Author Note: Hey guys! So this thought bunny wouldn't let me sleep last night so I just had to put my thoughts down. This is my first FanFiction about the TV show Bitten. I just had so many questions! Why can't women be werewolves? Is there a loop hole? What if someone's daughter tried to find them? So here are some of those thoughts. All rights belong to there respectful owners except for Beth of course, I created her. : ) Hopefully you all enjoy this, if the thought bunnies continue to bother me I will continue this, or if someone asks me to. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

Stonehaven was more intimidating than Beth had anticipated. Or perhaps that was just her nerves about meeting her father for the first time kick in. The house, more akin to an estate, rested practically in the middle of the woods with no other houses nearby. Beth had heard from the locals that the owner was a bit of a recluse. Heck there were even some murders that had occurred on his property. So maybe she was justified in turning back now and never looking back. And she almost did until she thought about the DNA test results.

She had just gone in for a normal, routine checkup at the doctor's office. The nurse had taken a sample of her blood, just a prick of the finger and had exited the examination room. Beth was still in the room thirty minutes later wondering what had happened to the nurse and physician. She had reserved time to work on the piano at the university and this was cutting into that. Needless to say, she was getting pissed. As she was about to get up, throw on her clothes and leave Dr. Harper entered the room.

He started with, "I have some news for you Beth."

Seeing the confused look on Dr. Harper's face, Beth immediately sat down and put on her poker face.

"What's wrong?"

"Well it appears that you have a strange mutation in your DNA that we didn't discover before. We have more advanced technology now and I guess that's why we didn't catch it before; or maybe it has just begun to manifest now, we aren't sure. We compared it to your previous DNA samples and it wasn't there previously. This is something new. So far it doesn't seem to have affected you at all, but that doesn't mean that it won't in time. We need to figure out what this mutation is and why you have it."

"I don't understand. What's different? Is it some new illness? "

"Not that we know of. In fact, the properties lean more towards animal DNA. The sequence was similar to a dog or an animal like it. It's very strange. Do you know if either of your parents have this?"

"My mother is perfectly normal. But I never knew my father. Are you saying that this mutation could have come from him?"

"Possibly, yes. But it is far too early to make any definite conclusions about this. Your case is very unique; it will take time and many tests to determine what and how to treat this. My suggestion to you would be to try and find your biological father to get a DNA sample from him so we can compare to make sure this isn't something you inherited."

"Finding him isn't going to be easy. My mother hates talking about him. I don't even know his name. Plus it was 21 years ago. Who knows what happened to him? "

"It is the only way we can know for sure this isn't hereditary Beth. I would at least try to find him."

It had taken months to get her mother to cough up her father's name and a photo of him. The picture was blurry and not of great quality but Beth could still make out the main features of Jeremy Danvers. Her mother had wanted that information to remain hidden for some reason. To Beth's surprise there were a lot more Danvers in the world than she had originally thought. After an endless search and crossing names off lists, she had finally found the right Danvers. She had found the guy that was in the photograph. Now here she was, almost a year later standing in front of her father's house.

Jeremy Danvers owned Stonehaven and also had an adopted son named Clayton. It wasn't surprising that Clayton wasn't liked any more than Jeremy was since both of them appeared to be the Boo Radley's of Bear Valley. With murder investigations and dead bodies on their property it wasn't difficult to figure out why. Still, Jeremy had a life of his own; a family and Beth was about to shake that foundation. She could turn back, should even, but her blood left her with too many questions and uncertainties for her to leave without solving even a tiny piece of the puzzle. She needed to do this. In fact she was left with no choice but to. So with her head held high Beth knocked on her father's door.