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The wind whipped at my face as I sat at the balcony over-looking Gondor. I breathed in deeply, looking over the plains and the buildings, watching the people in the city go about their day.

"Why did I ever think to leave here?"

"Momma! Momma! Ada took me out shooting and I hit the center of the target! I only did it once, though!"

I looked behind me. Legolas was there with a smiling seven year-old boy. His hair was like his father's, blonde and braided in the same elvish fashion. He had my eyes. I stood from where I was sitting, smiling at the boy.

"That's fantastic, sweetie. Have you told Uncle Gimli yet? I bet he'd be proud to see you do so well."

His mouth opened into an "O" shape, "No! Ada, Momma, wait a few minutes, I'll be right back!"

I laughed as the boy ran off.

"You only tell him that so he can tease Gimli," my husband replied, a smile playing at his lips.

"It's not my fault that he chose to pursue archery rather than learning how to handle an axe," I replied going over to him and wrapping my arms around his neck. His slid smoothly around my waist. Quickly, I pecked his lips.

"Welcome home."

He smiled at me, "It's good to be back, melethron-nîn."

His smile widened the longer he looked at me. Blue eyes sparkled in the sun though, shining with such beautiful emotion. My chest filled with warmth as his arms tightened around my waist. I laid my hand on his cheek, lightly stroking it. He reached up, grabbing my hand and stopping its movement. Lightly he pressed a kiss onto my palm. Then slowly, he began trailing kisses up my arm, almost ghosting over my neck before he stopped at my face. His lips hovered over mine as his beautiful sapphire eyes bore down on me.

"Gin melin."

His face came closer and closer to mine. My breath caught in my throat. After all this time he was still-

Beep-Beep… Beep-Beep

Reluctantly, I opened my eyes.

"It was just another dream again."

I sighed heavily, sitting up and rubbing at my eyes. These dreams started just days after I left Middle-Earth. After I left Legolas. My hand trailed from my face down to my neck where his necklace was still sitting. Two years, I haven't seen him. Two years and I still can't forget about him, even though I know I'll never see him again…

I miss him…

I closed my eyes, his face flashing in the darkness of my eyelids. His hair shining in the sun… glowing in the moonlight… The bluest eyes, slowly transforming brown before going back to the beautiful cerulean. I remember how warm his arms felt. How safe they made me feel. I could barely stand being so far… so far away from him.

Pulling myself out of my memories, I reached over to get my phone. Quickly, I checked the time. It was seven in the morning. I'm supposed to get to work in an hour and a half. Sighing again, I pushed my blankets off of me, going to shower.

The hot water ran down my body as I leaned my head against the cool tile. I regretted leaving them. Leaving him. Somedays it would be a dull pain, a fleeting thought. More often than not, though, it crashed like a tidal wave on me. I didn't want to leave Middle Earth. I didn't want to leave him.

But I had to.

After we got back and I started to learn more and more about my mom, the closer we all got as a family. My younger half-brother started calling me his sister about a year ago. Sarah's husband, John, welcomes me with open arms every time we go over for a family dinner. Mom and Dad get along fine with Sarah and John. Everything has been good. Great! Fantastic even!

"Then why am I not satisfied?"

I blow dried my hair, hurrying to slip on my black slacks and button up my shirt. Quickly, I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I rushed into my room, pulling on my shoes and grabbing my bag before hurrying down the stairs. Rushing over to the toaster, I quickly put in two pieces of bread. While they were toasting, I went to the fridge to pull out some milk, when a note caught my eye.


Don't forget about dinner over at Sarah and John's tonight. You have to be there by 5. I'll let you know if dad or I am running late so you can tell them. Love you.


I groaned, "Crap, I forgot."

The toaster popped, making me jump and look towards it. Laughing at myself slightly, I took the crunchy bread, quickly shoving one in my mouth before the other. I took my keys and phone off the counter, hoping my battery would last me the day, even though I didn't charge it the night before.

