Nick entered the living room with Logan returning from looking for the guys who'd kidnapped Rachel. It had been about a week and they were returning with nothing new to offer; which only set Logan more on edge than he already was. Rachel was pregnant with a werewolf baby. There were a lot of reasons for why someone would take her, and the bad outweighed the good. They needed to find her and fast, the only question was how. She had been missing for a week and they didn't even know what direction her kidnappers had gone in. Feeling defeated Nick headed up the stairs to his room when the notes of a piano caught his attention. Slowly following the sound he saw Beth sitting at the piano, eyes closed, fingers gracefully moving across the keys. She looked like she was in her own beautiful, peaceful world. The complete opposite of his. She finished the song she was playing and with a soft smile opened her eyes. She turned and saw Nick.

"Oh! Am I not supposed to use the piano? It was sitting in the corner and no one's played it since I've been here and I need to practice so I figured why not? " Beth got up and met his eyes, "Can you not tell Jeremy about this? I don't need to give him another reason to hate me. I honestly had no idea I couldn't use it. Consider the message received."

The way he was looking at her must be unsettling her, considering her nervous babbling. Beth was walking out of the room when he found his voice again.

"You can play the piano. " Beth faced him, staring him down with those big blue eyes she inherited from Jeremy. She waited for him to say more. He scratched behind his left ear, "It's just that no one does so it was surprising to hear it. You play beautifully."

" Thank you Nick." She smiled shyly, "Perhaps next time you should say something so I know you're there. That way you don't startle me."

" I didn't want to pull you out of your zone. You seemed to be in another world. "


"Yeah, you seemed happy. I think that was the first time I've seen you smile since you got here."

"Well, being the lone wolf in the house does make a girl feel isolated. "

"Hey you're not alone. "

"Is that so? Because Jeremy avoids me like the plague, the only words Elena and Clay say to me are 'Hello' and 'Goodbye', Logan is hardly ever here and you…" Beth paused.

"What about me?"

"You… I can't figure out. Sometimes it seems like you want to talk to me and other times you avoid me like everyone else does. It's as if you would be breaking some kind of order by spending time with me."

Man, she had no idea how right she was. Ever since their first meeting when she had bumped into him he had felt some kind of connection to her. There was just something about her that his Wolf responded to. He stole glances of her at breakfast when her hair was still up in a messy bun and pieces of her chestnut hair would fall to the side of her face. How he longed to pull that lock of hair behind her ear every morning. One time Jeremy had caught him looking at Beth and given him a death glare that clearly said Beth was off-limits. Which truly was for the best considering she was his alpha's daughter, not a werewolf and wouldn't be staying in Bear Valley much longer if Jeremy had anything to say about it. It was a tricky situation that he did not need to insert himself into but try telling his Wolf that.

"You're right" Nick said, "I'm sorry. There's just a lot going on around here at the moment. We're all a bit distracted."

Beth nodded in acknowledgement, "Right. " She played with the ends of her hair, "I'll just leave you all to it than. "

Unsure of what he should do Nick said nothing as she exited the room. Once again his Wolf responded to her, wanting him to go after her but Nick stayed put.