Smiling indulgently at the very excited Neji as he pointed out his fish in the Hyuuga pond, Kangae allowed herself to pulled to the edge of the water with an air of indulgence.

"I named him Nemo!" Neji beamed, cute little missing tooth on display. "Tou-chan even said it was a very good choice."

She was sure he could have named it Poopy McToiletton and Hizashi still would have said it was pretty but that was his job as a father. She couldn't count how many times her own dad had smiled that special smile reserved for horrible ideas that children come up with and flashed it at Ino and her.

Just for that she made sure to concoct the most disturbing food combinations and make him eat it. The pouty face held powers untold.

"It certainly fits him," She agreed. "Especially with the coloring."

The three other children glanced down into the water and scrunched up their noses.

"I don't get it." Hinata said with a hint of shy confusion and Kangae grinned and ruffled her hair to which the little heiress squeaked adorably at.

"It's nothing Hina-chan, just something I remember." She hummed staring idly at the orange, white, and black fish. "Just be lucky you don't have to find him and bargain with sharks and a crazy blue girl named Dory. Just keep swimming indeed."

Chuckling lowly she ignored Ino's outburst of "She's always laughing at jokes I can never understand so get used to it!" as the two Hyuuga turned to her for an explanation. Kangae stuck a finger into the water and giggled at the feeling of the fish's little mouths.

"Okay, so what do you guys want to play?" Ino asked with a raised brow, turning to face the Hyuugas and Neji shrugged.

"I haven't really played games with other people before so why don't you pick Hinata?"

Said girl looked at them pensively from underneath her lashes before she answered.

"U-um, we could play hide and seek?" She suggested. "I've heard that it's fun."

Nodding Kangae stood up. "And I'll be it, do we all know the rules?"

Seeing them shake their heads she gave a hum.

"Then we'll put our own twist to it. All of you are being hunted by me, you'll all hide and I'll search for you." She said to them with a nod. "If you're found all of you have the option to fight or run. If you're caught you help me get the others, clear?"

Seeing a bit of excitement in their eyes she nodded, it was good they were all dressed in their rough and tumble clothes.

"When I clap I want you all to scatter!" Bringing her hands together she was pleased to note that they all sprinted off in different directions. It was obvious that Neji and Hinata - just like Ino and her - had already started their physical training by how fast they took off. They were clan heirs so it was only proper they get a head start.

Deciding that while she could just use her telepathy to find them, it would be more a challenge to do it manually and it would be good practice. Kangae didn't want to create a crutch out of her useful ability, so when she put up her shields she raced into the the trees.

Straining her ears she listened and recalled her knowledge from when she would throw knives blind. She needed to pause and wait for an auditory clue and when she heard the rustle to her left Kangae took off towards it. Hearing the startled shout and sound of running made her smile and she sped up.

Neji would be the first to fall.

Catching up to him was easy but actually catching him proved to be difficult. Though he was still clumsy and a bit off kilter with his movements, he could move well and Kangae saw the genius he was fabled for peeking through.

Diving right as she jumped to tackle him Kangae cartwheeled out of it before turning to face the boy a second later and lunged again. Pretty soon it turned into a game of mini tag and both of them were laughing as they ended up in a tangle of limbs.

"Caught you!~" Kangae chirped as she brought her hand down on Neji's red face. "Now you have to help me destroy the others."

"Okay, okay!" Neji laughed as she got up and held a hand out. "Now let's go catch someone else."

Grasping it he pulled himself up and when they started off in search, the Hyuuga heiress was the first one they found.

In Hinata's defense, her hiding place was perfect and she had been very quiet. But the smell of lavender and chamomile practically lead them to her.

Staring at the little heiress crouched down between two perfectly placed boulders, Kangae decided to play a prank. Which in hindsight wasn't her brightest idea considering how jumpy the girl was, but she did it anyways.