I locked the front door behind me before hopping into my small black Sedan. Quickly, I backed out of the driveway before speeding off down the road. Navigating my way through traffic, I entered the highway, heading towards downtown. Thankfully there was little traffic, and I exited off the freeway.

I pulled into a small parking lot, parking next to a shiny, silver car.

"They're already here?"

I grabbed my bag that was in the passenger seat and left my car. As I hurried around the sidewalk corner, I double-clicked the lock button on my keys. I set my keys into the bag as I opened that door to the small café I worked at.

"Phillip? Cillian? You guys here?" I called out.

A brunette poked his head out the side of the backroom, an impish smile on his face, "Good morning Wynter! How's your day going so far?"

I eyed the male suspiciously, "What are you up to?"

"Nothing," he said, dragging out the –ing.

"Phil, what are you two doing?"

Phillip appeared in the doorway, "Nothing at all."

His smile held the same mischief as his brother's. I sighed at the both of them.

"If you guys are pulling another prank again, you know that Glenn is going to kill you both."

Cillian and Phillip left the backroom, coming up beside me. They both slung one arm around my shoulder, still grinning.

"Aye, that he will," Phil started.

"But at least he won't fire us afterwards," Cilli finished. I sighed heavily.

"I should realize by now that you two are up to something if you're here early. My god, you two are going to give him an aneurism at 42. And what makes you say he isn't going to fire you?"

The two of them continued to smile. I rolled my eyes; what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me. I walked into the backroom, setting my bag on the table there. Before I exited the room, I took an apron that was hanging up and put it on over my clothes. "Since the two of you are here, can you at least help me get ready to open?"

They nodded before moving to stalk up on the coffee beans that we would need for the day. After setting up the things we needed, Cillian turned on the TV. He put it on the news, turning it down low so it became background noise. The front door opened and in came a robust woman with brown hair tied up in a bun. In both of her hands, she held a large platter with pastries piled on top. Quickly, I hurried over to her, taking the tray from her hands.

"Ms. Laura, I didn't expect to see you today," Phillip said, a wide smile on his face. The worry within me started to grow even more as I hurried and sat the pastries down on the counter. I put on a pair of latex gloves before moving to place the pastries where they belonged; I subtly kept my attention on the conversation though.

"Well, Glenn had to go drop Gil off at school and stay for a meeting. Apparently he got into some fight or another again. So I dropped by Boyd's place and picked up the pastries there. God, it'll be so nice once we have the money to add a kitchen to this place. Bobby was there, too."

"How's good ol' Bob been?" Cilli asked from where he was wiping the tables quickly.

"He's doing good. He said that him and Bill have been looking at places up here for rent. Says that they're lookin' to relocate the toy store."

"That'd be fantastic," Phillip was moving around me, helping me put the pastries where they needed to be.

"Yes, that it would." Ms. Laura moved to go to the back. Phil paused beside me, quickly glancing at his brother. Cilli was slowing his movements, looking back. Suddenly Laura's voice yelled from the back. "Phillip!"

"Yes, Ms. Laura?"

The woman exited the back room, her face red and fuming. "Was my husband here this morning?"

"I'm not sure ma'am. Cilli and I only got here around seven. Why?"

"You may not have a boss to work with anymore." she seethed, quickly grabbing her purse and heading out, slamming the door behind her. Once we saw her car race past us on the street I looked at the two.

"What the hell did you do?! She honestly looks like she will kill him!"

"Remember how there was that one woman who used to come here all the time?" Phillip asked.

"And how she would stare and hang on to every word Glenn said to her?" Cilli smirked, winking.

"Yeah. Didn't she give him her e-mai- Oh you two didn't. You know how jealous she can get!"

Both of them smiled at me. My mouth hung open and I was tempted to slap the both of them silly. "Why? They're already having a hard time with Gilbert! Are you trying to cause a strain in their marriage?!"

Cillian shook his head, "No. We're helping them get laid!"

I let my head fall harshly onto the counter. "Ow," I muttered, quietly.

These two were going to get me killed someday. Don't know how. Don't know when. All I know is that when I am moments away from death, I will be cursing them with my last breath. As I sighed, I felt a hand on my back.

