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Cold Life, Chapter 9

I walked home with Bakura.  While I had been in the game-shop I had done some serious thinking.  By now you should know what has happened and the way I've been treated.  Well...I've decided that it has to end.  I won't kill myself or anything if that's what you think – I couldn't even if I wanted to.  What I have decided to do, is simply leave.  Their lives will go back to normal and I'm sure that Bakura can find another toy to pointless fuck whenever he wants.  That's what I am to him – a toy that is there only for his enjoyment.  If I wasn't, then he would kiss me, tell me he loves me, and let me see him as we do what he calls 'making love', I just call it fucking.

So all of this has been going on for about a month now and the only reason it's gotten this far is because I thought there was a little bit of hope that he might love me.  But as we re-enter his bedroom and he shoves me face first onto the bed and climbs overtop of me, it's been made more than painfully clear that that will never happen.  I'm leaving and unless he can prove he loves me, he won't be able to stop me.


I brought him home from Yugi's and began the normal routine of me getting him face first on the bed and removing both our clothing; then I enter him and we have sex.  It's not an unusual thing.  However, what is unusual is his reactions.  Before they seemed to come naturally where as now they seem forced, like he's not really here.  I pause in my movements and lean close to him.

"Are you okay?"  I ask gently.  He doesn't respond and it makes me frown, something wasn't right.  But it was better to finish this first before confronting him about it.

When I came this time, he followed but I didn't collapse on top of him this time.  I think he noticed the change because he turned to look at me, raising an ebony eyebrow. My only answer to the unasked question was to pull out of him and get dressed.  I figured he didn't like it when I fell on top of him so I decided a change was in order.  Unfortunately, it didn't seem to do anything, he laid his head back down on the pillow gracefully and turned his head to face away from me. I was confused but asking about it now would only get me more silence, so I resorted to letting him rest and went downstairs.


I was right, he is getting further away from me. He left me without even resting first.  Although I don't like it when he falls on top of me and goes to sleep, I'd prefer he did that instead of leaving.  At least when he stayed there was a hope that maybe he didn't see me as something to use just for his pleasure, now that hope was shattered. I buried my face into the pillow and cried for the first time since the day I was released. I was really alone now so the only thing I had left to do...was leave.

After I cried for a little while, I went to the window and closed my eyes, another sunset; the perfect time.  I closed my eyes and chanted softly in Egyptian, the words unknown to me but always manage to surface when I need them.

After I finish the chant, my eyes remain closed but I can see someone in front of me.  His mouth is moving but no sound escapes, yet somehow, I know what he's saying.

He shows me an image, another card player. This one is kind and takes care of his cards and I immediately knew that the man in my vision was the one I would belong to next.  The vision ended and the other man was before me again.  He said one final thing as he faded away.

You must recover your card...then you can have the life you deserve. Anything that I may have said in return was refused as my eyes were forced open and I was in the bedroom once again. The sun was completely set now.

I understood why I was told to recover my card.  Once Bakura found out that if he had my card, I couldn't summon it on my own, he kept it with him at all times.  I think he's doing it because he wants to keep me around so he can fuck me without having to get me out of my card. Well, that stops now.


I sat downstairs, I had heard Frost get up but chose to remain down here.  It was probably best that I not go up there just yet.  The sun was setting and he always preferred to watch it alone, no matter what he told me.  I continued to sit even as I heard the shower running. I chose to ignore it and wait, Ryou had invited some of the others over tonight for some reason.

Speaking of which, he and his lovers just came running down the stairs, obviously Ryou was being chased again and so he tried to hide behind me.

"Ryou, if you honestly didn't want them to chase you, you wouldn't misbehave now go away," I said. I moved out of the way so the two of them could get Ryou easily.  They quickly grabbed him and dragged him upstairs back to their bedroom; I could hear the lock from down here.

I sat back down but had to get up not five minutes later when the doorbell rang.  I growled and got up, walking to the door and opening, not bothering to hide my frustration.  I believe I managed to scare Yugi, and for that I had Yami, Seto and Joey glaring at me.  Yami glared because Yugi was his other half, Joey because he was dating Yugi and Seto I assumed was because he didn't like that I had upset Yami. I rolled my eyes and let the four of them inside. I think they were the only ones that Ryou had invited because usually they would all be there at the same time.  I shut the door and walked into the kitchen where they had ended up.

"Ryou is upstairs, he should be down soon," I told them.  True enough, Ryou and his lovers came down a few minutes later and they all started talking to one another, I decided to remain silent unless spoken to. 

"Hey Bakura, where's Frost?"  Yugi asked me.  I blinked and realized I had forgotten about him, the water had stopped running so I didn't know where he was anymore.

"...I'm not sure. He was in the shower a few moments ago," I responded.  Just then, everyone turned as the sound of bells and feet were heard coming down the stairs.

Moments later, Frost entered the room in the same outfit he had been in when we all first met him.

Completely ignoring everyone else, he began making himself something to eat.

[Normal POV]

Frost walked around the kitchen, getting a few things to eat, quite aware of everyone's eyes being on him.

"Frost, what's going on?"  Bakura asked once Frost had finished eating.  Frost looked at him, everyone noticing the ice in his eyes as he walked over to Bakura and held out his hand.

"My card, I want it," Frost said.  Bakura looked a little surprised, but since Frost had been very sad lately, he decided to let him have his card.  He fished it out of his pocket and handed it to him.  Frost took it and nodded, walking out of the kitchen.

"...Frost what are you doing?"  Bakura asked.

"I'm leaving," Frost stated simply, walking out of the kitchen.  Bakura looked startled.

"What?"  He rushed after him, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around. "What do you mean?"

"I have a new master.  I have to leave, unless any of you can think of a reason I should stay, I mean, it's obvious I'm not wanted here," Frost looked pointedly at Bakura, who simply looked away. "That's what I thought," Frost shook of Bakura's hand, fighting back tears and turning away.

Bakura stood for a few minutes, debating whether or not he should do what he knew would keep Frost with him. 

After a few minutes, he sighed with frustration and grabbed Frost again, quickly turning him around and crushed their lips together.

[End Chapter 9]

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