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"Hermione Granger, that's enough!" She told herself sternly. For the hundredth time this week, Hermione was reliving the staff Christmas party of the Saturday before. Hermione was the new Charms teacher at Hogwarts. Tiny Professor Flitwick had retired after finally deciding that teaching students much taller than him was giving him a horrible neck ache. Hermione had sent in her application for the position without really thinking about wanting the job. So when the acceptance letter had come, she had been shocked.

Hermione liked her job, and most of her associates. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were by far her favorites though. They had both been incredibly accepting of Hermione when she had first come to Hogwarts. Hermione smiled to herself, remembering that day.

She had been absolutely terrified of the other Professors' reactions to the new teacher. After all, she was barely out of school herself. Professor Dumbledore had insisted, however.

So, Hermione had come to Hogwarts to begin her career as a teacher. She had hoped to slip in quietly and only be shown to the staff when she joined them at the table for dinner. Her hopes were shattered when Peeves had spotted her.

"Ickle Granger has come to teach!" Peeves cackled gleefully in his highly annoying voice. Hermione sighed. Peeves was one of the last ghosts of the school that she had wanted to see. In fact, he was the last. She had hated him as a student, and she knew her hatred would only increase as a teacher forced to deal with the poltergeist.

"Go away, Peeves." Hermione didn't bother to conceal her annoyance with him. Peeves cackled again and lobbed a water balloon at her. She had a quick flashback to her 4th year and the chaos that a few water balloons had caused. Hermione rubbed her neck involuntarily.

"Clean that up, Peeves." Hermione demanded sharply.

"Who says? Ickle Granger?" Peeves laughed harder.

"No. Professor Granger. Don't make me get the Bloody Baron, Peeves. You know I will." Peeves hesitated slightly at Hermione's threat, considering. Instead of obeying, he blew an extremely loud raspberry that annoyed Hermione to no end.

"Peeves! Now!" A deep, sharp voice cut through the air, startling Hermione. "Miss Granger is a teacher, and one you must obey." Sirius Black's voice invited no arguments. Hermione was torn between her shock at how handsome Sirius had become and fury at not being able to slip in quietly.

"Yes, Professor Black, sir!" Peeves zoomed straight to work. He seemed terrified of Sirius. Hermione looked at Sirius, who smiled.

"And as for you, Professor Granger, first day on the job and you're already bossy. I'm impressed." Sirius's eyes were teasing and his voice was full of laughter. Hermione smiled warmly.

"It didn't take my job to make me bossy, Sirius." Sirius laughed. Remus grinned.

"Hermione, my dear, welcome to Hogwarts." Remus hugged her. Hermione smiled and hugged him back.

"Err... Professor..." Hermione started, but Remus cut her off.

"Nope. Remus. Please! You're not a student anymore, remember?" Remus told her kindly. Hermione blushed slightly, and smiled.

"True." She seemed very hesitant. Sirius shook his head.

"Aright, enough of this. Come on, we'll show you around. It's so much cooler being a teacher than it was being a student." Hermione couldn't help laughing at Sirius' excitement. Sirius took off quickly, seeming to expect them to follow. Remus flashed Hermione a grin.

"He certainly wasn't this excited when I started working here again." Remus teased, and Hermione blushed.

She suspected that their treatment was at least partially due to the fact that they were fond of Harry, who was still one of her best friends, despite the fact that they rarely spoke and hadn't seen each other in years. Hermione laughed softly, thinking of what Harry must have said to them, for they were both very friendly to her. Remus had taken over as the new Transfiguration teacher the year before, and it was Sirius's 6th year as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Perhaps that was another reason behind their acceptance. Neither of them was received with open arms into Hogwarts.

Hermione tried to think of something else, anything else. Quidditch, Ginny's upcoming wedding to Harry in the spring, grading papers, the next days lessons... They all failed to distract her. Hermione sighed and allowed her mind to wander back to the party.

Hermione had dressed in a silvery dress robe that set of her figure to perfection. A quick spin in front of the mirror told her that she not only was ready, but that she looked stunningly beautiful. Hermione laughed softly to herself.

"Why so wary, Hermione? There's no one you're trying to impress. Is there?" Her mind was nagging at her as she walked lightly down the steps to the party. Remus and Sirius were already seated at a small table in one corner of the room. Sirius glanced up, and Remus followed his gaze. Both men stood looking approvingly at her as she walked over.

"Damn, girl, you're making me reconsider my decision not to go for you!" Sirius was only half teasing. Hermione shook her head, laughing softly, thinking about how nice it would be to have him really reconsider. After all, he was extremely handsome, and she had always had a fondness for guys who could make her laugh. Without breaking any rules, of course.

"Hush, Sirius. You really must learn how to treat a lady. You never were any good at it. Watch and learn. Hermione my dear, you look absolutely stunning. Mind if I ask who you're trying to impress?" Remus couldn't resist his own bit of teasing. Hermione laughed outright.

"Why, I'm hoping to convince you two boys to ask me to dance tonight. I simply refuse to be a wallflower. So if you can tear yourselves away from the ever so amusing spectacle of Severus and Sybil, it would be much appreciated." Hermione flashed a heart-melting smile at them. Sirius felt his heart skip a beat. Remus took a deep breath to clear his head. Hermione knew full well what they had been doing before she arrived. They had been watching Sybil Trelawney, the Divination teacher, flirt shamelessly with Severus Snape, the Potions teacher.

"Remus, I think that's a blatant hint. I'm dancing with her first. I've taught here longer." Sirius reached for Hermione's hand, but Remus stopped him.

"You seem to be forgetting something, Sirius. I've known Hermione longer than you have. Therefore, I dance with her first. You can dance with her second. Maybe. I might just claim all of the dances. Hermione, my love, may I have this dance?" Remus turned to her, flashing a smile of his own. Sirius stepped between them, ready to fight for Hermione.

"You will not claim every dance." Sirius' voice was sharp and edgy. Hermione knew that this had to stop.

"Boys, boys! Since you two can't settle this civilly, and I find it simply impossible to choose between you, I'll just have to find someone else to dance with." Hermione meant to tease them into agreeing, but when she the death glares being exchanged, she knew that wasn't going to work. Hermione smirked, deciding to follow through on her threat.

She glanced around, and smirked again. Her eyes had fallen on the perfect man. Sirius and Remus would have no choice but to shower her with attention after this. And affection would surely follow. She mentally nodded, her mind made up. Hermione started to walk towards her prey, laughing at the term her mind had used. Prey. Amusing concept.

Sirius and Remus stared after Hermione, their jaws dropped. Their astonishment at her comment quickly turned to horror when they realized who she planned to ask. Hermione closed the distance to the man. With a smile that she knew would make any man drool, she struck for the kill.

"Will you dance with me?" She asked.

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