"Hey, Wyn?"

"Yeah, Phillipina?" I asked, turning my head to look at him.

"Oh please not with that nickname."

I grinned up at him. "Aww why not Philla?"

He wasn't even smiling anymore. My smile faded, "What's up? You aren't usually this serious."

"Well," he rested his back up against the counter, "I was wondering if, after work, you want to go out to get something to eat or not."

I shook my head, "I can't go out with you and Cilli today."

"Well, I didn't mean you, me and Cilli. I meant just… you and me."

"I still can't," I said, lifting myself up, "I'm having dinner over at Sarah's house tonight."

"Oh… then maybe some other time?"

I looked down at my hands before looking at him, "Yeah. Maybe."

The front door chimed, bringing an end to the conversation.

"Good morning! Welcome to Cafe Buzz! How may we help you?"

I sighed heavily. The day was finally over. Ever since I turned eighteen, I thought I would love being able to work without restricted hours. Oh, how wrong I was. When the clock hit 4, I rushed to the back, grabbing my bag. Once it was in hand, I ran to the bathroom. I changed out of my slacks into dark blue skinny jeans. I kept my button-up shirt on, hurriedly rolling up the sleeves. Throwing opening the bathroom door, I rushed out. As I got to my car, I looked through my bag for my keys. Growling at the bag, I ran back inside. I have a fifty minute drive to make across Phoenix. Why couldn't my keys just stay in the bag?!

"Didn't expect to see you back so soon," Phillip remarked, smirking slightly.

"I didn't either, but I can't find my keys." I ran to the back room, dropping to my knees. From the front I could hear laughter.

"You know what I've noticed? Ever since you started working here, you're always wearing skinny jeans once you go casual. Why?" Cilli asked.

I groaned, sitting up and moving to check underneath everything, "Well, why not? I find them comfortable and they make my butt look good. What other reason do I need?"

"Don't know."

"Exactly," I said, before catching sight of my keys under a locker, "Ah-ha! Now how did they get under here?"

I looked at the keys oddly. Then I shrugged, moving to go back through the door when Cillian called out to me. He held my necklace up in one hand. I touched my throat, feeling the lack of it's chain. I gasped hurrying over to get it. "Thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without it."

He pressed into my hand, "Why is it so important to you anyway?"

I pulled the necklace over my head, looking at it once it was in place, "It… Someone I care about a lot gave it to me."

"Was that someone maybe a boyfriend?"

I stared at the charm before sighing. My eyes caught the clock and I almost screamed. It was 4:15. I was going to be late at this point, "No time to talk. At this point, I'm going to be late."

I ran out the door, hopping into my car before pulling out. Mom was gonna kill me. I went as fast as I could without getting pulled over and entered the highway. An agonizing 46 minutes later, I turned on to 9th Avenue. As I passed the scenery on my left, my eyes strayed from the road in front of me. It looked like the place where we went to watch the meteor shower. Before I was taken to Middle-Earth. I sighed, signaling my turn right before executing it.

After a couple more turns, I stopped in front of a two story house. Quickly, I checked the time. It was 5:01. Not too late. Yes! I hurried out of the car, locking it as I reached the door. I pressed the doorbell. As it chimed through the house, I heard quick steps coming closer to the door. A small face peeked out from the window.

"MOMMY! Wynter's here!"

The boy's face disappeared and the sounds of the door unlocking were present. Once the door was unlocked and opened, the brunette boy shot out to hug me. I laughed as I brought my arms around the five-year-old.

"Hey Leo. How's your Saturday been?"

"Really great! I went over to Todd's house and we played games and had a sword fight! His sister wanted to join, but Todd said that pirates don't save princess! He says that we steal them away and hold them for money! And then I came back home to help mommy with making dinner, but I cut my finger, see!" The young boy held out the injured appendage, wrapped in a blue Batman band-aid, "Then mommy told me to wait for you! And I did!"

