the sentence a eagle darted him with its talons extended towards him. Before they could sink in Stich lassooed him with her extendy arm and brought him to her behind the table.

"Thanks for the cruddy save!"- tried Gizmo to be nice.


"SKREEEEEEEEE."-Both ducked for cover.

"Thats an eagle! Why have yoy not killed It sogging already!"

"Cause it majestic and beutiful...AND EAGLE!

"SKREEEEEE"-both took for cover as the eagle swooped overhead.

"Thats crudding it."-Gizmo pulled a lazer at it-"Say hello to Zug yawa in the afterlife Birdy!"

Gizmo turn the trigger and shot the eagle turning in to insta cook turkey dinner which splattered over the wall. Gizmo felt smug and flipped the lauer gun on his finger before putting the fire arm where it belongs.

"How could you kill such a perty and awesome...MORE EAGLES!-Stich pointed towards a entire flock of eagles bursting through the glassles window.


Hour 4

Raven and Stich were looking in a dark pit where a by what the last maintenance scroll said was overran by spiders. The pit was the lowest point of the complex. Both girls peered down in the darkness:

"Do you see something, Ravey?"

"Its Raven and no. Maybe it was gag?"

"I don't know...Hang tight, I shall check."

Without a warning the female covered in stitches jumped off in the darkness.

"Happy day for me...found a more moronic person then Beast Boy. Though I shall never tell him..."

Raven stared down the dark pit five more minutes. Even thought she was stoneface calm on the inside side she was splitting from worrying. There was only one way to make sure she does not blow the Temple from worry, and that is sarcasm.

"If you are dead toss me a bone as to not wait here forever."

As if on cue a bone flew from the darkness pass Raven and behind her. Raven traced the bone with her widen eye. Her shock was broken when she heard loud,very loud insect noise. She quickly charged up magic in her fists, lifted up from the ground and started her chant, her eyes had turned the rage to 11.

"Azarath, Mitrion. Zinth..."

"Low , there zappy. Keep the fury bound , could you!"

Raven could not believe what she was looking at. Stich was rising from the darkness, with a grin on her face, RIDING LIKE CAMEL THE MOST LARGEST SPIDER EVER.

"Hey...Look what I found. Can we keep her?"

"Moron!"-Raven facepalmed her self.

Chapter end.

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