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Warnings:Slash,Child neglect,Dumbles bashing,James and Lily bashing,some Weasley bashing

Authors note:Hello and welcome to my first multi-chap fic !I've read alot of stories like this so that's what inspired me to do this,also there will be dom sub roles, I will be using some of The Help quotes ,please note that I am not in any way comparing the help to the house elf's to the Help,I will be making up house elf names too, I'm ranting aren't I .Well sit back and enjoy the fic

Doms:Draco,Henry,Ron,Blaise,Fred and George,and more

Subs:Harry,Luna,Hermione,Ginny,Theodore,Pansy,Cho and more

Lilly P.O.V

I was exhausted! with the stress of being pregnant 9 months with Henry, and the threat of Voldemort at the end of the day everything just wore me out.

James kept pestering me with questions I honestly love him to death but how much could i take?Alice was pregnant too she looked just fine if not a little tired

When I was at peace which was maybe never I would think about how Henry might look,when i was younger I always wanted to have twins,still do actually

James sat me down on the couch"Lily maybe you should rest a while" I heard him say, "sigh" he was right i suppose so i let him put a blanket on me

I started having peaceful thoughts,my mom and dad,petunia,Henry,Jam-I felt something wet down under, James probably felt it too because he was calling Mrs. Weasley

and suddenly unbearable pain shot through my body"James" I screamed "Hurry". We quickly apparated to 's and got me a doctor I heard a medi-witch

telling me to"push" I started pushing with unbearable pain"Holy shit" I heard James say"There's two".

Voldemort P.O.V

I just got information from the rat Wormtail that James and Lily were hiding in Godric's Hallow,I quickly apparated,

I slowly drew out my wand, and with two long strides I approached the front door i used a quick wandless alohomora on the front door and quickly went in the house.

As I walked through the house I hear a soft humming tune upstairs that didn't belong to James nor Lily. I realized that the clowns hired a babysitter!'

I strode upstairs and opened the door of the nursery to find the babysitter sitting peacefully before two babies who could only be identified as Potter's

before she could even gasp I used the killing curse which one to kill first I mused to myself I decided to kill the smaller one and suddenly a beam of light shot out towards me

Darkness engulfed me, not knowing the complication that would soon commence.

11 years later Harry P.O.V

"Henry are you ready for your first day at Hogwarts "Lily exclaimed excitedly"Yes mum" said Henry annoyed."Harry are you ready for your first day at your Hogwarts",

asked Minky the house elf asked"Yes Minky"I said politely"Harry chin up you have too make an impression"said another house elf"of course,Tinky"I said laughing.

"Hey Harry"said Dobby "Yes Dobby" said Harry "repeat after Dobby you is kind,you is beautiful,you is special""you is kind, you is beautiful,you is special" I repeated smiling.

"Now run along before they forget you" said Minky"O.k bye you guys I'll see you during Christmas, and with that final good bye I grabbed his suitcase and entered the floo

with his got to Kings Cross station on time and quickly bordered the train with James and Lily waving goodbye to Henry leaving Harry feeling hurt and betrayed.

Harry was about to enter a compartment with Henry before Henry laughed and shoved him out of the compartment"Find your own" he yelled

laughing along with Ron and Hermione,I left and found a empty compartment and hours later two girls came into the compartment,

"Hello" said one of the girls"I'm Luna" she said "and this is Cho" she quickly added, the other girl waved"why are you crying" she continued "I'd rather not say"

I said uncomfortable "I understand" she said smiling "can we stay in this compartment" Cho asked,I just nodded "so whats your name" she said trying to make conversation

"Harry Potter"I said i knew they only knew of only one potter heir"O.k Harry what house do you think you will be in"Luna asked "Ravenclaw" I said surprised she didn't question

me."Me and Luna want to be in Ravenclaw too" Cho said,"Harry would you like to be our friends" asked Luna,I nodded happily,we spent the rest of the train ride reading books

and talking about our favorite subject and such,all worry left my head for today.

Authors Note:Draco will come later on in the story,he and Harry will start dating in 4th year he will figure out who his mate is in 7th year its going to be Harry

but they don't have to know that *cackles evily* Luna and Cho will be the children of the so you know there will be 5 prophecy kids including

Harry,I hope you liked this story I have to go now,I will try to update regulary with at least 600 words and I don't know and hope it wont go

into development hell I really want to finish this story but a million and one ideas are rushing through my me in the reviews what you want to

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