I laughed, lifting the boy up to carry him inside. "That sounds like a lot of fun! What did you help mommy make?"

"I helped her cut up the veggies!"

"Oh good job! I bet they'll taste delicious!"

"Is that my favorite sister I hear?" Edmund came out from the hall. I smiled brightly, hurrying to hug him.

"I thought you said you weren't going to show up! You said you had a business trip for your internship!"

"I did, but we finished up early. I flew back in this morning."

I felt Leo's arms tighten around me, slightly. "My sissy."

Edmund, always one to provoke young children, put his arms around my waist. "My sissy."

"No, she's my sissy!"

"She was my sissy first."

"But I love her more!"

"No, I love her more!"

"Boys, I love you both equally. Now, I smell something delicious cooking and I want to eat soon!" I said, pulling out of my brothers' grips and setting Leonard down. He pouted a bit before a look of excitement crossed his face.

"I'll tell mommy that you're here!"

The boy ran off. I smiled at him before turning to Ed, "You are twenty-one, mister. You have no reason to be provoking a boy who is sixteen years your junior!"

"I do when he questions my love for my sissy," he said grabbing onto me again. I rolled my eyes pushing him off. "You feeling alright, Wyn?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I guess. Why?"

He shrugged, "You just seem kinda… dunno. More somber."

I sighed, "I had another dream about Legolas last night."


I nodded, "We were in Gondor and… and we had a son… Gods, this is so pathetic. Why can't I just..."

"Move on?" Edmund supplied.

"Well, I thinking more of finding that goddess who took us there last time, but I guess your's is more realistic."

The tall brunette leaned up against the wall, looking at me, "Have you tried going out on a date with someone?"

I shook my head, "No, but Phillip asked me out today."

"You like him?"

"Maybe, I guess, but… I just feel wrong when thinking about dating."

The man looked at me sadly. He put an arm around my shoulders, pulling me into a hug. "I wasn't planning on telling you this, but before we left to come back here, Haru and I gave Legolas a paper that had important historical dates on it."

I looked up at him, "Why the hell did you do that?"

He shrugged, "Tolkien had this idea that Middle-Earth existed, it was just a far off past. We figured that, if we did that, you and him would at least have some chance together. That was the reason why we didn't tell you though. Didn't want you to get your hopes up if we were wrong."

I sighed heavily, pulling away from him, "Well, you were probably better off not telling me. He hasn't shown up."

"I know..."

"Wynter, Edmund," Sarah came around the corner, smiling, "Dinner's ready. Your parents are already at the table."

"Alright." We both said smiling.

"Thank you Aunt Sarah," Edmund said, walking past her.

"Thanks," I said softly. Even after two years, I still wasn't sure what to call her. It was fine though. I'm happy to have her in my life. She came over to me, placing her hands on my shoulders. We started walking towards the back door. During the summer, we would usually eat outside.

"I made lasagna tonight."

"Sounds fantastic. Leo said he helped with the vegetables?"

The woman laughed, "Yes, he did. Accidentally cut himself, but it wasn't too deep."

"That's good."

We sat around the table for a good hour, eating and laughing. As the sun started setting we moved inside. Mom, Dad, Sarah, and John all sat around the kitchen table, drinking wine while Edmund and Leonard played video games. Sometimes it was easier to believe that those two are related.

"Hey mom," I said going up to her, "Is it alright if I take a walk?"

She nodded, "Just be careful. Sarah's been saying there've been javelina sightings."

"Got it."

I quickly exited the house. The warm night air wrapped around me as I strolled backup the main road. As I reached the main street, I quickly looked both ways before running across the gravel. I stopped once my feet hit the pavement, and continued forward into the cactus and mesquite trees. As I walked through them, I started to think about Legolas. What was he doing now? Did he miss me? Was he thinking about me? Slowly, I repeated his last words to me in my head. Gin melin. I sighed loudly.

"Why can't I just go back?"

My feet continued on, but the wind started to pick up.

"Wait, wind? There wasn't any win-"

And just like that fateful day two years ago, my world went spinning.

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