Holding up a hand for Neji to stay where he was, she slinked over, lowered herself down next to Hinata's ear and gave a wicked grin.

"BOO!" She shouted and the other girl flinched about ten feet into the air.

Now what happened next would forever be her fault but Kangae would prefer to think about this particular incident as a milestone in their friendship.

With a startled shriek Hinata whipped out a chakra coated hand at her and as quickly as she could Kangae reared back. Luckily for her the jab struck her arm instead of her chest so instead of coughing up blood she was just in mild pain. Rolling away with a hiss, she heard the sound of two sets of feet racing towards her as Ino gave a jolt in her mind.

Kangae! Her twin shouted much to the dismay of her blossoming headache.

Shaking her head she blinked past the pain and sent a wave of reassurance towards her twin.

I'm fine, I made a mistake and I'll handle it. She said on a mental huff. Stay where you are, there's no reason for you to get involved.

There was pause before a feeling of determination and familiar stubbornness sailed through her mind.

I'm coming.

Rolling her eyes because most of the pain had passed she sat up and saw that Hinata was crying furiously. It was obvious that the poor girl was blaming herself and honestly, Kangae should have seen this coming. If there was anyone who could guilt trip themselves so thoroughly it was Hyuuga Hinata.

"I'm s-so sorry!" She sobbed, throwing her arms around her neck and the strawberry haired Yamanaka used her arm that wasn't numb to return the hug.

"Hey, hey, it's fine! I shouldn't have tried to surprise you like that." She cooed, petting her hair. "I should have known that you were packing a whole lot of awesome inside of you."

Glancing over at a worried Neji she nudged him with her knee and he stopped staring fearfully at her limb. His pale gaze jumped to hers and she furrowed her brow.

"I-I'll go get help!" He said loudly before dashing away towards the main house as if he was afraid that she would be angry at him or something.

Sighing she patted Hinata's back before moving into a stand. "Let's go back before he makes it out to seem like I got hit somewhere dangerous."

In response Hinata merely hugged her tighter. Hearing the leaves rustle as Ino spilled out of them looking confused about the situation at hand.

"I scared her and she accidentally jukken'd me." Kangae explained as she shrugged and Ino frowned at her in mild disapproval.

"Hinata-chan, it's not your fault." Kangae said leading them back to the complex. "If anything I want to congratulate you."

Jerking the white eyed girl pulled back and hesitantly met her gaze.

"C-congratulate me?" She stuttered and she sounded so confused that it was cute.

Kangae gave a nod and a slow smile.

"That was pretty hard to do am I right and it's apart of your clan style?" She asked although she already knew the answer. "Why wouldn't I be happy for you?"

Hinata flinched and fiddled nervously with her fingers.

"Because I h-h-hurt you?" She whimpered and the red haired Yamanaka blinked.

Sighing louder Kangae decided she wouldn't have her feeling bad for hurting someone. She could understand because the two of them were friends and it was an accident, but they were going to be ninja. That wasn't a good habit to have in this field of profession.

Stretching out an arm she grabbed Hinata's hand, rolled up her sleeve, and delivered a sound pinch to her skin. Listening to her yelp and withdraw to rub at her red skin, Kangae nonchalantly checked out her nails.

"Are you done now?" She asked and received a mild - for Hinata - pseudo glare.

"What was that for?!" Hinata frowned as her brows furrowed and a pout formed on her face but Kangae was not swayed.

"That was me getting even." Kangae told her with a shrug. "But anyways, let's make a deal. When you hit me, I hit you and when I hit you, you hit me. That way it's even steven."

Catching the look of protest blooming on the young heiress face, Kangae raised her hand and cut her off.

"Training, Hinata." She laughed. "I meant what I said as in we would train."

Looking uncertain but relieved the Hyuuga girl nodded. "O-okay."

"Good." She said, before sheepishly tugging at her dead to the world arm. "Now can we go find Neji and get this treated? The swinging sensation that I can't feel is tripping me up."

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